Companies That Offer Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are many companies that offer affiliate marketing programs which anyone can join. However, not all of these companies are the same. For a long time I was trying to ‘crack’ the code of affiliate marketing and make it pay. I tried many different strategies and systems which promised the world and failed to deliver. It wasn’t until I understood a different type of business model that things began to change for me and my affiliate marketing business.

Companies That Offer Affiliate Marketing Programs

companies that offer affiliate marketing programs

I started working online over ten years ago and looked at many companies that offer affiliate marketing programs. Of them I followed several systems. Some of these taught how to make money from Google’s Adsense program and others from affiliate marketing. They taught to sell their own products and other people’s products around the internet by several different strategies.

Organic Traffic

The’organic’ traffic method of sending website visitors to affiliate products was a method I struggled at for years. Even the best products in the world are usless without traffic and I soon realised that this was the key to online success. No traffic means no sales. Organic traffic was the cheapest kind of traffic and since I had no money it seemed the only strategy I could get behind.

companies that offer affiliate marketing programs

I spent years creating websites, content and researching various strategies for getting people to my website. Part of the problem was I knew nothing of what I was blabbing on about on my websites. I cared even less about it! Many of my earlier websites were purely a money making venture.

I built websites on pasta making, mushroom ‘harvesting’, car hire and various other strange topics of which I knew nothing about! Most of these websites are now gone forever. Abandoned because they were useless, apart from having served as some kind of education as what not to do.

Paid Traffic

The paid traffic route took my internet ‘business’ into another direction. I had some great early successes with Google’s Adwords program and a nice affiliate product I sold repeatedly until my Adwords account got shut down by Google! It was pretty crap really because Google wouldn’t give it back. It wasn’t until years later that I eventually was reinstated but it made me very nervous. I was onto a winner up to that point.

I had discovered how affiliate marketing worked and it paid well. Simply selling the same product over and over and using paid advertising and an email series I was making money. It wasn’t even something I had created myself. I simply followed a system and it worked. I was just at the point of scaling up my campaign when I was shut down.

Affiliate Marketing Programs and Products

The best companies that offer affiliate marketing programs (like this one) also give you the right training for long term success online. Without the right education (and mindset) you are pretty much doomed to failure with an online business venture. The limit of a business is always relative to that of its owner. Your thinking will always be the glass ceiling limiting your business (and life).companies that offer affiliate marketing programs

But it isn’t only education that matters when considering which affiliate marketing program to join. Products are important too.  I was selling a product for $100 and making about $50 per sale when Google Adwords pulled the plug on my account. It was quite exciting back then. However, if I had chosen membership products which offered lifetime value I would still be earning money for sales I made back in 2005!

This is the key to making affiliate marketing work for the long term and something I never even considered back then. I simply didn’t know what I didn’t know! I was busting my hump trying to get website traffic to the wrong products. Had I known what I now know I would have been looking much harder for membership products, high ticket products and products which have affiliate up-sells attached to them.

Affiliate Up-Selling, Memberships and High Ticket Products

companies that offer affiliate marketing programs

This is what is missing from many companies that offer affiliate marketing programs. They simply don’t want to share this stuff because you won’t be choosing their products! A good affiliate program might cost more than some other but there’s a reason why this may be the case. Before choosing a program ask yourself whether your affiliate program offers the following:

  1. High ticket products – Earn £1000 per sale for a high ticket item compared to £50 for a £100 product.
  2. Membership commissions – By choosing products which offer memberships or subscriptions you make money again and again from a single sale.
  3. Up-sells. Choose products which offer multiple products and which you, as the affilaite earn commissions for.
  4. Built in sales team – Choose products which have a built in sales team closing these sales on your behalf.

Access an online community and education platform which offers all these beneits and full training to learn how to build a successful online business from scratch here.

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