Define Niche Market

Many online marketers fail because they neglect to define their niche market. So how do you define a niche market and what is a niche market?

Niche marketing is much more important in an online shop or store than it is in a local shop because with an online store you are competing with thousands if not tens of thousands of other online stores. With a physical shop which is located in a certain town, city or village, your competition is limited to your region.

By being specific about what your particular store is selling/offering you eliminate much of the competition. For example if you are selling clothes you will be better off focusing on a specific clothing niche such as baby clothes or wedding clothes as this will target a much more specific customer. With the internet often marketers make this same mistake by trying to compete with keywords which are far too competitive.

For example many new marketers use the Google Keyword tool (now called the keyword planner) to find keyword phrases in their particular field. They find the most searched for terms such as ‘money making online’ for example and attempt to build a website around these terms. Unfortunately for them they soon find that they can’t get any visitors from such a competitive niche from the Google organic search results. They would be much better off finding a much longer keyword phrase which is more specific to their individual niche – even if it has less interest. This is because they are much better off having a website on the first page of Google which is 4th from the top rather than aiming for a super competitive keyword for which they will never rank in the first 10 pages of Google.

Why else it is so important to define your niche market

The other reason to define your target audience is so that you can talk specifically to the people who matter most and who you can serve. If you are trying to sell to everybody you will be wasting a lot of time as there will only be a small percentage of people who are interested in what you have to say. If you try to sell everybody you sell nobody. Instead you should get to know your perfect customer down to the very last detail. What is the age range of your perfect visitor? Where do they work and how do they think? What sort of books do they read and where do they go? All this information will help you narrow down to your specific target audience and write content which is appropriate for them. Not only that but you can also target them much more effectively when you come to use paid advertising for your online business.

Do your research first

Use the keyword planner to find out what your target audience is looking for. Choose a niche which has plenty of interest but less competition. Use long tail keyword phrases in your web copy. This means targeting specifically what people are searching for rather than simply writing about a subject of your own choice. When you build your website around what people want and target it to their needs, it is much easier to find targeted people to not only visit your site but appreciate your information.

Find a hungry crowd

As an internet marketer you are much better to start with a hungry crowd than to simply choose something you think might sell. Trying to market your own product or service in a competitive area is a difficult thing when there is so much competition on the internet. Instead find a hungry crowd and build a brand around a specific niche which fulfills their needs.

How to find a specific niche in your area

Let’s say you have a flower shop which is based online. Rather than aiming at keywords such a ‘online flower shop’ which will be super competitive, plug those keywords into the keyword planner. You will then be given a host of other phrases based around this one and their monthly searches such as ‘cheap online flowers’ and ‘online flower deliver uk’. By re-entering these phrases into the planner you can niche down to find some long tail keywords which are much less competitive but still have a buying intent. Of course you don’t want to target keywords which don’t have this intent. By building these keywords into your site you can attract many visitors to your sire through long tail keyword searches through the Google organic searches.

Buying intent simply means that the keyword suggests the person typing it in to Google has the intent to buy. An example of a keyword to avoid might be ‘free flower seeds’, for example but ‘free delivery flowers’ still suggests a purchase. If you are building a business you want to attract buyers and not tyre kickers!

Define Niche Market

By defining a niche market before you begin with your online business, you will be saving yourself a lot of time and trouble. A lot of people spend months and even years trying to sell a product which nobody wants and market it online. By finding out first what the market is hungry for you can develop your niche to fulfill the needs of a hungry crowd.

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