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What is a digital marketing funnel? A digital marketing funnel is simply a sales funnel which sell digital products. The digital products which are sold through the funnel can be anything from an e-book to an online learning platform.

What makes a digital marketing funnel so attractive is its ability to sell products and collect emails automatically. Products can be accessed online through a website or by download. Even physical products can be sold through a digital marketing funnel. Product owners deal with the delivery and holding of stock and customer service. You, as the ‘middle man’ simply send traffic to those products through the funnel.

Digital Marketing Funnel – The Landing Page

digital marketing funnel

A digital marketing funnel starts with a landing page. A landing page is simply a purpose built website page which is used to collect an email address from a subscriber. Once the subscriber enters their email on the page, they are then sent a series of automated emails, usually containing some useful information which helps the subscriber in some way. By delivering information which is of use, the owner of the list then promotes products and services while delivering value to their subscribers.

By promoting digital products to their list, marketers can automate the entire process and earn commissions from the sale of other people’s products and services.

The Email Series

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Once a subscriber has entered their email on the landing page, they will receive a series of pre-written and automated emails. Emails can contain anything which relates to the subject of the landing page. Let’s say for example your landing page is promoting a golfing video series teaching golfers how to improve their swing. Each email might contain a link to a video where instruction on developing your golf swing is given. During the free course, you might promote a product of some kind which relates to the topic area. In this example this could be some golfing equipment or another more in depth training video.


digital marketing funnel

Once this system is set up it is entirely automatic. Email addresses are collected from the landing page and then emails are delivered over the course of several days. Usually one email will be sent out each day for a week or so. This is all built before hand so it runs without any intervention. The marketer’s job then is to simply promote the landing page to golfers, in the case of the above example. This can be done with various forms of online marketing.

Online Marketing

By creating several forms of advertising, a marketer can promote their landing page to a huge audience. The internet is global, so ideally you should promote products and services which can be promoted globally. Using both paid for marketing methods and content creation, online marketers can build multiple streams of visitors (traffic) to the landing pages. They can then build many more of these digital marketing funnels. Marketing can be done online by creating content (like this article). By creating videos, podcasts, webinars and blogging, online marketers can build an online presence and send potential customers to their landing pages.

Paid For Advertising

Paid for advertising can also be used with platforms like Facebook, Adwords, YouTube and the various other platforms which use it. Paid for advertising lets you find those people who fall very closely into the category for potential buyers. In the case of golfers, as in the above example, you can target them through their interests on Facebook, or their search intent through Google’s Adwords platform. Using paid for advertising can target very specifically the type of people you want to focus on. This is very scalable too and so using it in conjunction with a digital marketing funnel can be very lucrative.

Your Digital Products

digital marketing funnel

Although I previously said that a digital marketing funnel begins with a landing page, this isn’t true if you are building one. To put yourself through a digital marketing funnel, you would start with the landing page. That’s where you come to from some content or an advert and are offered some kind of ‘offer’. To access a video series or ebook download you then enter your email address. To build a digital marketing funnel, you should start with the product/s, rather than a landing page. Ideally you will find a product or range of products which interests you and you have a connection with. Often this can be a hobby or interest you might have. This means you can create content about that topic and offer value.

High Ticket Items and Up-selling

Offering products which have both high ticket value and a range of products means you can make further sales down the road from existing customers. Some digital products don’t offer this. You can only make money from the initial sale. But by selling products which offer more value further down the line, you can increase your income potential for each sale. Particularly you should choose products which offer monthly commissions. Products which offer an ongoing service are much better to choose because you can make an income from each sale, rather than a single commission. You don’t need to build your own products because you can sell other people’s. This model is called affiliate marketing. See what is affiliate marketing for more on this.

To access a range of products which you can promote through your digital marketing funnel join my email list. You will also be able to access a training and education platform which will help you set everything up and learn how to market anything online.

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