Customer Attraction Strategies

What customer attraction strategies can you use to attract more people to your business? There are many ways to increase your draw to new cusotmers. Advertising is the obvious one but not the only one. There’s strategies such as: celebrity endorsements, brand recognition, on and offline marketing, psychology in marketing, guarantees, referrals and testimonials, remarketing, email marketing, direct marketing and inturruption marketing.

These strategies can help you build your business faster and cheaper than with just a single marketing strategy in place.

Customer Attraction Strategies

Larger brands can charge much more for the same products simply because of their size. People know a brand and they know it because of brand recognition. This is because a large brand has the budget for huge scale advertising. Once a brand is built, it can charge more than the market price for something simply because it has raised its status.

For smaller companies and businesses this is a little harder. You can’t afford the advertising which huge brands can. However, you can afford direct response marketing and it’s an amazing tool for small businesses.

Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing refers to the response of an advert. Your customer either clicks on your advert, or they don’t. They either opt-in to your email offer, or they click away from your website. Whatever your potential customer does there is a direct response which can be measured. Because it can be measured, you can test one advert against another to see the best perfoming advert. By continually testing and measuring adverts against each other, you can eventually find a profitable advert from which you can directly see the outcome which results from your budget.

When you are in a position of having found a profitable campaign, you can increase your budget and move on to the next advert. Pay per click campaigns let you test and measure adverts for very little. Try out adverts for a few pounds a day until you get a winner. Then scale up and increase your budget.

Email Marketing

Email marketing lets you keep in touch with potential customers in a very cost effective and largely automated manner. It is one of the best customer attraction strategies because of this. Send out automated emails to your subscribers and keep in touch with them to let them know about your latest offers and opportunities. You can also make sales through emails with online marketing too. Learn more here.

Landing Pages/Email Opt-ins

customer attraction strategies

A landing page lets you send potential customers to a designated page where they either opt-in to your email list, or they leave the website/page. Landing pages work well with pay per click advertising and email marketing. They are one of the best customer attraction strategies available. You can send well qualified visitors to your page and offer them an attractive offer. In exchange for your offer, which could be a discount or some freebie, you can get your landing page visitors to opt-in to your email list. This is all done automatically through your webisite and you can build a growing list of subscribers in a number of different ways.

Growing Your Subscribers List

Grow your subscribers list in a number of ways:

  • Pay per click – Send targeted visitors to your offer and give away your ‘freebie’ in exchange for their email address.
  • Build content which is appropriate for your website to attract potential customers via the search engines and
  • Social media – Share content on social media to build your following
  • Create video and other media to put on your website and share
  • Build your online reputation by interviewing relevant celebrities in your field.

Other Customer Attraction Strategies

You can also attract customers in other ways. Raising your public image by holding events, seminars and fundraisers can help to gain public attention via the media. Getting celebrities to endorse your business or organisation can raise your profile. Use off line advertising in newspapers, banner advertising, directories etc. Having a guarantee on your products can help gain trust and increase sales. Testimonials on your website and sales materials can encourage buyer who were looking for more social confidence in your brand.

Offer rewards for customer referrals. Offer incentive schemes for existing customers to encourage them to bring along new customers. Discounts or freebies can be a nice way to reward them for this.

Customer Attraction Strategies – Remarketing

Remarketing is a low cost method of finding people who have already visited your website, and directly advertising to them online. Cookies placed on visitor’s computer’s, laptop’s and smart phone’s let Google ‘follow’ them around the internet with advertising for your brand. You can customize your adverts to directly speak to people who are already looking at your website. This means they are very likely to want something you have to offer. Retargeting lets you find people who landed on your website but for some reason didn’t sign up or make a purchase. You can learn more about retargeting in my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing.

Customer Attraction Strategies – Article Marketing

Writing content and putting it on your website is a great way to attract customers for potentially years to come. By finding the keywords which your potential customers are already searching for online, and writing content for them, you can tap into an ever growing source of customers from Google and the other search engines. People are already looking for businesses like yours on Google through the basic search tool.customer attraction strategies

You can learn how to most effectively target keywords for your business in my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit. Many keyword combinations for businesses are incredibly competitive on Google. By finding and targeting the long tail alternatives, you can more easily and quickly rank content on Google to get found by your potential customers. Niche Blogging shows you how.

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