Direct linking Affiliate Marketing

Wondering about direct linking affiliate marketing? Direct linking in affiliate marketing is simply linking straight to the products offered by a merchant or affiliate program. Instead of having your own website or laning page, you can link straight to pages created by the product owner. This can have a number of benefits:

  1. You don’t need your own website.
  2. You don’t need your own landing pages
  3. You can join a program and promote straight away

Direct Linking Affiliate Marketing

But what are the downsides to direct linking in affiliate marketing? Having your own website can be useful if you want to create content and attempt to rank on Google. Google can give you a nice free source of traffic and although this can take time, it’s an alternative to paying for traffic. Directly linking requires you to do this. Unless you have your own webiste you need to pay for advertising.

Benefits Of Having Your Own Website

There are a few other methods such a blog commenting and listing your affiliate link on various free websites. However, many blogs don’t like this and see it as an aggressive form of advertising. Having a website of your own acts as a ‘buffer’ between you and the affiliate company. Plus, if the page to your affiliate link ever changes, you will have invested a lot of time in promoting it. With your own website, you have the option of changing your links.

Benefits Of Direct Linking

Joining an affiliate company which gives you the sales pages, landing pages and a series of emails means you can directly link to those products without having to create any of your own content. This is great for anyone who wants to go down the path of paid advertising. It’s also the fastest way to grow an internet business. If you decide to direct link to a products, you should always have your own list.

Why You Need Your Own Email List

direct linking affiliate marketing

Linking directly to the affiliate programs products puts them in charge. They may even collect the customers email address with a purchase. You are therefore paying to send them customers and although you make a commission on the first sale,  they may have a range of products to later sell without cutting you in on the profits. Having your own email list means that you can continue selling months after your subscribers have opted in to your list. It also means you can choose which products to promote.

Choosing Products Which Keep Paying You

Direct linking affiliate marketing is great if the products you promote give you lifetime commissions. Many products don’t do this. You earn for the first sale and then pass that customer on to the affiliate company. They then collect that customer and benefit from lifetime sales from them, in some cases. Make sure you also earn comissions from lifestime sales for your referrals for maximum benefit.

Monthly Commissions

Choosing products which offer monthly commission is a game changer when it comes to affiliate marketing. Monthly commissions reward the affiliate for sales made previously, potentially for years to come. You get an income from each sale rather than a single commission.

High Ticket Items

direct linking affiliate marketing

Direct linking affiliate marketing works better when you promote high ticket items. This is because you can earn much more per sale than for low cost affilaite products. This helps offset your advertising costs and allows you to scale up much more easily. You can also earn the bigger incomes more easily if you choose high ticket.


Choose products which reward you for later sales made by the affiliate company. Up-sells are higher value items sold to existing customers. By choosing affiliate products which offer this you stand to make more later on, even after your initial sale, from existing customers. Selling items with only a single point of sale means you need to continually find new customers. Choosing items which offer affiliate commissions on later sales to your customers gives you another income stream from sales already made. 

Direct Linking Affiliate Marketing – Landing Pages

With direct linking you simply take your affiliate link (ideally to a landing page) and advertise it. By sending people to a landing page you can collect their email address. This gives you more opportunity to promote your products. If you send them to a sales page, they are given the ‘hard sell’ straight away. Many won’t want to buy if they don’t know you. A landing page allows you to offer something of value (a download for example) and then build a relationship with your subscriber. By sending advertisments directly to landing pages instead of sales pages, you can increase your overall sales.

Types Of Advertising

Most direct linking affiliate marketing involves paid advertising. This can be pay per click advertising on platforms like Google’s Adwords program or Facebook’s platform. Pay per click is a great way to advertise affiliate products online. You can start an advertising campaign for a very small daily budget and build it up over time. By cross testing your adverts with other, similar campaigns, you can see which is the best performing advert over say, 1000 clicks. Do this continually until you reach a profitable advertising campaign.

Successful affiliates continually ‘tweek’ their advertising by testing and measuring all aspects of their advertising campaigns:

  • Landing pages
  • Advertising Copy
  • Advertising images
  • Headline text
  • Colour of advert
  • Time and Day of the week adverts are run
  • Target audience metrics

Targeting The Right Audience For Direct Linking Affiliate Marketing

Getting the right audience should be priority number one for direct linking affilaite marketing. With Google’s Adwords program this means targeting the right combination of keywords. When you search Google for something direct linking affiliate marketingyou type into the search bar you query. For advertisers, this means you can target people very specifically according to their search queiry. Do this right and you can have a constant stream of buyers to your ladning pages. Do it wrong and you could be sending the wrong traffic to your pages and wasting money. See my ebook for more on this: The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing.

Google’s advertising is intent driven marketing. It lets you advertise to people who are already searching for your particular product or products (or somthing similiar). Facebook on the other hand is a form of interuption marketing. Facebook is a social media platform. As such people aren’t actively looking for what you have to offer. Nevertheless, it offers an amazing advertising platform which enables you to target your demographic audience very specifically. It is very well suited for direct linking affiliate marketing.

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