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If you are looking for digital marketing courses online then the online community known as The SFM is a great place to check out. Sign up here for a free video course to get started.  The course offers a community of like minded entrepreneurs who are helping each other learn and develop online skills and marketing strategies which are all based online – hence ‘digital’ marketing.

If you are new to the online world or even if you are a seasoned marketer, the online platform offers state of the art website building tools, up to date knowledge of the many marketing platforms and ongoing support and help from the leading professionals.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a relatively new term that is used to describe online marketing or the marketing of digital products and services. It is digital because it happens in the online ‘cyber’ world rather than than in ‘physical reality’! Marketing of digital products has become a huge topic and is in high demand as many businesses are forced to divert at least some of their marketing strategies to the online world where much of today’s business is conducted. This is happening more as time goes on and without an online presence, many businesses will fall by the wayside.

Some methods of digital marketing

Digital marketing can include many forms of advertising from blog posts to paid advertising using platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook. You Tube is becoming a very popular method for reaching out to potential customers and there are also many other social media platforms which can be used to connect with your customer base. Twitter, Linkdin, and Pinterest are just a few of the social media platforms which can be used to connect with an amazing amount of people.


There is also a variety of advertising methods online which include things like banner advertising and solo adverts. List building is a great way to build a database of targeted clients who, ideally have in interest in your products or services. Blogging is another way of directing targeted traffic to your website and this is a longer term but useful way to advertise cheaply. Each one of these methods is a huge subject on its own. Take Facebook advertising for example. Facebook is a particularly useful resource for any online business because of the targeting feature. Because Facebook collects so much date from its users, advertisers can target their specific ‘perfect’ client down to geographical location, age, interests and even online spending habits.

There are few digital marketing courses online which offer the depth of knowledge and community base which is offered by Stuart and Jay in their online community.  Learn how their members are leveraging their time by using online marketing methods to boost their own businesses and sell their own and other people’s products and services online. Learn more by signing up to the free 7 day training course. 

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