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Looking for digital marketing courses London? I went to a digital marketing course in London in 2014 run by the SFM – a digital marketing company offering online support and community. They run training courses around the world teaching people how to become self sufficient working from the internet. Click here to learn more.

Their courses teach a range of techniques in digital marketing including banner ads, solo ads, Facebook advertising, video marketing and blogging to name just a few. However their courses are not just for those looking to market their own products online but also for people looking for a entirely new income stream whether they have a product to sell or not.

Jay and Stuart

The organisation has been created by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, both successful online marketers themselves.

Digital marketing course London

Stuart Ross, at the course talked about attraction marketing, a term I had not heard of before. Many marketers go for the hard sell immediately whereas what Stuart was advocating was instead to over deliver and give extra value. It was something I noticed immediately when I joined the online community. Don’t try and sell as it comes across as desperate and insecure. Instead offer value and over deliver which in turn gains trust. This is particularly important in the online world where trust is something which is rather rare! Building trust online should be a priority rather than going straight for the sale.

With Jay Kubassek on Momentum day

Jay Kubassek talked about the mindset needed to succeed online and one thing I took particularly from him was not feeling the need to justify yourself to everyone or anyone. Again it is about insecurity. Much of a persons beliefs come from their peer group and if you are continually looking for acceptance from others you will need to fit into their model of the world in order to have it! Justifying yourself all the time is a huge drain on your resources. I also learned from their online course the limitation of your own self image. You might wonder what this has to do with digital marketing. Self image is tied up intricately with your level (or lack of) of success. Another ‘jem’ I learned from Jay was that you ‘can’t grow beyond your self image’. Learning to change your self image, and mindset is an intricate part of the training.

The SFM community

What Jay and Stuart have built with their digital courses is a community of online entrepreneurs who are actively helping each other to learn and develop their own automated online businesses. Successfully combining network marketing and affiliate marketing, the SFM (six figure mentors) is a platform which teaches how to quickly grow your own online business and create an online ‘asset’ which can free up time and earn regular and ongoing income.

Scaling an online business

Having a business model which does not require you to be there continually, or work a set pattern of hours each day is not only attractive from the point of view of time, freedom and flexibility but a digital marketing business also has the possibility of scaling. Scaling an online business simply means to increase your traffic flow through an automated sales funnel. Once the funnel is in place you can increase your flow of visitors (or traffic through it) at an alarming rate simply by increasing your advertising spend. This should only be done once a successful advertising campaign has been established of course. There are other ways to scale as well and creating continual content via video and article writing are two methods which require less cash flow (but more time).

To learn more about The SFM and how to attend their digital marketing courses in London or anywhere worldwide, follow this link and access their free video course. 


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