Changing Career From Law

Are you thinking of changing career from law? There are any number of reasons why someone would want to leave the profession, any profession for that matter. What is left behind is often not all lost as many skills are transferable to other industries and on a personal level you are much better prepared for life in many ways. Many feel, however that the transition is made worse by the kudos of the profession, the lengthy training involved with qualifying, obviously the income which you need to replace and the people you feel will be let down by the move.

Many lawyers feel that the hours and the demands of the job simply don’t allow for a well balanced life – they feel trapped and powerless to change. Lawyers sometimes complain that their job lacks people contact and that it can be isolating. What motivated you to become a lawyer? To have some pride in your work, work for justice and even righteousness? Maybe the system you have found yourself in doesn’t support your legitimate altruism.Never stop learning

For whatever reason you might be thinking of changing career from law, here are a few reasons why turning to the internet as a source of income (and freedom) could be right for you.

  • You can build up an internet business along side another career and make the move once your income has built up
  • An internet business puts you in control of your life. You work to your own schedule and build your working life around your priorities and not the other way round.
  • Any income level is possible with internet marketing – the more people you help and serve the greater chances are of your success.
  • Never before in history has everyone with a laptop and internet connection had the ability to speak directly to a global audience and have a global platform for so little.
  • Learning how to sell digital products globally can set you free both in the ‘time’ and ‘financial’ sense.
  • You don’t need any experience of selling things online and can learn easily through an online training platform with a community of people there to help.


As a lawyer it can be difficult to realize how transferable your skills really are into another profession. Skills such as analytical and reasoning skills, research and organisational skills, skills in communication, business development and marketing. Not to mention problem solving skills which can massive help you learn what is necessary in the business of online marketing.

What is involved with an internet business?

An internet business can take many shapes but the model which works best in terms of giving you a completely flexible lifestyle is that of promoting and selling other people’s digital products. You can of course also create and sell your own products.

keep doing

Why do this? 

Finding something which allows you to live life on your own terms is why many people come to find themselves as internet marketers. They are simply fed up with either working for someone else who dictates their work load and working hours, or they have gone down a path which no longer serves them or lights them up inside.

Sometimes it takes a life event to make people realize that they no longer have any passion for what they do, or that they are lacking enthusiasm for their life. Can you really continue to do what you do for years to come if it no longer makes you happy and if you have no passion for it?

Earn while you learn

An internet business is a legitimate career and you can start today. By learning a few key skills you can be selling products and services which help people live happier and more fulfilled lives on a global scale. There is some learning to be done but it can be done in your spare time and around other commitments and you can start to earn very quickly depending on how well you apply yourself.

Passive income

Passive income is part of the attraction for me to an online business. It is simply not an option in many other industries. In most industries you get paid for the time you work. If you leave your job you don’t still get paid. With an internet business you can still benefit from previous work you have done and sell products through your website passively – even if you are asleep! Of course there is work to be done before this is possible.

Work anywhere globally

The kudos of a well paid and ‘glamorous’ job soon loses its appeal when you’re working all hours of the day and your personal life begins to suffer. What once drew you to your ‘perfect’ career can lose its shine after the veneer has worn off. The internet now lets anyone with a laptop and internet connection create a ‘global’ brand and advertise to anyone globally. You can set up a website and start generating profit very quickly given the right expertise and development.

Work part time or full time

An online business gives you the option to work whenever, wherever and as often or as little as you want. You can start it alongside another career and build it up over time, or you can treat it as a full time business from the off and build it much faster. It really only depends on how much time and money you can dedicate to your online business.

Do something your older self will thank you for

Learn the tools which will enable you to build a full time business from the comfort of your home, or from anywhere in the world! Think of what this will allow you to do. To be completely financially free and living on your own terms.

Yes you can!

Don’t doubt that you can learn the skills to be successful online. Many people will less knowledge, skills and intelligence than you have already achieved it. It only takes a can do attitude to get started and refuse to give up! Take you first step by signing up for the FREE VIDEO SERIES which will take you through the process of building an online business.

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