Careers To Work From Home

For a long time I was looking for careers to work from home to fit around other part time careers which I was developing. I first looked to e-bay – the giant auction site and started developing ideas to make an extra income from home. Take a look at my ebay guides: misspell ebay auctions and ebay local bargain finder. While these ideas brought in some short term cash, I decided that in order to make a career out of working from the computer, I needed to look further afield.

I was buying and selling items from ebay both with the tactics mentioned in the guides above and from buying cheap at car boot sales and charity shops and selling on at a profit on the site. However, it took a lot of time and I was constantly busy either buying, listing items and re-listing them, replying to queries from customers or queuing at the post office. I decided there must be a better way to make a career from the laptop.

Affiliate Marketing

After purchasing a few guides from ebay and the internet and trying a few different tactics to make money online from blogging, advertising and selling online courses, I realised that affiliate marketing was going to be the way to make a good living from the internet. I tried Google Adsense (placing adverts on your content and getting paid for clicks) but it took too long and it was very difficult to make a reasonable amount of income from it. I made an early sale from reviewing a website building product I had bought. I simply wrote a review on the product and I made a sale from one of my visitors clicking through and buying the product.

careers to work from home

Although this was just a single sale it inspired me to persevere with the affiliate marketing model. I had sold a product which was delivered automatically and I didn’t even need to speak to anyone to do it! I thought this was the way to go. After all, I didn’t want my room full of ebay stock anymore, I didn’t want to ‘sell’ anything directly or deal with any customers. Affiliate marketing seemed like the perfect online business model and the perfect career to work from home.

There were a few problems and it wasn’t always easy, it has to be said. I had a lot to learn and I took every online course I could lay my hands on to get the right education from the start. I could have saved myself a lot of problems and difficulties if I had known the best route to take from the start. However I persevered and after trying several ‘systems’ I finally found Stuart and Jay who have been my mentors and kept me on track in my online business and development. Access their introductory video course here.

Why An Online Business ?

careers to work from home

There’s lots of reasons why an online business is a great career option for many people. There’s the obvious working from home flexibility which allows you to choose your hours, work around existing employment or other careers and family. An online business also allows you to not do the things you don’t want to do – go to a job you don’t like, sit in rush hour traffic, take inconvenient work or work for someone you detest!

Careers that allow you to work from home can of course be working for someone else, doing hours dictated by someone else and on a pay scale which is capped by your boss! An online business is your own. You determine how much you are worth, your working hours, time off and pay. However, it’s not the same as a job you work from home in that if you don’t make the sales, you won’t get the pay! With a job you get paid every week – with an internet business you have to earn it!

Join a community of online entrepreneurs and learn the step by step process of building a sustainable online business from scratch. Learn how to sell anything online multiple times through a single platform and use the tools, systems and processes which online entrepreneurs use to create multiple sales online. Learn more by accessing my mentors FREE VIDEO SERIES.

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