Building Scalable Web Sites

Building scalable web sites is one of the main strategies of the new ‘lifestyle’ business craze. But first your website much offer something of value, which you can sell. A website with ten million hits and no products still makes nothing! You need products which can be sold globally, if you are to scale up globally. Products which can be downloaded over the internet offer one of the best solutions for anyone wanting to start building scalable web sites.

building scalable web sites

Digital products allow anyone to do this. Anyone can promote other people’s products over the internet, and earn commissions on the sales. Get your marketing right and you can scale up massively. However, before you start building scalable web sites, you need to think carefully about your business model. Your business model will have as much to do with your success online as your ability to market a website.

Building Scalable Web Sites

Lets take for example the idea of a digital product. Digital products are good because you can link to them from your website or mailing list and sell to anyone who has internet access. Physical products are harder to ship, cost to store and manufacture and hence they pay out less to the people referring them on the internet. Digital products are free to store and send and once they have been made, there’s no more manufacturing costs. Because of this, digital products pay out up to 40% commissions to their affiliates.

Low Ticket And High Ticket Products

building scalable web sites

But not all digital products are the same either. Some cost around $100 and pay out $40 to their affiliates. You’re going to need to sell a lot of these to make a good living. Then there’s products which cost a lot more. High ticket items sell for $2000+ and therefore your rate of commissions is much higher. This can mean scaling up is going to be easier and faster than with the low cost items.

Subscription Products

Then there’s subscription products. Subscription products let you earn again and again for members you have referred. Website membership products are a good example of this. Subscription products are great to base a business on because they allow you to sell once and continue earning for as long as your member keeps up with their membership.


building scalable web sites

If you haven’t heard of up-selling it’s definitely something you should know about. Up-selling is the selling of products to existing customers. Again, this can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line when you consider that you’ll be selling again and again with your online business. By choosing products which reward you for later products sold to your referrals, you can stand to gain a whole lot more from your business over the long run.

Build Your Sales Funnel First

Building scalable web sites starts with the right business model and a good sales funnel. Once you have found a good business model which gives you access to the right kind of commissions, you can build your sales funnel. This is easier than it sounds. You can see how easy it is to build a scalable website business by clicking the image below. You can build a website and a sales funnel which offers high ticket products, up-sells and subscription products. Access the full video series here to see how you can get started.

building scalable web sites

What Next?

So you’ve built a scalable website, now what? If you have a website which has a built in sales funnel, your main job is to build traffic and subscribers. Building an email list should be priority number 1. Sales are going to come mostly from your list. Very few people will buy directly from a website. You need to build a relationship with your subscribers and prove to them that you’re genuine and can help them.

Just throwing products at your subscribers doesn’t help you build trust. In fact, the opposite is probably true. If you’ve ever been in a shop and are confronted by a pushy sales person, what’s your reaction? Mine is to leave the shop!

But First Traffic

building scalable web sites

Before anyone can opt in to your email list, they have to find your website. You can of course promote a pre-made landing page directly without ever having the need for a website. However, a website is a good cheap way for most people to start building an online presence.

Paid Traffic Is Fast

Traffic is going to come to your site if you offer value. You can lead with someone else’s product or start building content of your own. Since this article is called building scalable web sites, it’s important to note that paid advertising is the fastest way to scale them. Paid advertising is expensive too, but if you’ve got the right business model, and a good product suite, it’s more affordable and you’re more likely to see early profits.

Content Marketing Is Slow

affiliate marketing mentoring

Content marketing is a much slower strategy to build scalable web sites with. If you have high ticket items in your sales funnel and want to scale fast, use paid advertising. Test and measure and then increase your budget accordingly. However, content marketing is also a means to scale up your traffic. Even though it takes longer, content marketing can build up over time. It had a compounding effect and small trickles of traffic from each article or video you create and upload will build over time. Eventually you can have multiple streams of traffic coming to your site. If your traffic is well targeted, this will mean more leads and sales.

Targeted Traffic Versus ‘Tyre Kickers’

building scalable web sites

Some of your website visitors are going to wander in to your online store without any intention of buying. The internet is a means to gather information. It’s the information super highway! Your job is to offer useful information which will help people make buying decisions and target the right kind of customers. This means creating content (or advertising to) a specific target audience. If you’re writing a piece of content or creating a video, you need to have in mind who will be wanting that particular piece of information. Getting this right will mean the difference between targeted ‘buyer’ traffic and tyre kickers who will never buy from you.

The Email List

building scalable web sites

Most people don’t land on a website with the intention to buy. Unless you have a review site of course or are going straight to a product. The email list lets you offer value, information and insight to your subscribers and build a relationship with them.

If they know, like and trust you, they’ll be much more likely to buy from you. Getting to that stage is the job of your email marketing campaign, which you can automate. The email list gives you the opportunity to extend the period in which a website visitor can make a buying decision. When they land on your website they have only minutes to make a choice. If they sign up to your email list, this period is extended to days, weeks and even years and decades.

Start Building Scalable Web Sites

The main ingredient with successful online businesses is knowledge and right action. You can take years working away at the wrong activities online. Having the right business model and using paid strategies which are scalable are the best and fastest ways to build a sustainable online business. Access all the tools, training and procedures and learn from other master marketers with this online learning platform and digital business system. 

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