Pre Made Niche Websites

Pre Made niche websites sound all well and good, but there’s two questions you should ask when looking at purchasing one:

  • How is the website monetized?
  • How does it get traffic?

Most of the pre made niche websites you can buy ‘off the shelf’ offer no value because they have no traffic. They look good but that’s their only virtue. The real challenge in building a website which makes money is not the site itself. This can be done in a few seconds with a website building program for virtually no cost. So before you look to buy pre made niche websites, get some insight into why you’re doing it.

Pre Made Niche Websites – Invisible To Everyone But You!

pre made niche websites

I spent years learning about niche websites. I built hundreds of them. What it taught me was that the site itself is the least important aspect of an online. A site can look amazing, but do nothing. When I first started building websites I thought I would instantly attract customers to my website, just because I had it! What most people don’t realise is that putting up a website is the easy bit. Getting people to it is the difficult part.

A Back Street Store

Think of a back street shop which is tucked out of the way down a little known back alley, where no one goes and you’re only half way towards what your website is like in the ‘stratosphere’ of the internet.  As beautiful as your website looks, no one will be coming, just because you bought it and it looks pretty! So think carefully before you rush out and get your pre made niche websites. If they were half as good as you’re being told, they wouldn’t be on the market place.

Which Niche Is Your Website In?

That being said everyone has to start some place and why not start with a niche website? Well, it also depends on what niche you’re in. Some niche’s are so competitive that you’ll need to use paid advertising to promote them. If your product range doesn’t support paid advertising, it might be why the sites are up for sale!

Dating, health and money online are the three most competitive niches on the internet. You’ll have a hard time ranking any kind of content for these niches. If you’re looking at pre made niche websites in these areas, you’ll probably need to use paid advertising, or get very good at content marketing to promote them.

There’s other niches too though that may not be as competitive. Selling a pre made niche website is definitely much easier than attempting to make money with one, though.

Traffic Generation

Traffic generation is the biggest problem for any website which needs to sell products to make money. To be more specific, you need well targeted traffic too. Random ‘tyre kickers’ don’t count when you’re trying to build an online business. The cheapest way to build traffic to any website is through content creation.

pre made niche websites

Blogging and video creation are the two main strategies which people use to get free traffic to their blogs or websites. Then there’s webinars, seminars pod casts and so on. Basically you want people to come to your website, but what’s in it for them? This is what you need to continually ask yourself. Why would someone visit your site, and WIIFM – “What’s in it for me”?

Then there’s paid traffic of course which is the fastest way to bring targeted traffic to your website. Depending on your business model, this kind of traffic may or may not be a viable option. Low cost items aren’t going to cover the expensive advertising strategies you can use with high ticket items and subscription products, for example.

pre made niche websites

Pre Made Niche Websites – Business Models

Not all pre made niche websites have the same business model. Some earn money with Google Adsense (from advertising clicks), some earn money from affiliate products. Not all affiliate products are the same either. Digital products tend to pay more than physical products, so if you’re buying an online store which uses physical products, take note.

pre made niche websites

Digital products can be sent automatically over the internet to a global audience too. This makes an online business very scalable, when it’s built on this kind of business model. Digital products pay out 40% commissions to their affiliates in many cases too.

Then there’s subscription products, up-sells, high ticket products and multi-tier sales. Combining these together makes for an awesome business model. With digital products this makes it very scalable too. This kind of model also makes paid advertising much more viable. Watch this video series for more information. 

If your website uses Adsense, you’ll earn money from visitors who click on them. This is only tiny amounts though and it’s usually not worth paying to advertise a website which only makes money in this way. Websites can also use a combination of both affiliate products and pay per click advertising programs like Google’s Adsense.

See also  and

Pre Made Niches Websites – Training And Building Your Online Business

What exactly do you want from your pre made niche websites? Do you want an instant up and running store which is making you money? If this is the case you should expect to pay quite a sum for any ready made niche websites which profess an instant income. Why would someone sell this if not for a large sum?

Sites like will offer to sell you websites which already profess to make money. Do your due diligence though before purchasing a site from here.

If you’re prepared to put some work in yourself, you can access an affiliate marketing website, with built in products and services. This kind of website can offer you a back end business model with digital products and services built in.

Your job is to promote the front end of the business and drive traffic to your sales funnel. You can learn how to do this here. Plus, check out the video below (click image) and see how easily you can have a site up and running with your own product ‘suite’ built in:

pre made niche websites

Ecommerce Website Builder

An ecommerce website builder can help cut out all the hard work of starting an online business. When I started looking to the internet as a means to earn an income, I spent several years just learning how to build websites. What a complete waste of time that is now! With an ecommerce website builder you can have a personalised website built in seconds. Not only that, but you can also tap into an ‘all in one digital business system’. Follow through and take continuous action and this will give you everything you need to profit online.

Ecommerce Website Builder

So what exactly is an ecomerce website builder? What will it do for you and what else will you need to do to profit? Take a look at the video below which will show you exactly how easy it is to get your own online ecommerce platform. Click the image to watch.

ecommerce website builder

As you can see in the video, the DBL is a purpose built digital business platform. This can not only build a website in a matter of minutes, but it is also backed by a revolutionary business system. Building a website is one thing, profiting online is another.

I spent years learning how to build websites and generate traffic. Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to put up a website, you won’t need to learn any skills to build a website. Save your time and energy for the more important skill of building traffic to your website. This skill is also taught in the back office of this digital business. Access a free 7 day video series (which includes the one you’ve just seen) by clicking the link here and entering your name and email.

Create Ecommerce Website – Then What?

After you create an ecommerce website, you will need to promote it. With the DBL your website will have a product range behind it. This means you can simply promote your website, collect emails and profit from any sales you make. Products are digital so can be downloaded from anywhere globally. This and the automation involved in a system like this, makes an internet based business like this very scalable.

ecommerce website builder

First up is the ecommerce website builder (the DBL), which builds your website. Second is the building of the infrastructure behind your website. You will be taken through a step by step process which will show you how to do this and how to track your individual sales through your own unique affiliate tracking codes. You will also set up an autoresponder which plugs into your website. This piece of software is ‘the hub’ of many successful internet business. It allows you to collect subscriber’s emails and deliver content to them through an automated delivery process which you can control.

An autoresponder allows you to send out bulk emails to an ever growing list of subscribers. As you build your list, your online sales will naturally grow. Even with only a tiny percentage of sales, a list of active subscribers who have been well targeted to fit your products, will give you a good return on your investment. Imagine building your email list into the hundreds of thousands. A 1% sale rate would mean a thousand sales. With a product range (or a product ‘suite’) your income per subscriber is vastly increased.

Best Ecommerce Website Builder

The best ecommerce website builder isn’t one which lets you build a site and then leaves you to it! The real skill in building an online business isn’t the building of a website. That’s easy as you have just seen. Anyone can access tools online to allow them to throw up a website which promises to be able to sell products for them. Your site may very well work and offer the ability to sell any number of products. The real question is will it bring you a profit?

ecommerce website builder

The best ecommerce website builder not only build you a website capable of welling high value digital products, but also provides the help and resources to understand how to put a marketing engine behind it and make it work. Without marketing your website is dead in the water, no matter how good the products are. You always need customers. Without a good understanding of how to market your website, you won’t make a viable business from it. It will be like owning a Ferrarri without an engine (assuming your back end product range is a good one).

So the best ecomerce website builder is an all in one online business. It should provide training and resources to build your business, not just build your website.

Best Ecommerce Websites

What are the best ecomerce websites? When I started learning how to build websites, I thought it was the way they looked. I paid little if no attention to the workings behind the an ecommerce website because I was solely focused, for some time, on the superficial.

ecommerce website builder

I later realised that no matter how shiny and gorgeous a website looks, it’s the traffic it gets and the products it sells which will determine how successful it will become.

When I first started learning affiliate marketing I chose products which sold for around $100. I made 40% commissions on these if they were digital products. I didn’t think or know about product suites. Product suites allow you to not only sell a digital product for $100, but to also choose products with a range of back-end add ons which provided more value and which paid you again and again for repeat customers.

Think about the business model of a normal store. It has repeat customers. It simply wouldn’t survive unless people kept coming back. An online store should be the same. Instead of continually looking for more and more customers, choose products which offer lifetime value to existing customers. Repeat custom, up-selling and subscription products make an online business much more viable.

ecommerce website builder

The best ecommerce websites have a range of products which include high ticket products, subscriptions and various up-sells for existing customers. They also sell ecommerce products which can be sold globally – whether that’s through a drop shipping company or by directly selling digital products over the internet. As you customer base grows you can also continually increase your number of customers because of a global reach and the power of online advertising.

Simple Ecommerce Website

A simple ecommerce website can sell multiple products through an email marketing campaign and an online digital business platform. By automating products you can build a long term and sustainable income through online marketing. Set up a simple ecommerce website and learn the fundamentals of driving traffic to it from various online marketing techniques. Start with this video series and access a ‘plug and play’ ecommerce website, a community of  online entrepreneurs and all the training and education you need to build a successful online business.

The website is the first step. You main job, once you have set up your simple ecommerce website, is to learn how to market it. You can do this through the online training program and by accessing a community. Once inside join the various private social media groups to help you get started with your marketing.

ecommerce website builder

Build Your Own Ecommerce Website

You can build your own ecommerce website from scratch and access a step by step modular training program here. The business lounge will enable anyone to build their own ecommerce website in a few simple steps. Once up and running you can fully customize your website and access a range of different ecommerce website templates.

Ecommerce Website Templates

Inside the Digital Business Lounge you will find a range of ecommerce templates which you can use for your website. Upload any of these templates to customize your website once it is up and running. Ecommerce website templates allow you to change the look of your website according to the style you’re going for. Watch this video for an overview of a website building program which lets you build a customisable ecommerce website in just a few minutes.

Setting Up An eStore

What is an eStore and how do you go about setting up an eStore? An eStore is an electronic store. This means that people can buy from your store over the internet and get their items delivered automatically. Typical eStore business models include drop shipping and affiliate marketing models. Both these models allow anyone to set up a ‘virtual’ store on a website, send customers to other people’s products, and earn income from referrals.

Setting Up An eStore – Why Online Referrals?

setting up an estore

The online referral model is a good one because it can be automated and scaled up. However, just setting up an eStore isn’t enough to start earning an income. You also need customers. You get customers via website traffic. Send the right people to your eStore and you can earn commission based on your sales referrals. Either the drop shipping company, or the affiliate marketing company deals with sales, deliveries and queries. You just send them the traffic and earn commissions based on the sales you make.

Once you have set up an eStore, your main job is to advertise it. Once you’ve cracked this you can leave paid advertising running and scale up. This makes your eStore constantly deliver products and services to customers on autopilot, without you having to be there personally. Once you’re up and running and making profit, you have a business model which pays you and is largely automated. This means you can live anywhere, work from a laptop and increase your budget to increase your profits. It’s the entrepreneurial dream! But what does it take to get there?

Setting Up An E-store – E Store Website Builder

The affiliate marketing model is a good one if you get your product range and target audience right. With affiliate marketing you can simply direct customers to products which can be downloaded instantly over the internet. This saves money on production, deliveries and packaging. The savings can be passed back to the affiliate markekter who refers the traffic. Typically affiliates who promote digital products can earn 40% commissions on products they promote.

Not all affiliate products are the same. It’s worth having a product ‘suite’ so you can earn money in various ways. With a basic level product you can earn $40 on a $100 product. This model is limited because you can’t afford to spend very much advertising your products. However, with a product suite with a range of high ticket items within it, you can spend a lot more knowing you’ll make it back and then some.

Click the image below to see how easily you can set up your own affiliate marketing ‘eStore’ in a matter of minutes:

setting up an estore

To access all 7 of the videos in this series sign up here and get one a day to your inbox.

Setting Up An eStore What’s Next?

Join the above program to set up your own eStore with built in product range, email follow up and landing pages. You can also join a community of online entrepreneurs who are helping each other succeed with an online business system which can be automated and scaled.

Once you have set up your online store you need to send targeted visitors into your sales funnel. A ales funnel is basically a landing page which collects emails from your subscribers. They get sent follow up emails and can purchase products through your affiliate links from a product range. Since this follow up is automated, your main job once this is set up is to advertise your landing page.

Online advertising has become very sophisticated. You can use the various online advertising platforms to target very specifically, the kind of people you want to advertise to. Google Adwords, for example, lets you target the kinds of keywords which relate to your business. Facebook and YouTube can allow advertisers to target people by what they are looking at and their interests, age, sex and a number of other demographics. This is incredibly helpful to online marketers. It allows them to get very focused on who they advertise to.

Setting Up An eStore – Advertising

setting up an eStore

An eStore isn’t that difficult to build. As you can see in the video above, setting up an eStore can be done very quickly and easily. The store itself and the business model you choose has a good deal to do with your success. Equally, what you do after you have finished setting up your eStore is just as important. Setting up an e-store is one thing, getting qualified customers to it is another. This is the skill of online marketing and it takes a bit of getting used to before you can scale up your business. It’s well worth learning how to do this properly.

Access my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing which shows you many of the online marketing techniques and mindsets you’ll need to succeed.

Autopilot Business Ideas

For a long time I was searching for the best autopilot business ideas. I wanted a business which could sell products online over the internet. I first noticed this type of business model on ebay. I was looking to buy an ebay business model and found one with a quick search.


I then bought a model which taught a clever method of buying and selling on the auction website itself. Check it out in my article how to start a profitable ebay business.

I bought an ebook from ebay which explained how to use the above method. What struck me was the simplicity of selling a digital product. You list a product and then sell it over and over again through the same listing. This led me to research autopilot business ideas which allow you to work from your laptop from anywhere and effectively build an autopilot money making system.

Autopilot Business Ideas – Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a similar kind of model. You simply act as the go-between for drop shipping companies. You advertise on the internet and send people to products and services around the globe. You don’t personally have to own any products or services, you simply supply the customer and collect a commission when you make a sale.

Products are delivered directly by the drop shipping companies. They even deal with customers. This can be automated by selling online and setting up automated emails and websites directing customers to the drop shipping companies.

Autopilot Business Ideas – Affiliate Marketing

autopilot business ideas

Affiliate marketing is a similar concept except you sell products directly over the internet. Anyone can become an affiliate marketer and again you act as a go-between for the owners of an affiliate programs. Affiliate programs can sell anything.

Amazon and Ebay have their own affiliate programs and you can simply send customers to these websites to earn commissions on sales generated. The best commissions can be made by selling digital products over the internet. Digital products typically pay you 40% of the value of any sale you make. Whereas the mark-up for physical products is much less.

Affiliate marketing uses the same model I discovered on ebay many years earlier. However, instead of creating your own products you can use someone else’s.

Autopilot Business Ideas – Creating Your Own Products

autopilot business ideas

You can also create your own products and sell them over the internet through a website. Either create a unique physical product which you own or create digital products as in the case of the ebay “how to” guide I bought from the auction website. However, there is a strict limitation to creating your own products. It is much easier and can be far more profitable to use other people’s products to sell online for a number of reasons:

  • Choosing products which are already selling can save you heaps of time and market research. Instead of trying to sell an unknown quantity, ‘piggy back’ off someone else’s proven product range.
  • If you choose the right products you can make larger gains on higher value items.
  • It’s much more difficult to create your own high value items which have a large audience.
  • Creating and selling your own products is much more difficult – especially if you don’t know how to.
  • It’s easier to use someone else’s monthly membership products than to create your own – membership products give you monthly commissions and make an online business much more viable and stable.
  • You can pick products which pay you for up-sells (seminars and events which offer more value to existing customers.

Autopilot Business Ideas – The Basic Method

turnkey internet business

The basic method of selling a product online is to create a website or advert and send people into a sales funnel. A sales funnel offers pre-made products and services which are of value to your subscribers. Ideally your products should offer a range of services which increase in value starting with an ‘entry level product’. This means you can offer more value to people if they want further services.

Take the initial example of my purchase from ebay. I bought a “how to” guide for around £10. The seller could sell this guie again and again through the same listing to earn £10 for each sale. If the costs only include listing the item on ebay, (and assuming a digital download is possible), there are no postage or storage costs involved. This means most of the cost is profit. With a small item like this ebook which I purchased, there is only a small profit per item. However, if you choose to sell high ticket products you stand to make more profit for each sale. Also, as mentioned above, if you choose to sell high ticket items which also have:

  • Built in up-sells
  • Built in sales team
  • Membership products
  • Multi-tier sales commissions

You can make more per sale through multiple income streams. Each customer can potentially become a lifetime customer and you can earn an income from a sale, rather than just a small commission. This is how to build a viable and stable income from the internet. What’s even better is that this can be run from anywhere from a laptop. There’s no stock to hold and no customers to personally deal with.

This is my favourite of the autopilit business ideas mentioned here. Not only do you earn income from an initial sale, but you also earn from monthly memberships, up-sells (closed by a built in sales team) and from your team (in the case of joining multi-tier commission program).

Learn more about this kind of online business here.

Autopilot Your Business

You can also autopilot your business by using online marketing strategies which run 24 hours a day 7 days a week. See my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing in which I share some free and some paid for advertising methods which you can use to scale up your business.

autopilot your business

Ready Made Sales Funnel

Are you looking for a ready made sales funnel? Building your own products, emails and advertising materials is time consuming and costly. Why not access a ready made sales funnel which has products, landing pages and emails already done for you? See also done for you sales funnel. There are various sales funnel stages which need to be in place before you can earn money from your sales funnel. Get it wrong and your sales funnel won’t work! By choosing a ready made sales funnel which has proven itself you can save a heap of time and money!

ready made sales funnel

Ready Made Sales Funnel

Email Collection

So what should a ready made sales funnel include? A good sales funnel starts with collecting a visitor’s email and sending out some useful information. This means creating a landing page or website and having access to an autoresponder.

Email Series

ready made sales funnel

Once you have collected an email address what should you send your subscribers? A ready made funnel already has an email series which has been tested to convert subscribers into customers. This means you don’t have to test and measure because the hard work has already been done for you. Most good email followups start with a low cost or free product of some kind. By engaging your subscribers they should see your value (and that of your products) and hopefully they will purchase something. This doesn’t happen immediately however. First you need to give value and build a relationship. This is what an email followup series does.

A Range Of Products

Developing your own range of products is risky. Firstly you don’t know whether there is a market for them, or if they will actually sell. Unless you know what you are doing, it is much better to use existing products and services which already sell and have proven themselves. A good range of products usually starts with a low priced entry level item and then has a range of other products offering increasing levels of value. This way your sales funnel can maximize the potential of your list and the lifetime value of each subscriber who converts into a paying customer.

ready made sales funnel

Lifetime Value Of A Customer

A good funnel will enable an affiliate to earn from each customer for the lifetime of their custom. This means that you don’t only receive a commission from a one-off sale. You can earn commissions based on further purchases from that same customer. Even better is you earn from sales made by a built in sales team within your funnel.

Monthly Commissions

Products which include monthly commission are also much better than one-off sales. From membership products you can earn in an ongoing way. Each customer who continues their membership will earn you a monthly commission. In addition to this if you choose a sales funnel with high ticket products (high ticket sales funnel), and up-sells with a built in sales team, you can benefit from further sales made by customers you have referred previously.

Access Your Pre Made Sales Funnel

ready made sales funnel

A ready made sales funnel should have:

  • A website you control and can build quickly and easily (with only a few steps)
  • A ready made email list (which is yours) and is pre-populated with a series of proven emails
  • Landing pages which you can use and are tracked with your affiliate code
  • landing page software to create your own tailor made pages
  • A range of products and services which you can earn commissions from
  • A built in sales team selling products on your behalf

You can also benefit from:

  • Training for promotion and advertising for both your website and other online methods
  • A community of people, coaches and mentors to help you get the most from an online business.

Access here to learn more and get your ready made sales funnel up and running!

ready made sales funnel

Sales Funnel Stages

What are the various sales funnel stages which make an internet business successful? There are various stages to an online sales funnel. It all starts with collecting a visitor’s email address. This can be either through a website or a specific landing page either on the website itself or another platform. The very first stage is collecting an email address. This is done by offering something desirable for the visitor. It can be access to information, an e-book or some other legitimate ‘bribe’.

Collecting An Email Address

Ideally you should create something so desirable for your visitor that it would be very difficult for them to ignore. Giving away some useful information is the first stage of a successful sales funnel. Once a visitor has given you their details, you can then build a relationship with them. This is the next important step of the sales funnel stages. Some online marketers go straight for the sale. However, this can turn a lot of people off and they will simply stop opening the emails. This means less sales overall.


sales funnel stages

The Double Opt-In

Should you ask your subscribers to confirm their desire to opt in? With most email subscription services there is an option as to whether or not your subscriber should double opt-in. This means they get an email asking them if they actually asked to be a subscriber to your service.

They then need to click on this email in order to confirm their subscription. Doing this means your subscribers have then confirmed twice that they want to opt in to your emails. It also means they are looking for your emails when they receive them and they are less likely to miss them should they fall into a junk mail folder for example.

Doing this should also lower your complaint level and is generally considered good practice by many online marketers. Not doing so makes it easier for people to subscribe and so may increase your subscription rate, albeit at the expense of a lower quality of sign up visitor. Whether or you decide to ask your subscribers for double opt-in is up to you, but it is an important part of the various sales funnel stages which you send your customers through.

Building A Relationship By Offering Value

Your subscriber should be given the information they have asked for next. Either they are sent to a download page or they can access the information in their first email. Some visitors may even unsubscribe at this point, once they have the information they want!

However, most will continue to accept emails from you. Whether they continue to open them is determined by whether they consider your emails useful and valuable to them, and/or your email titles. Ultimately we want to sell a number of items through our list. The way we approach this will be the determining factor as to how successful we are in doing so. Building value first by offering useful emails which help, inform and even entertain, is a good way to start the relationship. Of all the sales funnel stages which your subscribers go through, their view on you will often be a big determining factor as to whether they eventually buy from you, further down the line.

Sales Pipeline Stages – Building Value

The more value we give to our list the more the likelihood of their opening our emails. By building trust with our subscribers and offering value, we can then suggest products and services which will be of benefit to our subscribers. This tends to start with a low priced product or even a ‘freebie’ of some kind. By offering value and regularly emailing your subscribers you can build trust and value into your relationship with them.

Sales Funnel Stages – Products

Not everyone has the same budget or circumstance. By having a range of products which allows people on your list to decide what is right for them, you can effectively sell multiple products through a single list. Apple does this very effectively. They have a range of products including the various Mac computers, the I-phone, the I-pad and various sizes of MP3 players to name just a few. Not everyone can afford their top of the range products. But a large proportion of the marketplace can purchase one of their products of the lower range, for example. A good sales funnel has a range of products which can appeal to your audience. Choosing the right digital products for your email list is vital for long term success of your online business.

Product Range – Entry Level

sales funnel stages

An entry level product allows your potential customers to see what you have on offer. Whether it is a ‘freebie’ of a low value item, it is an affordable product or service which allows most people to buy should they find your service valuable to them.

Product Range – Up – Selling

Other products can be up-sold to your customers once they have made an initial purchase. Your existing customers are likely to purchase again from you, especially if they see the value in their initial purchase. Many sales funnels also take advantage of this profit maximizing fact. Once someone has made a small purchase, upgrading their purchase to a slightly better version is a great way to maximize profits. McDonald’s use this for every burger sold throughout their business. For every sale of a burger the customer is asked “do you want fires with that?”, or “would you like to go large?”. Although the difference in price is very small, overall McDonalds makes a huge markup by using this tactic.

Product Range Lifetime Customer Value

A good sales funnel also takes advantage of a customer’s lifetime value. Each visitor who enters their email into the sales funnel is a potential customer. However, not everyone on your email list will turn into into a customer. Rather than focusing solely on more subscribers, you can make a greater profit by having a range of products which maximize a customer’s lifetime value. When someone buys a product from you they are more likely to buy again than someone who has never purchased from you. So it is better to have a sales funnel which gives you commissions for the lifetime value of a customer. Some products don’t offer this, and so you shouldn’t use those kinds of products in your sales funnel.

Lifetime Commissions

Lifetime commissions can be earned by selling products and services which have a built in reward structure like products which offer commissions for monthly memberships for example. You can also maximize profits by choosing a range of products with high ticket commissions. High ticket affiliate programs can pay you monthly memberships and for high ticket sales. Selling high ticket items can help to offset advertising costs which means that paid advertising is much more viable than with smaller value items. Choosing a program with these options can make your sales funnel a much more profitable one. Sales funnel stages should include up-selling, monthly memberships and back end sales. This means you continue earning later down the road even after your initial sale.


Having all these sales funnel stages in place means your potential to earn from your sales funnel increases massively. However the only stage missing is advertising. You need to find customers and bring them to your sales funnel. This can be achieved in several ways. As discussed already, having high ticket items, up-sells and monthly memberships gives you more flexibility and help offset advertising costs. You can find customers by advertising in the following ways:

  • Paid Advertising – Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin
  • Content Marketing – Creating content: videos, blogging, creating products
  • Link building – Placing your links around the internet on blogs, advertising platforms etc.
  • Free Advertising – Using Freeads, Gumtree, Ebay etc.
  • Social Media marketing – Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube etc.


Done For You Sales Funnel

What is a done for you sales funnel? An online sales funnel allows you to gather emails from a website or landing page, send out content and sell digital products. Digital products are best because they can be accessed automatically and you can make the highest commissions. In addition, you can also make monthly residual commissions and up-sells from each individual sale. (See residual income ideas and turnkey internet business).

Done For You Sales Funnel

There is a lot involved in building a long term sustainable internet business. One of the key ingredients is of course the sales funnel.  A good sales funnel will have proven products, monthly commissions, up-sells, built in sales team and high ticket commissions. A sales funnel is basically a series of emails offering value to targeted visitors who have opted in to your email list.

Products and services are then promoted through the sales funnel via emails. If a product is bought from a subscriber, you earn a commission.

done for you sales funnel

Done For You Sales Funnel – What’s Next?

You can access a ready made sales funnel here. Follow the modules in the course to get yours set up within just a few days. Once you have got your sales funnel set up your main job is sending subscribers into your sales funnel. You can do this in a number of different ways:

  • Creating content and ranking it on Google
  • Sharing content on social media.
  • Advertising via paid adverts on social media or Google
  • Giving value and creating a brand

A sales funnel is vital to an online business and it will save you a load of time and effort to get one which already is optimized and has been proven to work successfully.

done for you sales funnel

Done For You Sales Funnel – High Ticket Products

Selling high ticket products through your funnel will help you make your internet business much more viable and lucrative. See lucrative low cost startup businesses. Selling a smaller value item for say $100 will earn you $50 commission given a 50% commission rate. To make a monthly income of $5000 you would need to sell 100 of these products.

Instead, you can sell a $2000 item and earn $1000 each sale – given the same commission rate. In this case you would only need to sell 5 items per month to make the same amount. Also if you sell items which have monthly memberships and other products within the sales funnel, you can earn more from each customer.

Done For You Sales Funnels – Scaling Up

Scaling up a high ticket business is also much easier than with a low value product range. Selling items like seminars and Mastermind workshops will also mean you can make larger commissions on items priced over the $10,000 range. With items like this in your sales funnel, and a built in sales team, you have a better business model to scale up to larger figures.

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Ideally a sales funnel should have:

  • An offer of some free value to entice your subscriber to opt in to the funnel
  • An introductory low value item at the very top of the funnel.
  • Increasingly more valuable products and services further down the funnel
  • A built in sales team closing sales on your behalf
  • High ticket products from which you can earn larger commissions

done for you sales funnel

Done For You Sales Funnel

This done for you sales funnel lets you build your own funnel by following some simple training modules. You can have your done for you sales funnel up and running within a week or so, depending on how fast you work through the modules. You will get:

  • A done for you website
  • A ready made done for you sales funnel, including a range of products and services from which you can earn commissions.

You will need to set up an autoresponder which will be explained throughout the modules. Once set up simply send traffic to your funnel. This can be done by:

  • Paid advertising
  • Content creation

The fastest way to generate a profit from your funnel is by using paid advertising. Content creation takes a lot longer.

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How to create sales funnel

If you are looking at starting your own online business, a key element is learning how to create a sales funnel. More about that in a minute. First let’s have a look at what is a sales funnel.

A sales funnel refers to an online marketing tactic to turn visitors into buyers. It starts with your visitor landing on your website or blog and entering their email into a landing page or email capture on the side of your website. (See the one on the right). Once they do this they are sent a confirmation link to accept that they have requested your information.

They will then receive more information by email which in turn can lead them to any number of pages or websites according to how you have set up your sales funnel. Typically you offer a legitimate ‘bribe’ to entice your visitors into the funnel. Once in you offer them valuable information and some kind of product or service which may benefit your visitor.

What’s the point of a sales funnel? 


The best thing about an online sales funnel is that it works completely automatically, delivering emails and products as your visitors enter their email into your website. Providing you have enough visitors (and provide good value), you can work on building your traffic flow to your website once it is all set up. Another great point of a sales funnel is that it is scalable. Being a scalable business model means you can increase the number of people going through the funnel and it continues to work in the same way. There is no limit to the amount of people you can serve through your automated system.

How to create sales funnel

To create your own sales funnel you will first of all need a website or a blog and an email capture program. I use this one. Aweber is a great tool to deliver emails and capture email addresses on your site. Once you have access to this site you can create email capture pages and place them on your website. You need to offer something of value to give your visitors. Otherwise there will be no incentive for them to enter their email address.

Once you have done this you will need to create a series of emails to follow up your subscribers with. This can be some more information, useful guides or product offers. You do this through your email responder program. The offers you send to your list should be coded with your affiliate link so that you will receive commissions when you sell anything through your list. You can find affiliate products to promote to your list in pretty much any field. Just do a Google search for “‘your niche’ affiliate program” to find one. Clickbank is a good resource for this too and affiliate programs can pay up to 40% of their cost to affiliates per sale.

Selling larger products through your sales funnel

You will need a large amount of traffic through your sales funnel to make reasonable sales selling smaller products. To make your sales funnel more lucrative the key is to sell high ticket products. To learn more about building a sales funnel or to have one built for you which has already got a sales team, high ticket products and comes with a full training program, sign up for this video series which will explain more. 

What is a sales funnel?

So what is a sales funnel and how do you go about making one? A sales funnel can refer to any sales process but it often now refers to an online sales funnel which is completely automatic. You could say that the checkout till in your local supermarket is the final process of the ‘sales funnel’ of a physical business: starting with advertising and promotion, bringing in customers to the supermarket, and finally selling the goods themselves. Then there is the after sales process of offering discounts and reductions to entice previous shoppers back to the store.

Sales Funnel Process

An online sales funnel is no different in principle and begins with bringing visitors either to a website or a landing page. In order to find the visitor in the first place you start with advertising or promotion. This can be done in several ways and one of which is content creation. By writing a blog such as this one, creating an interesting video post or some other content and sharing it, you can generate your traffic to the start of the sales funnel. You can also promote a landing page through advertising. Facebook or Google Adwords is often the starting point of a sales funnel.

The initial step of the sales funnel is to offer something of value to your visitor such as a video course, free download or some other such ‘ethical bribe’. In order to do this your landing page must be ‘pre-framed’ especially if you are paying for advertising. Your advert must describe correctly what you are offering and be targeted to your specific niche. For example:

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Ideally your advert and landing page will be congruent so that when someone lands on the landing page they get what they are expecting and don’t click away.

Once they are on the landing page they should enter their email in order to access the information your are offering. They are then in the sales funnel. Once you have collected the email address the rest of the process is automatic and your visitor will continue to receive information provided by you until they ‘opt out’ of the sales funnel by unsubscribing to the email list.

Once subscribed, your visitor will receive the information they have been promised and can be sent offers and products via email. Ideally you would not spam your email list with a tonne of products and sales pitches. You need to gain trust by offering something of value. This is the ‘advertising’ step of the sales funnel. Before you can sell anything you first need to engage the customer/visitor and offer value.

Built into the sales funnel will be a list of emails which will be automatically sent out on a regular basis. These will contain useful information which is congruent with your advertising and landing page and also offers of products of membership to more useful information and training which you visitor would find useful.

If your email subscriber buys a product from your emails then you will make commissions based on those sales. Your sales funnel can contain whatever you choose to put into it but you don’t necessarily need to create your own from the ground up. You can use someone else’s sales funnel and simply promote the landing page.

Sales funnels typically contain several products which vary in price. Once someone buys the ground level product then they are offered a higher value product as they pass through the sales process. The beauty of an online sales funnel like this is that once it is set up it continues working without you having to physically be there. It can deal with multiple purchases and resales, continually offer quality information and up-sells and even monitor monthly membership fees, payments and cancellations.

Your job is to initially set up the sales funnel so it works automatically (which can be done for you with this company), and then build your list of email subscribers through either content creation or advertising or both. As your list grows so do your sales.

Hopefully this articles has answered the question “what is a sales funnel” but if you have any further questions please comment below.

You can learn how to build your own list and sales funnel here.