Realistic Affiliate Marketing Income

So what is a realistic affiliate marketing income? How much does an affiliate marketer make? This is an incredibly difficult question to answer. Keep in mind that anyone can be an affiliate. Join an affiliate program and you’re technically an affiliate. That’s why there’s so many naysayers in the affiliate industry. The door is wide open to ‘have a go’.

For those people who learn their trade and stick at it no matter what, there’s great rewards. Top affiliates can earn millions, especially if they have created an affiliate program of their own and have other affiliate marketers effectively working for them, promoting their products. But what is a realistic affiliate marketing income, for someone new to the industry?

Realistic Affiliate Marketing Income $5000 to Zero

realistic affiliate marketing income

For someone getting started in affiliate marketing, you can’t place a figure on their likely income for a number of reasons. Sorry to disappoint, and I’ll take a stab at some figures in a bit, but realistically, everyone is different. Everyone who starts affiliate marketing can come at the business from an entirely different angle.

When I started out several years ago, I jumped on the ‘free traffic’ bandwagon and attempted to ‘rank’ several websites with very little success. My income was far below my expenditure for a number of years. On the other hand, some people get started and straight away begin to make a profit. However, the tentative nature of affiliate marketing can mean anyone can get zapped in a number of ways.

10 years ago, many were learning first hand what it’s like to go from $5000 a week to zero! Google penalised many affiliates who had top rankings and were thinking they had ‘made it’ on easy street! Their website disappeared from Google search and never returned.

Realistic Affiliate Marketing Income – Zero to $5000

realistic affiliate marketing income

On the other hand, many affiliates have had the opposite realisation. They’ve struggled and learned and eventually have turned a zero income business into a $5000 a month or a week one. This is just as possible if you’ve done the hard work up front. It’s hardly possible for someone walking into affiliate marketing and throwing up a website though. For someone who is testing and measuring paid advertising strategies, this is very realistic.

Paid advertising is definitely the fastest way to start earning from affiliate marketing. But you still need to make sales. Be wary of the videos which only show income. It’s easy to buy traffic and make sales, but far more difficult to also make a profit! Look, here are my sales! I’ve made $10,000 in the last month! This might be true but they may also have spent $20,000 to earn this much! Their videos prove nothing!

Top affiliates who are earning $40,000 + a month are often spending a lot too. If you spend $35,000 to make $40,000, you’ve still made $5000! Over time and with a lot of discipline and patience, affiliates can lower their expenditure and raise their profit by simply testing and measuring their adverts.

“But who has $35,000 to spend on a marketing budget”?, I hear you ask! Of course you don’t start out with such a large spend. You initially start out much smaller. Affiliates who spend this amount every month have learned what works in their marketing before taking the steps to increase their budget gradually.

How Much Do Affiliate Marketers Make?

So let’s cut to the chase! What’s a realistic affiliate marketing income? There’s a few things which will determine whether you should pursue affiliate marketing:

  • Your current financial position – will determine whether you start and what strategy you use
  • Your tenacity – will determine whether you stick at it long enough to start seeing some results.
  • Paid strategies will mean spending money regularly, without any come back at first. This should be sustained for the foreseeable future. By testing and measuring your adverts, you’ll see which adverts work and which don’t.
  • Free marketing strategies will take much longer to see any results. Be prepared to put in a lot of work with no initial return.
  • Your income will also depend on the strategy and the business model you use. More on this later.

realistic affilaite marketing income

Realistic Affiliate Marketing Income

Ok for the sake of the pedants I’ll put some figures down. But it’s really only to placate you more than anything. The reason I say this is because it’s going to come down to:

  • What marketing strategy you implement – paid/free
  • Your business model
  • Work ethic
  • Your Understanding of the business model and your ability

With a good sales funnel, marketing strategy and email list, you could expect to earn from $0-$500 within your first few months. This is with paid advertising, and by following a mentor who will show you the correct strategies. I’m not saying this is profit, it might just be income at first. But with a good multi-tier sales funnel and multiple products, this could easily grow and here’s why:

With a sales funnel which contains:

you stand to earn more from your email list that you would with a typical affiliate digital product from which you would only earn a single commission. By choosing a business model which gives you more per sale and more income for each customer, your income can grow over time because of the back end sales within the business system.

Realistic Affiliate Marketing Income

realistic affiliate marketing income

Over time and as you continue to make sales, your income will grow. If you continue to make sales and even if you break even initially, you can continue to make an income on the back end. This is why it pays to choose a multi-tier sales system which has a product range. (See ready made sales funnel).

Subscription products pay you again and again for your initial referrals. As long as your members continue to keep their membership, you’ll continue to get paid as an affiliate long after you have referred them. Over the next year or so your income can rise exponentially as you continue to make sales on the front end. Particularly with multi-tier products too, you’ll be able to earn commissions from sales of your team. Within the next few years you’ll be able to scale up your business because you’ve made the effort to learn the strategies which are working.

This may have cost you a pretty penny in advertising budget. However, long term affiliates know the value of learning how to use pay per click advertising. Once you find a ‘vein of gold’, that is, a marketing strategy which consistently pays out more than you put in in advertising costs, you’re ready to scale it up and move on the the next one. Over time an income of $500-$5000 per month is then achievable.

Top affiliates have learned these marketing strategies and continue to learn and develop them. They find a strategy and study it until they have mastered it. Then, once they have found one which continues to pay out, they leave it running and move on the the next one.

Easiest Forms Of Passive Income

What are the easiest forms of passive income? Ideally, over time you’ll build up a passive income portfolio which gives you an income which exceeds your current income from your job, if you have one. The tricky thing is, if you are working, all your time is tied up with trading time for money. It makes it much more difficult to find and implement the easiest forms of passive income, once you know them.

easiest forms of passive income

Here’s a few strategies to get out of that trap and learn how to stop trading time for money, too. This will free up your time so you can build more lucrative and passive income streams.

Easiest Forms Of Passive Income

Here’s a quick list of the easiest forms of passive income.

  1. Owning property – either to rent out or make money on the appreciating value of it.
  2. Owning shares and stocks – Here’s a great app anyone can use to get started.
  3. Building an online business and using affiliate marketing to sell digital products.
  4. Using multi-level marketing to build a team from which you can earn passive income.
  5. Getting out of debt is one of the easiest forms of passive income. While not technically ‘income’, debt removal is the fastest way for most people to increase their income quickly.
  6. Put money into a savings account – duh! Living below your means can free up money to help you do this.

1. Owning Property – Easiest Forms Of Passive Income

Ok so I’ve used property ownership as a form of passive income. However, it’s only passive income if it’s not costing you money every month. In most cases you’ll have a mortgage tied around it. You can still build towards it becoming a passive income though if you over pay your monthly payments and pay off early. The sooner you pay off that mortgage, the sooner you’ll have an asset free and clear. You can also rent out property, even if you don’t fully own it yet. Get an interest only mortgage to purchase a property and rent it out. As long as someone is living in your property, and you are earning more than your minimum payments, you’ll be in profit and be earning passively, kind of.

It’s easy if you already have the means and much harder if you don’t. For many, property is out of reach due to their circumstances. Whether property ownership is one of the easiest forms of passive income for you, depends on your own particular circumstances. Owning a property outright is obviously the best case scenario if you can either live in it or rent it out. You’ll make the rent each month and it’s an appreciating asset which grows in value over time.

2. Easiest Forms Of Passive Income – Stocks and Shares

Stocks and shares are another option if property is out of your reach. Anyone can buy stocks and shares with the intention of making money from a rise in their value over time. However, there’s risk involved like with any investment. Stocks go down as well as up! It’s worth spreading your investment over a few different stocks and getting some sound financial advice before you take this step. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose either.

easiest forms of passive income

Here’s a great little app which anyone can use to get involved with stocks and shares, without any experience or know-how. I’ve been using the Money Box App with some great results over time. (Please get financial advice of your own as there is risk involved). What this app does is link through your bank account and round up your bank card payments over the week.

Then, it takes all those pennies, (or cents), and puts them towards your share portfolio. Over time this builds up and those small amounts are invested without you needing to do anything, once it’s all set up. This has to be one of my favourite and easiest forms of passive income. Don’t expect to live off this though, as you’ll need to leave it there for some time before you see a positive return. But those little passive incomes streams are passive, and it’s a pretty easy system to set up.

3 & 4. Building An Online Business Selling Digital Products

Building an online business is one of the easiest forms of passive income, if you get it right. With the automation and the ability to sell other people’s products globally, an online business is definitely one of the easiest ways to automate income. And, automated income is definitely passive, even if it takes a while to set up.

easiest forms of passive income

The fastest way to start generating revenue from an online business is by purchasing a digital sales funnel and using paid advertising to market it. Once you get to the point of paying $400 and making $800, your online sales machine is working and you can scale up simply by increasing your advertising budget and reaching more people!

Although it takes time and work to get to this point, it’s definitely worth it. It’s one of the easiest forms of passive income available to anyone. With a good business model, your return on investment is far greater. With this model you can even use the strategy of multi-level marketing in conjunction with affiliate marketing. This means, you can build a team and benefit from sales they make. You can also benefit from subscription products which can pay out a residual and passive commission each month for sales you’ve made previously.

Access a 7 day video series here to learn more.

5. Easiest Forms Of Passive Income – Get Out Of Debt

easiest forms of passive income

Ok ok, so getting out of debt isn’t going to pay off the mortgage. Or is it? If you have debts, you’ll be paying out not only to clear your debt, but also to pay interest on it. If you work out how much debt you’re effectively servicing every month, there’s probably a chunk of money right there which you could use to over pay your mortgage every month, if you have one.

If you do this over a considerable length of time, you’ll have paid it off much more quickly and therefore also saved yourself a heap of interest on your mortgage (and your debt). If you don’t have a mortgage, consider how much you can save just by not having debt. That money could be put into a savings account – one of the easiest forms of passive income, (even if not the most lucrative).

6. Savings Account – Easiest Forms Of Passive Income

Yes the obvious is to stash some cash in a saving account. The more you commit to long term savings, the more interest you’re likely to earn. If you use this strategy by setting up an automated payment each month from your current account, it can be much more effective and easier to stick to. This is the best method of sticking to a regular amount of outgoings paid into savings each month. You’ll soon get used to living below your means – a key secret of many wealthy people. Unless you learn how to live beneath your means, you’ll never have the money required to put aside into money making ventures and generate passive income from.

Checkout my articles on how to create wealth on your current income and wealth secrets of the affluent.

Supplemental income Ideas

I’ve always been a fan of supplemental income ideas. Once you’ve given your soul to ‘The Man’, you’re trapped. It’s especially true once you build your life around a job or career. A part of your mind is duty bound to accept that it’s your ‘lot’ in life. What if the business fails? What if your job is automated? How about redundancy?

Supplemental income ideas can give you a ‘buffer’ so you’re not so dependant on your current income. Ideally, your supplemental income ideas will be capable of surpassing your current salary. This is the key. If your supplemental income is always supplementary, you’re still stuck in your job, even with this income. On the other hand, if it has the ability to surpass your current income, you’ll be much more likely to pursue it for long enough to make this happen. Here’s a few supplementary income ideas which I’ve found on the journey to find the ‘one’ which is scalable and automated.

Skip to the end if you want the short version summary!

Supplemental Income Ideas – 1

One of the first supplementary income ideas I found was through the auction site eBay. I started out just buying and selling items from my house and moved on to car boot sales and antique sales. I eventually found a clever little eBay hack which lets you find bargain items on the site itself. You can then either sell them on Facebook for free using the marketplace or local selling pages, or re-list them back on eBay to get a better price.

The strategy I found uses a clever Misspell tool which you can access here. Use it to find items which are misspelled on eBay. Because they are misspelled, they don’t get the views they should and, as such can often sell for much lower than they are worth. You can read the full strategy for this supplementary income idea in my article how to start a profitable ebay business.

Supplemental Income Ideas – 2

Here’s another clever little ‘hack’ if you’ve got a skill and want to monetise it. By using Google’s Places for Business listings, you can create a business listing completely free. If you pick up a few jobs there’s a nice little earner here. I used this strategy to get some work as a handyman in my local town.Wherever you are based, you can create a business listing and get yourself ranking on the top of Google for your particular business.

This could be a painter and decorators, handyman, music teacher, language teacher or anything else you might be good at. You can build up a free listing and you don’t even need a website to do this. Just head to Google Places for business and create a listing. This is a great supplementary income ideas and if you’ve got a skill of some kind, it’s very cheap and easy to get started. Also checkout my ebook below which explains creating a business listing in more detail.


Supplemental Income Ideas – 3

Car boot sales offer the opportunity to sell your old items but also to run the sales yourself. If you’ve got a tonne of stuff sitting around the house why not find a local car boot sale or sale and take it along? Running your own car boot sale can also be a lucrative supplementary income idea and you can run it on the weekends. You need to find a local field or place big enough to get a good turnout. Run an advert in the local paper and put up some banner adverts advertising locally.

supplementary income ideas

Charge people to bring their cars and for entry. A good turn out can net you a nice little profit, if you get good weather. You can also scout about for bargains to re-list on eBay as per “supplementary income ideas – 1”.

Supplemental Income Ideas – 4

An online business presents an opportunity to anyone with a laptop and an internet connection. Most people simply aren’t aware of the vast opportunity of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a business model which lets anyone benefit from referring people to products and services around the internet. Digital products in particular can earn you 40% of their cost as an affiliate.

Because the internet has a global audience, this has the most potential of all the ideas listed here of surpassing your current income, whatever it is. An internet business can be largely automated too. By building systems and strategies which can run 24 hours a day on complete autopilot, you can send website traffic to offers and services to earn a commission. Regardless of your age and technical experience, you can do this. It does take some time to learn though.

You can access an online video series which will show more about it completely free here.

Supplemental Income Ideas – 5

Depending on your circumstance and location, you may be able to sign up as a TV extra. When I worked as a TV extra, I met a lot of people who had their own businesses. This was because they were able to take time out at short notice, something you’ll most likely need to be able to do.

supplementary income ideas

TV extras, or background artists. appear in the background on television to give the scene a more realistic appearance. You get to visit places and do things within your locality which you wouldn’t normally do, and earn money at the same time! Just do a search online for Extras agencies near you. You may have to apply to join an agency and wait a while before any suitable work appears. Work tends to be sporadic and unreliable. Depending where you are though, you may be able to sign with multiple agencies, although some agencies ask for exclusivity.

Here’s a quick summary of the ideas I’ve shared in this article.

Supplemental Income Ideas – Summary

  1. Ebay – Buying and Selling using the misspell tool – See my article how to start a profitable ebay business. 
  2. Start your own small business selling yourself! Whether you can paint, play an instrument, speak a language or fix someone’s fence, there might be an opportunity to get work locally by using Google Places for business – get a free business listing. Learn how in my ebook.
  3. Car boot sales present 2 opportunities both for running them yourself and for buying and selling in them. Start your own car boot business. Book a field, advertising and charge for entry.
  4. Start your own online business. This simple and effective business system can be used by anyone to build a scalable and profitable online business even with no experience.
  5. Become a TV extra! TV extras agencies offer local work on television and film production. Find an agency near you with a quick online search.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on supplementary income ideas. If you’ve got any more please comment below to include them for any readers!

My best supplementary income idea is an online business. Access a free 7 day video series and learn more about how to use a simple business model, even with no previous experience.


How To Make A Small Business Grow

If you’re wondering how to make a small business grow, listen up. There are lots of ways to do this and in this article I’ll be sharing some proven methods. Some of them are completely free methods which can give you a lifetime of free business. Yes, free business listings are available on the internet for locally based businesses.

So if you’re based somewhere physically, and you’re not an entirely online business, you can benefit from a free listing. Pay per click marketing is also a strategy you really need to learn. If you’ve tried this and “failed”, you really need to try harder! Let’s take a look at the free listings first.

how to make a small business grow

(If you want to skip to the end there’s a brief summary of the tips in this article)!

How To Make A Small Business Grow

Here’s how to make a small business grow with a free listing on Google. So, if your business is a local one, that is, you have a physical place of business; you can create a free listing on Google with Google Places For Business. Simply create a profile for your business through the online platform. You will then be required to verify it somehow. Usually Google will send out a code in the post, and you’ll use a code to prove that you are actually at the address you say in your listing.

Google Places listings often show up at the very top of the listings on Google search. So if someone is searching for a specific business like yours in your town, your business listing should come up. Depending how competitive your local town is for your particular business, you can rank anywhere within the top 20 results, depending on how many are listed.

how to make a small business grow

This is a totally free resource and well worth a few minutes of your time to get your business listed. If you seriously want to know how to make a small business grow, start with a local listing.

Once you’ve created a local listing for your business through Google, you will have to wait until you receive a code in the post. When you do, you should be able to verify your business and your listing should be up and running shortly afterwards.

Bing and Yahoo also offer these services.

How To Make A Small Business Grow – Business Model

Before we go into further advertising methods, it worth mentioning that growing a small business isn’t just about acquiring more customers. Yes of course more customers helps. But there a couple of things that you might be missing out on if this is your only strategy. So, how to make a small business grow without solely focusing on acquiring new customers? What about your existing customers?

Leveraging Your Existing Customers

how to make a small business grow


Yes, leveraging your existing customers is a great way to grow your small business. You can use your customers in a couple of ways. Firstly, your customers obviously like you already since they shop with you. Offer a reward for referrals through your customers.

Give your customers discounts or rewards when they bring a new customer into your business. You can do this in a couple of different ways. Create discount vouchers and give them to your customers with individual codes. When someone new comes to your business, you’ll know who referred them. They you can give the customer who has referred the new customer some kind of reward. If you’re worrying about giving away profit, think again.

Value Of A Customer

A new customer is worth far more than a discount or prize which you can offer. Knowing the value of a customer will help you determine how much you should be paying to acquire one. For most businesses, a customer is worth more than you might think. If a customer repeat buys every week, consider how much they are worth to you over a year.

Leveraging Customers With A Range Of Products

how to make a small business grow

Your already existing customers can be ‘leveraged’ in another way too. Growing your small business isn’t just about finding new customers, it’s also about creating a better business model. Think about what else you can offer to your existing customers as an add-on product. Can you create a product to sell from your website (hands free)?

Your existing customers are really a great asset to you. You just need to know how to make more of them. Creating more value and offering a better service, or more personal service is one way of doing this. Add-on products can be worth a lot to your business, and you can offer new products to existing customers at a very low cost.

How To Make A Small Business Grow – Test Your Pricing

Testing a small price change is a good way to judge whether your customers will still purchase from you. Although you may put off some customers, you’ll also keep many of them who don’t buy on price alone. In fact most people won’t buy on price. They purchase based on the perceived value the product gives them. Testing a price increase can tell you where to set your pricing for optimum profit.

How To Make A Small Business Grow – Adwords

Google’s Adwords platform is a good place to start with direct response marketing. Direct response refers to the ability to measure the response of a potential customer every time someone clicks your advert.

how to make a small business grow

Adwords allows you to create adverts on Google search platform which show up when people search for phrases which match your business. So if you have a shoe shop in Manchester, your advert would be shown for searching with those keywords in it. This is very effective because you can specify which keywords you want your advert to show up for.

Adwords also allows you to track your adverts to see how they perform. Once you have tested enough advertising, you can scale up to increase the customer interaction with your website. Once you get this right, you can continually increase the number of people who see you business, just by increasing your advertising spend.

Although many people attempt using the Google Adwords platform and give up, this is a mistake. It’s well worth learning how to successfully use this platform if you have a small business. When you know the value of a customer, you won’t be afraid to spend money to acquire them, even if at first it seems you are spending more than you are making. Keep in mind the annual income you make for each customer you acquire. Then you’ll realise that even if you make a loss initially, you’ll recoup it over time, while building your business.

Bing also offers these services too, and your Adwords platform easily transfers over to Bing.

How To Make A Small Business Grow – Facebook

Facebook is a great advertising platform for small local businesses. You can advertise your business and target very specifically the location you want to show your advert. You can also target your demographic very well too.

how to make a small business grow

This means if you have a certain type of person who uses your business, you can narrow down your target audience and define who you want to show you advert to. You can do this by sex, age, location, interests and a number of other criteria. Targeting by your location is great for small businesses. It means your advert will only show to people near your business. This can save you a lot of wasted time and money which you would need to spend when using other traditional advertising methods.

You can also create a Facebook business page for your business. This is free if you have a Facebook profile and well worth doing. Fill out your business page as much as possible and from there you can link through to your website. A free Facebook business page can rank on Google depending on your competition too, so it’s a useful option if your budget is tight.

Traditional Advertising Methods

Despite the amazing digital platforms which allow you to target customers very specifically, it’s worth remembering traditions advertising methods too. There’s many other digital advertising platforms you can use which haven’t been mentioned already – Linkedin, Yahoo, Bing, Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Learn one first such as Bing and Adwords and then look at the others once you have one strategy working.

how to make a small business grow

Traditional advertising includes things like banner advertising, newspaper advertising and advertising through local newsletters and grapevines. There’s also radio and television if you have the budget. However, for small local businesses, it’s worth sticking to local advertising methods which are cheaper. A well placed banner advert can bring in customers for free if you can find place to put it. Whatever your method, you should always make sure you track your customers through your adverts.

How To Grow Your Small Business – Tracking

Tracking is an important part of any advertising campaign. Without it, you won’t know whether your customers just saw your shop, were referred by another customer, saw a Facebook advert or came through an Adwords campaign. Your customer might not necessarily know either, so asking them isn’t a reliable strategy. To track online adverts you can offer giveaways on your website and get your website visitors to opt in to your rewards email system, more on email marketing later.

Tracking newspaper adverts can be done by offering discount codes which are specific to your advert. Or you can offer a tear off discount voucher, for example. However you do it, it’s a necessary step if you want to grow your business. When you can understand which methods are working and which aren’t working as well, you can increase your well performing adverts and cut back on the less well performing ones.

How To Make A Small Business Grow – Email Marketing

Email marketing is a vital strategy which any business can use to grow their customers and profits. By offering a discount code, or some other useful giveaway on your website, you can get your website visitors to opt-in to your email list. From an email list you can update potential customers on your products and give them value, building a relationship with them over time. This puts your business in the minds of potentially thousands of new customers. Over time, an email list can build your business dramatically, if you offer value and help your subscribers in some way.

How To Grow Your Small Business – Develop Yourself ‘The Owner’

If the owner of the business isn’t growing, neither is their business. A business can’t grow beyond the decisions of its owner. If you’re making decisions based on lack of knowledge, or poor insight, your business is probably going downhill. As a business owner, any investment you make in yourself in personal mindset growth, is well worth the money.

how to make a small business grow

It will pay you back in dividends if you make a habit out of growing yourself as a business owner. How do you do this? Take some action on at least one of the suggestions in this article. If you’re serious about growing your business with online marketing, access my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing.

How To Grow Your Small Business – Blogging

Yes of course! Let’s not forget the power of blogging to grow your business. This does work if you do it in the right way and depending on your business model and the relative competition. Want to know how to grow your small business by blogging? There a few different ways of blogging for your business. I share a strategy based on finding long tail keywords which match your customers in my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit.

how to make a small business grow

Blogging is a cheap way to generate more presence online for your business. It’s a much slower method than paid advertising though, and it’s not guaranteed to work either. You need to keep at it for the long term. Over time, and as your blog archive increases in size, you should notice people visiting your website more and more. By writing useful content, and sharing it and linking to it, you can create a stream of free potential customers to your website.

Once you get them there, make sure they see your opt-in subscription offer and that it offers them huge value. If you can get your website visitors on your email list, it’s much better for your business. A website visitor can spend only a few minutes on your website. Get them to opt in to your email list, and you can communicate with them and turn them into a customer, potentially even years after they joined the list.

How To Grow Your Small Business – Summary

To finish up this article on how to grow your small business, here’s a quick summary.

Use free advertising methods such as:

  • Bing and Google Places For Business (Also Yahoo)
  • Obviously get a website!
  • Blog regularly on your website use my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit
  • Get a banner and place for free if you can
  • Leverage customers and offer a referral program
  • Get a free Facebook business listing page

Use paid advertising strategies such as:

  • Adwords pay per click – also Bing
  • Facebook advertising targeting specifically to your locality
  • Newspapers and local magazine (make sure you track all adverts)
  • Work your way through different advertising methods studying one at a time and then moving on when you have a profitable one. (Use my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing)

how to make a small business grow

Remember your business can also grow in other ways – not just by acquiring customers:

  • Test a price increase – most people don’t buy on price alone
  • Offer more products for your existing customers
  • Create digital/physical products you can sell from your website (hands free).

Finally, remember if you’re not growing as the business owner, your decisions are based on previous knowledge – which brought you your current results! Become a better marketer, learn the value of a customer in your business.  Choose at least one strategy shown here to learn and implement. Work through the strategies in my ebook one at a time (The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing).

If you want to learn more about marketing, or even grow your own online business from scratch, join the online business community I’m already part of. Access this free video series to learn more.

Thanks for reading this article “how to make a small business grow”. If you can add anything useful please comment below. If you’ve enjoyed this article please share it!

Niche Online Business Ideas

I started looking for niche online business ideas quite a while ago. There had to be a way to use the internet to make money. I started with eBay, flogging things from my house. After a while this turned into a hobby of finding items from car boots sales. I would check eBay before buying them, to see how much items were worth. I later found a better method which meant I could work from home entirely. Check it out in my article how to start a profitable ebay business.

Niche Online Business Ideas

The eBay method I used was the first of many niche online business ideas which I tried. In short I was finding misspelled items on eBay and then re-listing them. Only when I re-listed them I made sure they were correctly spelled. I also included many more keywords to get more bidders. I also started listings at a very low starting bid, to encourage a bidding war!

niche online business ideas

After using this strategy for a while I decided there must be something better out there. I wanted more time and more money. Being tied to my computer all the time was no fun! It seemed to me that there must be a better way. I knew there must be many niche online business ideas to use. The one I was using (my eBay method) seemed very limited and time consuming. Although it worked and I did made a profit on many items, I spent a lot of time on the laptop searching for items and listing them.

I wanted something else and I was about to find it!

Niche Online Business Ideas – Automation Is The Key!

The main problem with the eBay method was lack of automation. I spent far too long tied to my laptop. After downloading an eBook which I bought from eBay, I realised there was a far simpler way to sell products online. Although the eBay strategy worked and could be used from anywhere, it wasn’t very automated and it couldn’t be easily scaled up.

niche online business ideas

I’ve since realised that the main criteria for any niche online business ideas should be:

  1. Automation
  2. Global Reach
  3. Scalability

Although the eBay system had a global reach, it didn’t have scalability or automation. Well, it had some automation in that the listings would run 24 hours a day, finding bidders. But each time I sold something, I had to personally list each item individually. What struck me with the eBook I bought was that it could run continually and be sold again and again through a single listing. This is because it was a digital product. 

Niche Online Business Ideas – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing was the business model which I eventually found. After a while of attempting to create my own ebooks, I realised affiliate marketing was the best of the many niche online business ideas I had tried. Affiliate marketing is basically a form of referral marketing on the internet.

niche online business ideas

It allows anyone to sell someone else’s products over the internet for a commission. Because you don’t need to deal with customers or handle any products personally, you can automate the process of selling. With digital products you can sell globally without needing to worry about postage, storage or manufacturing costs.

Amazon, for example, runs an affiliate program. You can choose any product from Amazon, link to it from somewhere with your own unique affiliate code, and earn commissions from sales you refer. This was the business model I was looking for.

It meant I didn’t need to fill my room with ‘bargains’ I had found online or in second hand shops. I didn’t need to deal with customers queries, and I didn’t need to even handle a product. I simply referred customers to products over the internet and earned a commission. It was all nice and neat!

Niche Online Business Ideas – What I Didn’t Know

What I didn’t know about affiliate marketing was pretty much everything! Rushing in, I started by building websites and creating content, none of which worked. I had the odd success but it was always short-lived. I persevered though, and knew there had to be a breakthrough if I stuck to it for long enough.

niche online business ideas

What I didn’t know was that there was a lot of competition out there on Google. Ranking anything on Google’s free search listings was a challenge to say the least. That left paid advertising techniques, which is risky – especially when you don’t know what you’re doing! Choosing the right products to promote as an affiliate was ultimately the key. I didn’t know what to promote or how to promote it!

I struggled for a long time and nearly quit several times over. What I eventually learned was that choosing the right products to promote, and promoting them in the right way, was ultimately the answer to many of the problems I had encountered.

Niche Business Ideas Online – Commissions On Affiliate Products

For example, Amazon pays out 3-10% commissions on its products. For low value products that means you’re earning pennies, or cents on each sale. That’s not really enough to quit your job and sail around the world! Check out some of Amazon’s commission rates for its affiliates below:

niche online business ideas

Now compare this to digital products which typically pay out 40% commission for sales of products. For what often amounts to the same amount of work, you can earn 40% of an item’s cost, just by linking to it with your affiliate link.

Commission Structures – Niche Online Business Ideas

With the right commission structures, you can earn a lot more per sale, than with the wrong kind of products. Here’s a quick example:

  • Digital products pay 40% commissions compared to 3-10% for physical products
  • Subscription products let you earn ongoing commissions from each sale.
  • Products which offer commissions from a product range, let you earn later, for previous customers.
  • Up-sells and high ticket products let you benefit from larger commissions and later sales closed by a built in sales team

So just by choosing a certain product range, you can earn from later sales closed on your behalf. High ticket products, too, allow you to earn more per sale than lower valued products. Choosing carefully which affiliate products you promote, can make all the difference with an online business.


Autopilot Your Business

How can you autopilot your business? Is your business able to be autopilot-ed? Not all business models can be completely automated. However, there’s certain parts of all businesses which can be. That’s the marketing side. Take for example a ‘bricks and mortar’ business. You can’t completely automate a ‘bricks and mortar’ business because you need staff to serve customers. You need someone to actually run your business and keep it running.

Autopilot Your Business – A Completely Automated Business

autopilot your business

There are businesses which can run completely on autopilot though, see autopilot business system. These kinds of businesses run on the internet and deliver digital products through a sales funnel. A fully automated online business like this can use automated online marketing strategies and automated delivery strategies to run on autopilot 24/7. Access an online training platform and business system to learn how you can do this too.

However, that’s not so helpful if your business model isn’t able to do this. There are however aspects of any business which can benefit from a certain level of automation.

Autopilot Your Business – Online Marketing

Online marketing strategies have allowed many businesses to scale up and reach a growing number of new customers. Once you get to grips with online marketing strategies, you can automate this process too. Online marketing strategies are worth using if you’re not using them already in your business. They can make a huge difference to your business growth. There’s even free marketing strategies which local businesses should definitely use like Google Places For Business. This is a free tool which allows local business owners to list their business and get free traffic to their website and/or business.

You can also use paid strategies on platforms like:

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • YouTube etc.

Checkout my ebook below to learn more on these online marketing strategies.

Do These Strategies Let You Autopilot Your Business?

Depending on your specific business model, you may not be able to completely automate your business. However, you can automate your advertising. It just takes a little getting used to first. By testing and measuring a couple of adverts alongside each other, you can determine which one is the best performing advert. Keep doing this and then focus on only the best adverts which bring in the most amount of customers for the least cost. You can even specify a low daily budget of just a few dollars/pounds. By tracking all of your sales you can soon learn which adverts are working.

When you can see a good return on investment, you will know your advert is working. Most business owners will try a direct response marketing campaign, see no results and then quit. That’s a mistake! When you get to the point where you can see a profit being generated, no matter how small, you can scale up your marketing, knowing it will create profit.

Even if your business model isn’t completely able to be automated, you can run online adverts knowing that they are bringing in very targeted customers. If for every $1 you spend, you know you are receiving $2 in profit, you know you can scale up just by increasing your daily spend.

autopilot your business

Autopilot Your Business Marketing Campaign

Take a look at the image above. This picture shows a ‘Parthenon’ style structure which can represent your business. Each ‘pillar’ is a different advertising method all of which can be automated and scaled. Building a pillar takes a little time and dedication. You can start out with a paid online marketing strategy such as ‘Bing’ or Google Adwords. Both these platforms allow business owners to target specific keywords which are already being searched for on the internet which relate to your business.

Once you have a successful marketing strategy working, and you can track the results, simply increase your budget to build more profit. Then, move on to the next ‘column’ in your parthenon and build another strategy. It’s important to track your ‘streams’ of traffic so that you know where each of your sales is coming from. As you ‘master’ one strategy, you can move on to another. Over time and with testing and measuring, you can get to the point where you have automated your online advertising strategy. That’s how to autopilot your business, the advertising part of it anyway.

Email Auto-responders

autopilot your business

If you haven’t already got one, you should get an email auto responder. An auto-responder lets you build a customer base through your website via email marketing. This is another powerful way to grow your business and to ‘autopilot’ your business marketing campaign. As you learn the various marketing strategies mentioned above, you can learn to send targeted traffic and potential customers to your website.

By offering a subscription offer, such as a useful ‘giveaway’ freebie for your website visitors, you can build a list of subscribers who you can send your offers, discounts and information to. Doing this keeps you in mind for your potential customers and allows you to build a relationship with them over the long term. Once you start building a list of subscribers you can keep them up to date with your latest changes, deals and discounts. As your subscriber’s list grows, your sales and profits should grow too, if you use your list to build confidence in your products and offer value.

See also autopilot money making system for a completely automated business system.

Established Ecommerce Business For Sale

There’s a few reasons to look for an established ecommerce business for sale. For starters, building your own ecommerce business is much more difficult. I began my own online journey by attempting to sell my own digital products on the internet. Let me save you a huge amount of time and wasted effort. It didn’t work for a number of reasons:

  1. I didn’t know how to sell online
  2. I picked a topic which wasn’t very scalable (What Niche/topic to sell online?)
  3. My business model relied only on one low value product (Which business model/s to use online?)

Established Ecommerce Business For Sale

established ecommerce business for sale

The main sticking point for me was I had the enthusiasm but I didn’t have the knowledge. I wasted a lot of time figuring out things by myself. You don’t have to make the same mistake. Join an online community and access an established ecommerce business for sale, and the training to go with it. Let’s look at the above points one at a time.

How To Sell Online

established ecommerce business for sale

Knowing how to sell online is a major key to building a successful online business. Without the right knowledge you can easily work on the wrong activities for a long time, without really getting anywhere. This is what I did for years! I started learning online marketing strategies, but didn’t understand the scope of what I was doing. Remember the internet is global.

That means you have a global audience to reach, potentially. Everything you do should therefore be concentrated on building systems which can be scaled up. Get good at these activities, and you’re heading in the right direction. Spend too long on the wrong activities, and you’ll have nothing to show for a lot of hard work.

What To Sell Online? – Which Topic Should You Choose?

established ecommerce business for sale

‘Evergreen’  online business niches are those such as love, relationship, money and living forever! Health, wealth and romance are the big niche topics which always have interest on the internet. Choosing a very niche topic can limit your scope for growth. Popular topics are also massively competitive and this can limit your ability to ‘rank’ content on Google and YouTube. However, you’ll always have interest in your business simply because of the sheer volume of traffic which is searching within these niches.

Ranking for ‘free’ traffic is much more difficult these days, particularly if you’re starting up. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s going to take much longer both to learn the strategies, implement them and to see if they actually work. So it’s much easier to start out with paid advertising if you can. Paid advertising works straight away. You still need to experiment and there’s a fair amount of trial and error too. But if you value your time, and have the money to invest, it’s a much faster and more attainable strategy.

Finding an untapped niche which has very little competition is also quite a challenge. Even if you do manage to rank a website for your main keywords, there’s no guarantee that your site will stay there. Much better to send targeted traffic straight into a sales funnel. Get a fully established business for sale with a ready made sales funnel. You can access one here.

Which Business Models To Use Online- Established Ecommerce Business For Sale

established ecommerce business for sale

What to sell online is just as important as how to sell online. To use the internet to its fullest ability, you need to be able to scale up to reach more people. There’s a huge amount of strategies and tactics you can choose from on the internet too. However, if you want to be able to scale up your business, you’ll need to use paid advertising. You don’t have to choose paid strategies, and I still use free strategies too, but your business will move much faster if you do. Plus, it’ll be much more easy to scale up if you concentrate on paid strategies.

Paid traffic can be expensive and it limit your choice of products too. Having a high ticket sales funnel will make paid traffic much more possible for your online business. High ticket products let you earn more in commissions for each sale. A $1000 product can pay you $400 in commissions, for example. Compare this with a low value item of $100, paying your only $40 in commissions. You’ll not only need to sell a lot more of these low priced items, to earn a living, but your ability to scale up is impaired by the cost of paid advertising.

Choose products which offer:

  • High ticket commissions
  • Subscriptions
  • Up-sells
  • Multi-tier sales
  • Built in sales team.

Access a product ‘suite’ which offers these here.

Best Website Builder For Selling Products

What is the best website builder for selling products? And what are the best kinds of products to sell? If you’re selling from a website, the best products are those which can be sold anywhere globally and which give a good return. Digital products give the best value in both regards. Affiliate marketers can sell a range of digital products from a website, scale up their business and work from a laptop.

Lets see how easy it is to have a website up and running in a few minutes from scratch. What’s the best website builder for selling products? Click on the image below to watch the video:

best website builder for selling products

Best Website Builder For Selling Products

As you can see, you can have a website up and running very quickly. This particular website builder gives you an integrated sales funnel with a multi layered product suite. What is a product suite? A product suite is a range of products from which you can earn affiliate commissions from in a number of different ways:

  • High ticket products
  • Up-sells – Earn commissions on sales to existing customers
  • Subscription products – Earn commissions for ongoing memberships and software etc.
  • Multi-Tier sales mean you can earn from your team’s referrals

Having a product suite has a lot of advantages over single sale products. For starters, if you’re going to sell physical products, you’ll be earning much less than digital. Digital products pay out 40% commissions compared to 3-10% for physical products. Plus there’s no follow up commissions on physical products. You only earn once. With a digital product suite, you’ll earn multiple time from a single customer. As your customer base grows, you’ll be earning through subscriptions, up-sells, multi-tier sales etc. Your business can gain traction more quickly because of this business model.

Best Website Builder For Selling Products – What’s Next?

Once you’ve got your website up and running and installed your product suite sales funnel (get started here), you’ll need to start marketing it. Marketing your website can be done in a number of ways. The fastest method is with paid advertising. With a product suite like the one described above can allow you to more easily do this and make a good return on investment.

You can also use content marketing to build your website and get traffic from the search engines and the various social media platforms. This form of marketing will take much longer but is much cheaper than using paid advertising.

Checkout my ebooks on both these topics below:

Best Website Builder For Selling Products – Different Product Strategies

If you don’t have a sales funnel with a product suite, you’ll probably either have a website which directs traffic to an affiliate website, or you’ll have a sales funnel with various affiliate products in it. If you’re going to sell affiliate products directly from your website you’ll probably need to use organic traffic generation to get your traffic.

This takes time and isn’t easy. You can be working for a long time building traffic before you see any return. If you’re going to sell low cost affiliate products from your website or to your list, again you will be very limited with paid advertising strategies. There’s many plug and play website builders which give you a website but leave you there! You’ll need to know what you’re doing to make any money from it by organic means only.

This business system uses a product suite and can be set up quickly by anyone. By using paid advertising you can send targeted customers through your sales funnel to a variety of products. There’s a few reasons why you should go down this route when starting an online business. The saying in the internet world is “The money is in the list”. There’s a reason why the top marketers all have email lists. It’s because they work!

Best Website Builder For Selling Products

So if you’re going to build a website, make sure you have an email list integrated into it. An email sales funnel allows you to build a relationship with your website visitors. Without it, they only have a few minutes to make a buying decision. Once they are subscribed on to your list, this time period is extended into the weeks, months and years ahead. A year later they might decide to buy from you. This simply can’t happen if they leave your website and never return.

If you’re looking for the best website builder for selling products, you might even say that list building is far better. You don’t technically even need a website to start building an email list. Checkout the ebook below to learn more and start your own email list with a digital product range at the back of it.

best website builder for selling products

Best Website Builder For Selling Products – Direct Response Marketing

Once everything is set up and you have a sales funnel and landing page, you can simply send targeted website traffic directly into your sales funnel. By using direct response marketing (pay per click), you can test and measure different variations in your advert and audience, to determine the best possible advert. Once you find an advert which converts, you can scale up. This is one of the major benefits of an internet business – the ability to grow and scale it without doing a lot more work.

Access a free 7 day video series here to learn more and get started.

Side Hustle Online – 3 Internet Based Side Hustle Ideas

I wanted a side hustle online; something I could pick up and drop around other work. Not only that, but I wanted something with potential too. I wanted something which was better than what I already had! This was going to be a challenge!

I started looking to the internet for answers to my sketchy employment history. I was out of work more often than in it! I had to turn that to my advantage! So I did! I used my computer to find a side hustle online. This is my story!

Side Hustle Online – eBay

side hustle online

I started with eBay back in the 90’s. eBay had only just arrived in 1995. Back then I had a dial up connection. It wasn’t the greatest when I was putting in a bid for an item in the last few seconds. My dial up connection would time out and I’d lose the item! It was pretty frustrating. But then I discovered some software which put my bid in for me in the last few seconds. This was It lets you snipe other bidders – you get the item at the last minute without pushing the price up and joining in a bidding war. Anyway I digress!

1. My First Side hustle Online – Buying and Selling on Ebay

The strategy I first used was simply buying and selling. You can use eBay to do your selling for you and buy from charity shops, other auctions, pound shops and car boot sales. If you’re into antiques, you can pick up antique items and flog them on eBay.

It’s a great little side hustle online. As long as you can make a profit on something, it’s worth buying. You can even check eBay itself before you buy, to see how much something might sell for. See my article selling products from home ideas.

2. My Second eBay Side Hustle Online

After a while of this, and having learned a lot about what would sell and what wouldn’t, I found an eBook which taught another strategy. The idea is to find badly listed items on eBay and sell them back on eBay with a better listing. By finding items which are incorrectly spelled, you can get things for far less that their worth. This is because there’s far fewer people who bid on those items.

side hustle online

People can’t see them when they are searching (because of the spelling error). Once you have bought your cheap item using the bargain checker website, and, simply re-list your item but with the correct spelling, more pictures, detail and more keywords. Also you should place a low starting bid to encourage more bidders and bidding war.

Checkout my full article on this simple and profitable strategy.

3. Another Side Hustle Online

So there’s two side hustle’s online which anyone can use. Despite a certain success with the eBay strategy, I was still not sure I was doing my best to use the internet and my time to their fullest capacity. I was spending a lot of time finding bargain items, bidding, waiting at the post office and re-listing items and emailing customers about various problems or queries. It seemed like I was tied in and I spend many hours working away, without really making enough money to justify all the work I did.

side hustle online

After purchasing the eBook which explained the above ‘system’, I realised there must be a better way. The eBook which taught the above system, was an automatically downloadable book. I purchased it from eBay itself through a listing. It struck me as the perfect business model because it was automated and could be used again and again. The book was a digital product and could be sold and re-sold without the owner having to lift a finger! Call me lazy, but that sounded to me like the perfect business model!

This idea led me to another business model – affiliate marketing. After some unsuccessful attempts at selling my own eBooks online, I decided to learn how to sell digital products online.

Why Digital Products Are The Future – Side Hustle Online

Digital products are the future because of the ability to:

  • Sell them globally
  • Earn higher commissions on their sale (Typically 40%)
  • Deliver the over the internet
  • Scale up the sales without limitation

Anyone can learn to sell digital products over the internet. The business model is know as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically a performance based kind of referral marketing. By recommending products and services over the internet, affiliates can earn commissions based on the sales. Because the sales are then either automated, or delivered by someone else, the affiliate marketer can focus on marketing.

side hustle online

Digital products can be sold over and over again through the same platform. This makes them very scalable. With global products it also means you can sell them anywhere. As long as someone has a laptop and an internet, they can download digital products.

Why A Digital Business? – Online Side Hustle

A digital business can give anyone the ability to work from anywhere around existing employment and learn the best strategies for building an online business. You can:

  • Earn while you learn
  • Work from anywhere
  • Scale up your business
  • Start without any experience
  • Build an income which surpasses your current employment (disclaimer: income is never guaranteed)

Anyone can get on the path to becoming an affiliate marketer.

Access a free 7 day video series to learn more.

How To Build Autopilot Niche Websites

I learned how to build autopilot niche websites, several years ago. The main problem with them was ranking a website on Google, and keeping it there. You need to create an awesome website in order to do this. It’s not quite as ‘autopilot’ as I first thought. For a while I ranked a couple of my websites, sure. But over time, other more popular websites took the first place. Websites which offered more social engagement and authority, slowly took over.

how to build autopilot niche websites

It wasn’t entirely surprising. I thought initially though that I could simply buy a domain name with my keywords in, and that would ensure I would stay on top! It used to be the norm around 15 years ago. But things have dramatically changed since then. Google uses multiple signals to decide how your website should be ranked on their search engines. You need to be aware of the most important ones.

How To Build Autopilot Niche Websites – Your Foundation

Autopilot niche websites should be built on a good foundation. Mostly that means keyword research. You should also think carefully about what you would feel comfortable writing about. If it’s a passion, then it will be much easier to maintain the website over the long term, and keep building content for it. If you have no interest in the topic whatsoever, you’ll struggle to compete with other websites in your niche.

That being said, if you find a fantastic niche with little or no competition, you’ll probably do ok. But keep in mind that marketers have been scouring the internet for years looking for the untapped niches which will make them an easy monthly income! The companies which promise to show you how to build autopilot niche websites, know how difficult it is. Most people will fail, but the companies will still get their joining fee! So if someone’s charging you to show them how to build autopilot niche websites, be aware!

Keyword Research

Head over to Google’s keyword tool and type in your main keywords: two words which describe what your niche might be about. If you already have a hobby or passion, you can use that. Once you have done this you will see a list of keyword terms which get searches every month on Google. Usually this will start with the most searched keywords. The most searched for keywords will be far too competitive for your niche site. You can find longer tail keyword terms which fit your topic too. Just scroll down the list or toggle to the lower end of the average monthly searches by clicking on the Avg. monthly searches tab.

how to build an autopilot niche website

How To Build Autopilot Niche Websites

You’ll ideally want at least 1-3000 monthly searches for your keyword. You can use the average monthly searches tool in the left hand side to tell the keyword tool your minimum or maximum monthly searches. This will bring up less competitive keywords which you may be able to use. Once you have found a suitable keyword, you can head over to Google and see how competitive this is.

I found “garden accessories uk” which is a pretty broad keyword. So let’s use it as an example. From today’s search this gets 1000 monthly searches. Keep in mind that even if you land top place on Google with your site, you’ll still be competing with other sites and paid adverts. That’ll spread your 1000 monthly searches pretty thin. however, you can make up some of this shortfall by writing keyword targeted articles around your niche. More on this later.

how to build autopilot niche websites

How To Build Autopilot Niche Websites

Take your keyword and plug it into Google in “quotes”. As you can see below, my keyword for this example has brought up 9570 competing pages for this particular keyword. That’s the number underneath the search bar. This number give you a general idea about how much competition you have.

Obviously the lower this number is, the more change you have of ranking your website. Under 10,000 is a good starting point. Also do a normal search without quotes. For this term Google brings up 8,280,000 when I do the search. Less than 1 million is ok, but the lower numbers are obviously better.

How To Build Autopilot Niche Websites

Keyword research is probably the hardest part of this process. I built many websites and some of them ranked and some failed immediately. An online course I did recommended at least 2000 searches for your keyword a month for it to be worth your while. That was over 10 years ago now and it’s much more difficult to find these gems today.

Remember that Google wants value for the end user. Aim to build an awesome site; not just a throwaway page with nothing of use to anyone. That used to work 20 years ago but doesn’t today. Google will be very likely not to rank you at all for a few months, however good your site is. It values:

  • Domain age
  • Incoming links from quality authority sites in your niche
  • Social media presence
  • Discussion and ‘live’ activity
  • Page load time
  • Visitor’s time on your website and “click-away” rate
  • Etc.

For this reason, don’t think you can easily throw up a niche website and forget about it! You’re unlikely to make money. If you build a solid authority site which is worth visiting, you can potentially earn an income from it.

How To Build An Autopilot Niche Website – Domain Name

how to build autopilot niche websites

Once you find your keyword, you can start to build you website. You can purchase a domain name which has your keyword in it. This may still carry some weight with Google, even if it’s less than it used to be. However, it’s the content of the site and how your visitors interact with it which will be the big indicators to Google, as to whether it’s worthy of a high ranking.

You need to get some discussion and social media engagement on your site too, ideally.  However, it can be much better to build a website which has a broader reach. That way if you decide to change tactics, you’ll be building on a stronger foundation without having to start again every time. Get clear on what you want to do and how you’re going about it, before rushing in and you’ll save a heap of wasted time.

How To Build An Autopilot Niche Website – A Broader Reach

If you get a broader termed domain name, you can write anything on it, and it can evolve as you learn better strategies. I haven’t even mentioned the products you’ll need to find in order to monetise your website. Again, it’s irrelevant if you don’t get any traffic so that’s why the keyword research is so important.

If you decide to go down this route, you’ll need to choose some good products which are a great fit for your audience. Many of the untapped niches, if there are any left, are lacking in the product department. One of my websites was It’s not there now but it used to have top place on Google. It got taken over by more enthusiastic and better websites.

I have no interest in harvesting garlic, which is why it was a mistake to build it in the first place. Anyway, there were few products I could promote on it which were a good fit for the audience. But those I could find offered very little markup for their affiliates. Combine that with low volumes of traffic and you’ve got yourself an autopilot website which doesn’t make any money.

A Different Strategy

how to build a autopilot niche websites

A different strategy to the niche website one is with paid advertising. It’s worth mentioning because it can mean you get better and faster results. But again, it all depends on how you apply the knowledge you gain. The income online niche is incredibly competitive. Even so, you can still rank a few articles which give you multiple ‘trickles’ of traffic.

With the right products though, you can also use paid strategies which give you much quicker traffic and can be scaled up much more easily and quickly. With paid strategies you need better and more expensive products. You can’t combine paid strategies with low value affiliate products and succeed. At least it’s not going to be easy to succeed!

By using a product range from which you can earn:

  • Subscription commissions
  • Commission from ‘up-sells’
  • from high ticket products
  • and multi-tier sales,

you are in a far better position to grow and scale your business than by trusting and hoping that Google will rank your niche website.

Access a business system and training platform, and learn how to build an internet business with the help of an online community:

Access a free 7 day video series here to learn more and get started.