Buy An ‘Off The Shelf’ Business And Work From Home

Looking for an off the shelf business? Off the shelf businesses can let you set up an online ‘store’ with a range of products and services available to purchase immediately.

With the right product range and marketing advice, you can be running your own online store working from home. But what exactly is an ‘off the shelf’ business and how does it work?

Many of the so called ‘work from home’ opportunities offer ‘off the shelf’ businesses which let you set up your own online store. Drop shipping, e-commerce and affiliate marketing businesses let you create ‘white label’ stores which reward you for referral sales. This means you don’t even need your own products and you don’t need to “sell” to customers personally either. Simply build a store and send traffic.

how difficult is it to make money from affiliate marketing

Making Your Off The Shelf Business Profitable

The setting up of an online ‘off the shelf business’ is very easy. Click image above to watch a quick video. Making money from your online store takes some work. Depending on how you want to work, it can take some time. For example, using paid marketing strategies is the fastest route. But you might not be in the position to do this so you’ll need to create content instead to drive traffic to your online store. See How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing.

Profiting from an online business does take time and dedication, whichever way you do it. But it can give you the piece of mind you need for your future if your current circumstances are not sustainable. You need a strong reason to attempt to build an online business. Many try and fail in building online businesses for many reasons. See Why Affiliate Marketing Does Not Work.

For those who stick to the path for long enough, there are great rewards for affiliates. You can earn commissions from sales from the comfort of your own home, you can build a scalable business from anywhere, you can eventually set yourself free from employment. But before this is possible, there’s plenty of work to be done. An ‘Off the shelf’ business simply gives you the tools to do it, it doesn’t do the work for you.

How To Build Your Business

Once you have set up a sales system which is effectively your ‘online store’ access here, you’ll need to shout about it to get people to come and take a look!

This is the step most people struggle with – marketing their online business. That’s why getting the right education is vital for online success.

This can be done in a variety of different ways according to your situation. If you build a website, you’ll need visitors to it. If you build a sales funnel (See ready made sales funnel), you’ll need to start marketing your landing page to send customers to your product range.

Most affiliate marketers do a variety of marketing tactics alongside each other. Some use entirely paid marketing and some use only content marketing. This will depend on your particular circumstances and interests. This article is an example of content marketing. It takes a little time to generate consistent traffic by creating content and you need to be disciplined with your content marketing strategy.

Paid marketing is much quicker but obviously costs more money. t first there’s a learning curve and you should expect to spend money on marketing campaigns while you’re going through the learning process. As you get better, you’ll be able to generate more profit from each campaign you run.

What’s Included In My ‘Off The Shelf’ Business?

The SFM business model you find here includes a range of products and services which help people build and market their businesses, whether they choose the affiliate marketing route or another one.

SFM offers a digital marketing route with their affiliate model which lets anyone benefit from:

  • High commission affiliate products
  • The sale of subscription products - helping you to earn ongoing commissions from previous sales
  • A range of up-sells to put in your ‘digital store’ – which are closed by an in-house sales team
  • Multi-tier commissions – you can earn from sales made by your referrals (team).
  • A range of digital products to sell globally – digital products typically pay much larger commissions than physical products on the internet. (up to 40% compared to 3-10% for physical products).

Do I Have To Sell These Products?

The SFM digital business system also offers a huge variety of training and education tools and software to use for any business development. So whether you decide to use the education to build your own business, or choose any other path of online marketing, you can still benefit from the tools, software and education from The SFM.

The SFM recently partnered with Microsoft Lynda (Under the Linkedin umbrella of companies) as a way to offer their own 6,500 training courses as part of the SFM curriculum. 

DigitalMarketer (The world’s longest standing and most highly respected B2B and B2C marketing training company) also partnered with SFM and now offer their own training as part of the SFM curriculum. 

You can also access a number of training and education communities within the SFM program which offer huge value to anyone in the online marketing arena. I initially used the SFM education to help build my local Martial Arts school using many of the online marketing strategies which are taught.

How Can I Get Started?

You can get started with The SFM by purchasing the App for $29.95 here. This will give you access to the first module in the training program and a business consultant. In order to build an online store and benefit from the high level commissions, you’ll need to upgrade to at least Elite level.

You can also join as a basic member to access the groups and online trainings. For more details visit The Six Figure Mentors cost.

The higher you position yourself in the SFM product range, the more you can benefit from putting these digital products in your own ‘store’ and from the commissions which come from selling them. At the highest level, you can benefit from 40% commissions on products valued at $20,000+ .Affiliates can make $8000 in a single sale from these kinds of sales. See Six Figure Mentors Compensation Plan.

To get started and access The SFM, purchase the App here. If you’re not happy for any reason you can claim a full 30 day money back guarantee.

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