Capturing email addresses from your website

Capturing email addresses from your website, (or lead generation), is a hot topic among online marketers. Even marketers who have an ‘offline’ business should be focused on this tactic in order to grow their business. As you can see, there are a couple of options on my website for visitors to input their email address and access information. As a result of this, I can then inform them more specifically of what exactly I am offering, and develop a relationship with my list of subscribers.

Before the internet, people built relationships and trust. Many businesses were built entirely on this foundation. If trust is ever lost, so is the customer. It takes time to build a relationship with customers in ‘real life’ and so when translating the medium of communication to the digital world, the same principles apply.

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There are many other ways to generate leads too and you don’t have to rely entirely on your website to get people to opt-in to your email list – nor should you. In fact there are many more effective ways to generate leads and grow your business.

1. YouTube – Generating a regular video blog can be a lot more effective than blogging on your website, simply because it’s much less competitive than trying to rank an article.

2. Paid advertising – If you want to generate leads fast then this is what you should be doing. You can do this through many mediums such as Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter and Youtube. Ideally you should start with one and learn the intricacies of that one platform before attempting another. That way you can test your adverts and get your return on investment ‘in the black’ before increasing your budget.

3. Free advertising – There are many ways to connect with people online including blogging, guest blogging, commenting on blogs and videos and placing free adverts on the various websites available. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to learn more about lead generation tactics. See the link at the bottom right of the website.

Email capture

Capturing email addresses from your website is a great way to build your customer base and reach more potential customers. Once you have an email address you can communicate with that visitor time and time again. Whereas, when someone visits your website, you only have once chance to give them your message and they may never be back!

Traffic to your website is dependent on how well you rank with Google, when starting out and of course the amount of effort you put into advertising it. The are literally millions if not trillions of websites now, all competing for various keywords and topics. If you’re just starting out it will take some time before you can have a stream of organic traffic from the search engines (Google), depending what particular niche your business is in.

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 How to setup an email capture from your website

You can create an email capture with software such as or These programs will explain how to go about creating to code to place on your website in order to collect emails. They also allow you to send out emails to your list of subscribers at regular intervals to keep them informed of your products and services. You can add broadcast messages to your regular emails to keep people up to date with changes and new products and services.

If you have a business website and offers a service of some kind, it’s definitely worth getting one of these for your business if you haven’t got one yet.

Use multiple opt-in options

Once you have an ‘auto-responder’ service running on your website, it’s well worth making it apparent to your visitors. Have a couple of opt-in options on your site which give your visitors more opportunity to sign up to your mailing list. You can use this free software to generate a drop down opt-in pop-up on your website. There’s one like on my site which you might have noticed!


Have a strong call to action message on your website which is clearly visible to your visitors. This has been shown to drastically increase the number of opt-ins which you will get from a website.

Use multiple sources for your opt-ins

Don’t just rely on your website to capture email addresses. Use multiple platforms to get as many subscribers as possible on a daily basis. Here is a great piece of software which allows you to create lead capture pages which you can link to either from your website, through various advertising methods and even redirect your website visitors to, in order to offer them an alternative opt-in option to the one on your website.

Subscribe to my youtube channel for more ideas on generating leads. Here’s a quick video which shows a useful tip which allows multiple opt-in options for your visitors.

List building for profit

In addition to your current product/service and once you have built multiple streams of visitors to your opt-in pages and built a huge list of subscribers, you will need a product or service to offer them. Ideally this would be something which can be offered globally and is a ‘hands off’ automated product/service. You may find something in your particular niche which can be offered such as a downloadable guide or a membership site. Learn how to reach a global audience and scale your online business here.

Once you have a global audience, an automated sales procedure and a membership site to offer, you can scale your business after finding a successful marketing plan. Scaling your business up is then simply a matter of ‘tweeking’ your advertising to increase conversions on your landing pages and opt-ins. Learn how here.

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