Mindset Shift From Employee To Entrepreneur

There’s a huge mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur which is needed if you’re to become successful. There’s a whole heap of assumptions you might bring with you from an employee mindset. As an employee, we get paid for turning up each day and showing our face!

We get holiday entitlement and sick pay. Entrepreneurs don’t get many of the perks employees do. They take far greater risks with their time and money. So when you’re attempting to transition from employee to entrepreneur, it’s useful to have an awareness of your own assumptions and limitations.

Mindset Shift From Employee To Entrepreneur – Assumptions

My own personal experience of shifting from an employee to an online business owner has taught me a lot. When I opened a martial arts school, I imagined it would be the best thing in the world. I thought people would flock in and I’d get paid for doing what I love!

I stuck to what I knew – training hard. But what I didn’t realise was that working “in” the business isn’t the same as working “on” the business. Employees are technicians working in a role. You can’t bring that same mentality to entrepreneurial life. It simply won’t help you build a business.

As I worked harder and harder in my martial arts school, I found the numbers declining. Nobody had the same passion as me, and I was left with an empty class. But my mistake was doing what I did before owning a school. I worked hard on myself but that didn’t translate to value for others.

I later learned how to market my school and give people what they actually wanted. But this was a completely different mindset to what I assumed I should do.

Similarly, I shifted from working as a content strategist for a company to owning my own online business. I took the same mentality to my business, as I had learned in the role of an employee: work really hard as a “technician”. So I blogged and blogged for years, churning out content in the hope and (false) assumption that this would build my business for me! It didn’t!

Mindset Shift – Vision And Focus

Building a business as an entrepreneur means seeing a bigger picture. You can’t work as a technician (or employee) and build a successful business without looking at the bigger picture. Or, at least you should have looked at the roadmap for your ultimate outcome. An entrepreneur is a visionary and needs to keep one eye on the vision and the other on the steering wheel!

mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur

When I started learning about online business, I made some assumptions about how I would like to work building it. It only involved those things I really enjoyed doing! I liked building websites and writing content so I focused only on those things. I had been taught how to create websites and get them ranking on top of Google. Unfortunately most of my sites didn’t work and I didn’t make any money. I just worked on what I enjoyed!

I jumped from one course to another looking for the magic bullet of online business. But I didn’t realise that my own intention carried an assumption about online business: that it was going to be easy, and I could just do what I enjoyed! I was looking for the easy path and there were plenty of people ready to sell me a course based on that!

Focusing On Where You Want To Go

I always hated those network marketing salesmen when they suggested you should think of what you really want for your ultimate life. “Imagine if you had all this money, what kind of house would you live in?”, “What kind of car would you drive?” and all that B.S.

mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur

But I later realised that as an entrepreneur you need to have something larger than what’s right in front of you driving you forwards. Employment is safe and easy and works for most people. But entrepreneurs have a need which isn’t met by being an employee. It doesn’t need to be a materialistic need even, just a motivation which isn’t met by working in a normal job.

In the present situation with the Covid-19 crisis, this need is all the more apparent for many people right now. There’s a need to become more self reliant financially. There’s a need to put food on the table if you don’t have a job or an income.

Mindset Shift From Employee To Entrepreneur – Safety

There’s safety and security in a job. We become acclimatised to the relative safety of a steady job and this makes us less motivated to take action. We can also become more risk averse the longer we have spent in a career which gives us financial security. After all, we are in a nice, safe, steady job! Why take any risks? Out risk aversion can definitely hold us back in an entrepreneurial role too.

Over time, we put up with all manner of obstacles and adversity so we can retain that steady pay cheque. In entrepreneurial life, there’s a whole host of other obstacles to overcome. Only, they are very different to those you’ve learned to endure in a boss – the commute, the boss, the long hours, being away from your family and so on. Entrepreneurial life can give you the freedom to choose when and where you work. But it comes at a different cost and that is venturing into the unknown, risking time and money and doing things differently.

And you can spend money, time and stress yourself for nothing too! There’s simply no guarantees with entrepreneurial life.

Employee Comfort Now Vs. Entrepreneurial Comfort Later

Many employees are comfortable – at least financially. They are in a steady job and build their lives around their steady income. They get comfortable with this way of living and the longer they do it for, the harder it becomes to change.

Entrepreneurs see things differently. They are prepared to exchange discomfort in the present for a lot more control and independence later (delayed gratification). They see things longer term and are prepared to work hard at things most employees would never consider.

For example, some bloggers work hard at their content for years before they eventually break through the barrier and start seeing income coming in on complete autopilot. All the time they spent isn’t rewarded until years later. But those kinds of rewards are hard to attain with an employee mindset and wanting to be paid for your time.

Trading Time For Money

Most employees bring a trading time for money mindset to entrepreneurial life. Or, they bring a 9 to 5 mentality of doing “just enough”. Entrepreneurs see things differently. They will work all hours to realise their goals. Entrepreneurs know that they can achieve something different if they overcome the barriers to their success.

Mindset Shift From Employee To Entrepreneur

Lack of belief, apathy or lack of vision will all act as silent killers to your entrepreneurial dreams and goals. Entrepreneurs build their belief through the people they hang around with and the material they allow to enter their mind! They read material which will help them grow and develop and avoid people who have a negative effect on them.

There’s a saying that your income is the average of your ten closest friends. So become mindful of who you give your time to and avoid the complainers if you want to build a business. Most people will be more likely to undermine your efforts with their words than to egg you on and encourage you.

Mindset Shift From Employee To Entrepreneur – Language

Your language and thoughts encourage or deny certain beliefs which can help or hinder you in business. If you believe you can’t do something, you’ll go out of your way to prove yourself right! So belief is the driving force behind what you can accomplish. Most people are simply unaware of the power of their words in creating their world. Often people hang on to old versions of themselves to fulfil some need for identity. This can all halt your progress when it comes to a mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur.

So it’s worth reading and understanding about how language and self talk affects your mindset. An entrepreneurial mind frame is vital for a business owner who wants to grow, since their business won’t grow beyond the level of thinking they bring to it.

See motivational books free download and how to transition from employe to entrepreneur.

Limiting Attitudes Towards Money

If you’ve come from employee mindset and want to build an income from a business or some entrepreneurial endeavour, you can stop yourself unconsciously by bringing in some limiting mindsets towards money. If you are creating a vision for your business, but hold some negative ideas in your mind, it’s sure to have an impact on your thinking and therefore your business.

See how to overcome a poverty mindset for more on this.

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Rich people are greedy.

It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

You should only want just enough.

Thou shalt not want

If any of these rings true for you, you might have an issue building a business which is profitable. Make sure you get to know your unconscious beliefs and start reprogramming the unconscious mind for success rather than poverty!

How To Generate More Leads

There’s many ways to generate more leads to your business. In this article I’m going to discuss some of the strategies I’ve found helpful. Whatever your business is, you can benefit from an online presence. So if you haven’t already got a website, you should get one straight away. But before you rush off and build your website, you can build a website around your main keywords. This can give you an edge straight away in some cases; especially if you have a locally based physical business.

I’ve used this strategy a few times and it works if you have little to no competition to the main keywords in your area. You can checkout this article on create free website and make money for a more detailed explanation to the strategy. But here’s the short version.

How To Generate More Leads – Keyword Targeted Domain Name

I started out online using all the cheap and free strategies. Building a keyword targeted website is a strategy I’ve found works again and again. This will of course depend on your particular business, but it works wonders for a local business. Target the main keywords in your area which are searched for about your business. Add your city name, and purchase a domain name which reflects this.

An example site I built was for a friend who has a photography business in Harrogate. He kicked off the competition on Google and got to first place in the search results for harrogate photography, or photographer harrogate. Anyway, it worked well and he got loads of business. So it’s a consideration. I’ve written a whole article on this here, like I said so check it out!

How To Generate More Leads – Blogging

This is another free strategy but it’s time consuming. Like I said, when I started out I used all the cheap and free strategies. This takes time and you can jump ahead to paid marketing instead if it’s not for you! But for me, it worked and I generated leads and sales through blogging!

I also used this strategy for clients too and got them sales. It’s basically the same strategy as the keyword targeted domain name but with a blog title. You can even build micro niche sites using this strategy for free leads and sales too. Here’s an article I wrote on the best micro niche for blogging.

This strategy involves using Google’s free keyword planner and finding long tail keywords within your niche. You go for the long tail keywords because most of the shorter (and more competitive) ones will be far too competitive. (Use paid marketing for those instead).

Once you’ve found a good long tail keyword you can write an article for it. Make sure you use a good SEO plugin and write a good quality article which will help prospective customers. Checkout my ebook for more on this strategy.

how to generate more leads

How To Generate more Leads – Opt-In Offer On Your Site

A website should be a good lead generating tool. But you’ll only generate leads from your site if there’s something worth signing up for on it! So you can create something useful for your prospective customers on your site which you can give away in exchange for your visitors email address. I have a number of things I give away from this website and a few options for people who land on the site. Ideally, test and measure different opt-in options over a thousand or so visitors. Over time, you’ll find out which ones work the best.

Make sure you can easily see your opt-in offer on every page of your site. Many sites have an opt-in “newsletter” buried down at the very bottom of their website. That’s no good because more visitors won’t even see it! Make sure you install a drop down opt-in form so that people will see your very best offers. Then you’ll get more sign ups on your site. Again you can test and measure your opt in forms to see which ones perform the best.

Customer Avatar – Get Your Targeting Right

Much of the traffic on my website doesn’t turn into an opt-in. People are aware that if they opt in to an offer, they’ll be inundated with emails! So they are selective when opting in to offers. If you get your opt in offer right through, you’ll get more opt-ins from the same amount of traffic. So it’s worth testing out different offers.

how to generate more leads

Getting your customer avatar right is pretty important as I’m currently learning! An avatar is basically what your “perfect” customer looks like. If you know your best likely customer down to the kind of shoes they wear (joke), you’ll have an easier time of creating the best content for them. This will mean more targeted articles and better (and more leads). See why target market is important.

Writing for the wrong audience is a mistake which can cost a lot of effort. When your content brings the right people in and they want what you have to offer, it all works much better!

CTA’s On All Content

Some bloggers also say to use call to actions on every piece of content they write. This means you offer a link which leads them to a landing page at the bottom (or somewhere) of your content.

People like to know what to do next! So it’s good practice to let your audience know what action you want them to take.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are far better at converting visitors into leads than websites. With a website you have many options to browse around. With a landing page you only have two: opt in or leave the site. Here’s an example of the landing page which my ebook leads you to:

how to generate more leads

If you want to learn how to generate more leads, get good at building landing pages and sending people to them. With lead pages you can cross test multiple landing pages against each other and see which works the best. This is a good strategy to learn how to generate more leads to your business. More about landing pages here.

How To Generate More Leads – PPC

PPC or pay per click is undoubtably the best way to generate leads. However, many will doubt this and give up before they see any results. The main reason is a misunderstanding of it and failure to understand their business. Ideally, you’ll use a marketing engine to drive targeted leads into your sales funnel through your landing page.

Initially you’ll probably spend money without getting a return. But once you start to understand which campaigns are working and which aren’t, you’ll be able to increase your budget on the best performing adverts and cut back on the ones which don’t work. Just don’t give up because this is a great strategy.

It’s expensive of course and this is why many people avoid it altogether. But if you have a profitable business, you should learn your numbers and know how much it’s worth paying to acquire customers through one of the many PPC advertising platforms.

Start out with a small budget to learn and once you get better you can increase your spend, knowing your be getting a greater return than you’re spending. Checkout the ebook below for more on this strategy:

how to generate more leads

Using Your Existing Content

You can generate leads too by leading people back to your content, once you’ve got a website set up with a good lead magnet on it. You can use multiple strategies to do this including:

  • Link building
  • Blog commenting
  • Forum posting
  • Social media posting
  • Guest posting
  • Quora and Q&A websites
  • Paid marketing

If a particular piece of content has already created leads and sales for you, why not run a paid marketing campaign to it? Or use that article and post it throughout your social media platforms to generate more interest? Quora.com does allow some posting of links too, if you create some value and the link posts are relevant to the answer.

You can also write articles off-site on free article writing sites such as Ezinearticles.com and Hubpages.com for example. Creating back links can be tough and time consuming, but if you do a little at a time, eventually you’ll have a load of free content out there bringing you leads for free every day. So it’s worth doing as a part of a larger lead generation strategy.

YouTube – Lead Generation

YouTube can be a great too for lead generation too and if you’re not using it it’s worth doing. Posting daily videos which appeal to your customer avatar is a great long term strategy. Or you can post a single video and pay to target specific customers with it; sending them to your website or a landing page.

Tracking Leads

If you’re not tracking where your leads are coming from, you’re leaving money on the table. If you know which strategies and ideas are working, and which are not, you’re in a much better position to streamline your activities.

Don’t get too focused on one strategy if it’s very time consuming. Blogging, for example can go on forever! Better to set up a low cost paid marketing strategy too, and focus on free stuff while the paid advertising is already working away in the background. If you’ve found this article helpful, please share it! Also, if you can think of other lead generation strategies I haven’t thought of here, comment with them below!

Facebook Free Strategy

Here’s another free strategy you can use to get more leads. There’s loads of social media platforms out there too, and Facebook is just one of them. With Facebook you can join and interact with people in various groups. Although you need to be careful doing this, and make sure you’re not spamming. This will get you kicked out of most groups.

But to do this properly takes time and effort. Simply join groups which are suitable for your target avatar. Leave comments and interact with people in these groups. Over time they will visit your profile. Set up your profile with an image which leads people to a landing page offering them something of value. Here’s the image I use in my Facebook profile. It leads people to a link to a landing page.

how to get more leads

Get Help!

If you’re wanting more help and support with your business and lead generation activities access a training resource and find others who can help you grow your online businesses.

Why Entitlement Will Kill Your Online Business

Ever wondered why entitlement will kill your online business? When I started out online, I knew nothing. I bought several courses from a few different people. One guy I remember was called Shaun Smith. He promised the Earth and promoted a strategy using Google Adsense. If you’ve ever tried making money using a blog and Google Adsense you’ll know it’s far from easy. Needless to say it didn’t work. Well, it worked and I did make my first money online. But I made only pennies (cents if you’re in the US).

Why Entitlement Will Kill Your Online Business

But this was a long time ago. This was probably around 2005 when I was struggling online trying everything I could get my hands on.

After Shaun’s course I bought another and another. Many times I jumped ship because another “shiny” object came along promising an easier ride. I took the bait over and over.

Why Entitlement Will Kill Your Online Business

Cynicism hit me hard and I gave up several times. But my situation gave me time off with little income. I was working as a stunt performer in the UK. So when work came in I was well paid. But work was thin on the ground and so I had to take many jobs in between stunt work.

Each crappy job I took made me realise how much I needed something of my own to escape the cycle of trading time for money – especially in jobs which meant nothing to me beyond the financial gain. I wanted to learn how to stop trading time for money.

So I traded some financial security for time off in between stunt contracts and used this time to learn how to make money from the internet.

Why Entitlement Will Kill Your Online Business

This wasn’t going to be easy and I knew it! But I kept on going no matter what!

Why Entitlement Will Kill Your Online Business – You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

There’s a number of reasons why entitlement will kill your online business. Looking back now I wish I could have found a mentor much earlier. Back then there wasn’t the options available today. I learned many skills which are not so necessary to know with an online business today.

I built hundreds of websites after purchasing a course which taught SEO – search engine optimisation. Sadly I failed in most of them. A couple of my sites floated to the top of Google but making money from them was tough. I moved on to another strategy after several months of work but little to show for it.

The next course I purchased was called The Keyword Academy. It doesn’t exist now but taught how to build content around keyword targeted articles. The main strategy was, again ranking sites on Google. However, changes in Google algorithms over several years probably forced their close.

I spent such a long time on all these strategies without really earning anything from it all. I had one of two sales but overall I only had the hindsight and experience to show from it!

Getting Caught In Bad Strategies

I had spent so long in some strategies that it became difficult not to keep going. This is similar now to traditional workers accepting that there’s better ways to do things today! If someone has spent decades believing in their career path, it’s very hard to accept that there’s easier and better ways to do things.

I jumped on board yet another course. This time I learned some paid marketing. It brought some fast results too and I made several sales through building a sales funnel and advertising one affiliate product.

Why Entitlement Will Kill Your Online Business

Sale, sale, sale, sale is what I saw on waking up one morning! It was fantastic. However shortly before I was able to scale up my paid advertising campaign, Google shut me down! I couldn’t recover my account either, it was brutal back then!

Self Pity Time

I dropped out for a while feeling sorry for myself. I just didn’t know of all the problems I would be facing. Since I was doing everything alone, there was no-one to guide me and help me avoid the many pitfalls I found.

I couldn’t get my account back with Google, and had to turn back to organic strategies. So, I carried on each time I got knocked back. But each time I was a little less enthusiastic and a little more apathetic.

I also fell into the entitlement trap too. Having worked so hard and for such a long time, I figured I deserved success! But online success isn’t ever deserved. The results simply speak for themselves.

The Entitlement Trap

Buying a product online can make you feel like you’re making progress. You can take some action and feel accomplished. But as an affiliate marketer or blogger, your results speak for themselves. Without sales you still make no money!

The entitlement trap is to expect the result (financial freedom/income) without doing the work needed to create it. In the online space too, you can very easily procrastinate and or spend time on the wrong activities. Some activities will never bring you the results you want. I thought I could write a few blog posts a week and make a fortune! I was wrong!

Over several years of working online, I slowly discovered the truth. Nothing is a “given” online. You can buy all the tools and mentors you like online but in the end it comes down to the actions you take, how long you keep going and your mentality.

The entitlement trap is a feeling of expecting things to happen without having done the right action steps. When you start out, you don’t know those steps. The best way is to find a mentor and learn from people who have the result you’re looking for.

Feeling entitled means putting the excuses for failure outside yourself. It’s an expectation of success without the work. Once you fully own responsibility for your successes and failures, you can become more empowered to succeed. Without doing so means a part of you doesn’t take that responsibility and this always means disempowering yourself.

Most Lucrative Blog Topics

Some will tell you the most lucrative blog topics are the evergreen ones. You know, the ones which make money all year round. Evergreen topics are things like the health, wealth and dating a relationships niches. They are popular topics and make money all year round.

However, if you’re just starting out with a blog, you should know also how competitive these niches are. In a very competitive niche, you’ll be competing for traffic from Google (and other search engines) with thousands of other bloggers and website owners. Many of whom have been around for years and have thousands of back links to their sites.

Most Lucrative Blog Topics – Wealth Generation

most lucrative blog topics

Wealth generation and money making online blogs are also considered to be in amongst the most lucrative blog topics. But they’re massively competitive too! Breaking into these massive niches isn’t going to be easy! Affiliate marketing, for example is one of the most competitive niches. Even if you delve down into a micro niche within a niche, you’ll struggle to make headway in the online marketplace.

So what are the most lucrative blog topics then? Those which you’re able to get traffic from, and convert into sales of course!

Most Lucrative Blog Topics – Traffic Vs. Sales

Just because you’re in a lucrative niche doesn’t mean you’ll make any money. Millions of affiliate marketers start out building a blog only to find 6 months or a year later that they still don’t have any traffic. And if they do have traffic, it doesn’t convert into sales anyway! Why? How can you work your arse off and still not make any money in a lucrative niche? Because those niches are already massively over subscribed. There’s millions of sites doing just that and which already have a huge advantage over the single blogger who writes a single post a day (or even a week):

  • A domain name over 10 years old
  • A team of people writing for them
  • Thousands of back links from authority sites
  • Money to spend on advertising

That’s not to say it’s not possible to make money in a lucrative niche as a newbie. You just need to be savvy about it!

Find “Your” Niche – Don’t Aim For so-called “Lucrative” Niches

For ages I was confused about how to get traffic – visitors to my blog. Then I was confused about how to turn that traffic into leads, then I was confused about turning those leads into sales!

That’s an awful lot of confusion! It took me a long time to realise where I should spend my time and what I shouldn’t do! Have you heard of Ikigai?

most lucrative blog topics

Ikigai is a Japanese term which can be summed up as your “reason for being”. It’s the place where your passion meets your profession, vocation and means of income. When you find your ikigai, you’ll know exactly what you should be doing in your blog. Finding what you’re passionate about can make a huge difference to finding the most lucrative blog topics for you.

Blogging takes time and isn’t a quick win. To become successful with blogging, you need to in it for the long run. That means you should also pick a topic or niche which you’re genuinely interested or passionate about. If you’re only interested in making money, your blog content might reflect this to your audience. But what’s in it for them?

Most Lucrative Niches – Working Smart

It pays to work smart as a blogger. You’re going to be writing a lot of content over months and years, as a blogger. If you sell anything from your site, make sure you choose products which pay you over and over again. Working smart as a blogger pays off. Firstly choose a topic you love, and can write about until the cows come home! Next choose recurring income affiliate programs to promote to your visitors.

Two major mistakes I made when starting out were:

most lucrative blog topics
  • Using low cost physical products which paid me next to nothing in affiliate commissions – books from Amazon, for example.
  • Building blogs around keywords in the hope that I would rank, even though I had no knowledge (or interest) in the topic.

D’oh – face palm! I learned the lesson the hard way. One of the sites I built was about mushroom harvesting. I was determined to at least get a website ranking at the top of Google. And I achieved it too. Unfortunately it was in the mushroom harvesting topic which I knew nothing about! This meant I had to research every one of my posts which was exhausting. Monetising the blog was difficult too. What products could I sell around mushrooms? Well I found an affiliate product but needless to say it didn’t pay very well.

Not only was it very difficult and time consuming writing about harvesting mushrooms, but also it was difficult to monetise too! It was also a seasonal blog, which only had traffic half of the year. Eventually I lost interest in the blog and it slid down the Google rankings until I decided to stop investing in it. Lesson learned! Don’t choose a topic that you:

  • Know nothing about, or
  • Have no interest in

Most Lucrative Blog Topics – Micro Niche Blogging

Finding your ikigai and also finding digital products which pay you recurring income is a good start. Another factor is finding a micro niche to build a site in. With a general site, your content can be about a broad range of things. But with a micro niche site, it is about a very specific topic. Building a blog around certain keywords can give you an advantage in terms of traffic. Particularly if this marries up with your area of interest and your products. Here’s a niche blog I built and the step by step procedure with which to do it.

most lucrative blog topics

Micro niche blogs are built around specific keywords which can help it rank on Google and get the much needed “kick” of traffic required. Converting traffic into sales is another matter of course. This requires converting visitors into subscribers through an email marketing opt in form.

Traffic and Opt In Rate On Your Site

Many bloggers make the mistake of focusing solely on getting more traffic to their blog. But making a blog profitable is about not only getting and building traffic, but also converting traffic into subscribers, and converting subscribers into customers.

You can increase your number of sales just by increasing the conversion (opt-in) rate on your site, assuming you have a reasonable number of visitors to start with. Eyes on your website is not the only number to consider. Most of your website visitors will browse your website and leave, never to return again!

With an opt-in offer, you get the opportunity to give something of value to your visitors, and get them on your email list. Then, you can keep in touch with them for potentially years and even decades! This dramatically increases the time period with which they can make purchasing decisions.

Most Lucrative Blog Topics

The most lucrative blog topics might very well be evergreen topics such as money and finance, relationships and dating, health and fitness. These kinds of topics are called evergreen because people are interesting in these topics all year round. A site like my mushroom harvesting blog, on the other hand, might get traffic but is only of interest for half of the year.

However, going after super competitive topics like make money online, dating and relationships or health and well-being, can be very difficult. A blog is only going to be lucrative if it gets traffic (visitors) to purchase things from it! The biggest problem with newbie blogs is traffic. Then the problem is leads and then sales.

So the most lucrative blog topics is a subjective idea. You’ll need to create a successful blog first before you’ll make any money from it. That means creating a resource which is of value AND which gets traffic – ideally free traffic from the search engines like Google. To do this well here’s my rundown of what’s most important:

  • Pick a topic close to your heart. If you love what you write about, you’ll be able to sustain your blogging for the long term. This will dramatically increase your chances of success from a blog.
  • Work smart – pick products which offer recurring commissions.
  • Work like hell and never quit!

See also this blog post for more on blogging: https://affiliatemarketingmentorsonline.com/blogging-away-debt

Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

Does the law of attraction work? There’s a huge fanfare around the law of attraction; ever since the film The Secret came out in 2007. But does the law of attraction really work? Or is it just some new age “fluff” made to make a few people rich?!

does the law of attraction work

In case you’ve been living in a cave, the law of attraction is the theory that thoughts become things. It’s not a new theory and books have been written about the law of attraction since 1877: In 1877, the term ‘Law of Attraction‘ appeared in print for the first time in a book written by the Russian occultist Helena Blavatsky.

Since then, writers and new age thinkers such as Napoleon Hill, Raymond Holliwell and Wallace Wattles have written classic books on the topic:

Think and Grow Rich, The Science Of Getting Rich, Working With The Law. See also law of attraction pdf for a number of free downloadable books on the law of attraction.

Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

So it’s not a new thing, the law of attraction.

Henry Ford – “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right”

This famous quote from Henry Ford pretty much sums up a large part of what the law of attraction is. Of course the sceptics will start using impossible scenarios to throw doubt on this summation; “no, if you’re a 40 year old drop out, you probably won’t get to go to the moon”!

The Secret film was a huge inspiration for millions because it brought the idea of the law of attraction to the mainstream. But depending on your belief and ability to understand the idea more deeply, you may have lost faith in the idea. Many people claim The Secret was too fluffy and idealised the idea of creating your “dream life” without having to actually do anything. If that is the case you’ve probably misinterpreted the message it was trying to convey, as I did.

Why The Law Of Attraction Does Not Work

does the law of attraction work

For many the law of attraction doesn’t seem to be working, when in fact is is! The same was true for me after first discovering the film. In my 20’s I was a big fan of self help books and had read many of the famous titles which taught this idea. The Secret film reawakened some of these latent ideas and I was instantly motivated! I started paying more attention to my thinking and visualised lots of money coming in! Before long, I lost belief in the secret and went about “business as usual”.

I think this is probably the fundamental mistake for many people when faced with the idea that we create our own futures. We accept the reality we are living in currently and as a result perpetuate it by continuing to live it out, day after day, giving attention to things we don’t really want. We forget that we can change things by changing our habits and beliefs.

Out biggest liability is that we think we already know all available possibilities for our future. When in fact there are infinite possibilities – we just don’t believe it!

Thoughts do become things because they build beliefs. Even though thoughts in themselves don’t have a huge amount of power, when we repeat the same stories to ourselves over and over in our head, they become true for us. So why not tell yourself a new story? Why not tell the story of success and happiness? Usually it’s because we are too heavily invested in telling a different story to ourselves – one of powerlessness, insecurity and poverty.

We are addicted to our stories and they become our identity.

Are You Doing It Right?

Are you using the law of attraction correctly? In the film the Secret, Jack Canfield discusses how he used meditation, visualisation and the law of attraction to attract success. See Jack Canfield’s Key To Living The Law Of Attraction.

But if you’re focusing in what you want, while simultaneously worrying about how to get it, or holding any counter-active thoughts, such as doubt, fear, jealously or envy, it’s likely you’re creating more of this, rather than what you want.

does the law of attraction work

The Secret film was very focused on materialism and when you want something you send out signals of conflicting intention. If you’re holding ideas and beliefs which go against your desires, it’s possible you’re holding yourself from the very thing you want. These are ideas like:

Money doesn’t grow on trees, rich people are greedy, it’s not spiritual to have money and so on.

Beliefs can be deep-seated and hidden in the subconscious mind. Most likely you’re holding ideas deep inside your subconscious mind which you picked up as a child. These are far more powerful than can be overcome by a few visualisations about the things you want in life. Unless you believe you deserve it, you’re unlikely to attract a life which is in opposition to old deeply engrained beliefs.

Shifting Old Beliefs

Your thinking patterns are built around deep held beliefs which you will have created over many years. Often they will stem from your childhood. Shifting your ideas around money, love, relationships and success can take some time, depending on how you see yourself in each of these areas in life. One way to start this process is through using affirmations and mantras. See affirmations mantras and positive intention.

Keep in mind if you’ve been telling yourself a story for decades, it will take some time to shift your self perception towards a more positive self image. See psycho-cybernetics pdf.

Confirmation Bias And The Placebo Effect

Confirmation bias is the cognitive bias in which someone will look for evidence which backs up their existing beliefs and ideas.

The placebo effect is the effect of an inactive and inert (harmless) dummy drug. If the patient believes in the medication, this belief in itself is enough to heal a patient of an illness.

If you consider both confirmation bias and the placebo effect, it’s easy to see how the law of attraction works. With a strong belief, anything is possible. With little or wavering belief, it’s easier to fail and lose momentum in any given direction.

Do you believe in the law of attraction? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

What Is An Affiliate Marketing Website?

What is an affiliate marketing website? This is an example of an affiliate marketing website. Affiliates (like me) create content and promote other people’s products through their articles, blogs or websites. Affiliates also create videos and advertise on YouTube, Facebook or any other platform.

Some affiliates create content on a blog, and others like making videos for YouTube. All affiliate marketers use some kind of marketing platform to attract visitor. Once they are there, they are usually offered some kind of product or service.

On my website, I offer information about affiliate marketing, blogging and other various forms of online marketing. If someone visits my site and purchases something from me, I earn commissions based on the sales I make.

What Is An Affiliate Marketing Website – A Marketing Platform

So what is an affiliate marketing website? An affiliate website is basically a form of marketing. By writing about something which will draw in potential customers, affiliate marketers can get their website visitors to join their email list or purchase a product directly from their website.

what is an affiliate marketing website

Many websites are affiliate sites. Review websites are a form of affiliate website. Martin Lewis’s site Money Saving Expert is an affiliate website. On it, advice is given about saving money through various companies: credit card companies, bank accounts, phone tariffs etc. When someone uses a link on the site, and purchases a product, the site earns an affiliate commission. It’s still a ‘win win’ because the customer finds a way to save money and the site earns money from having provided the service.

What Is This Site About?

My main affiliate links are for products and services aimed at helping people to learn affiliate marketing and the various marketing forms which are used by affiliates. You can access my ebooks for free by joining my email list. Once on my email list, I’ll recommend the products and services which have most helped me to build an income from the internet. There’s no obligation to purchase anything from my list and you’re welcome to use the information without even having to purchase from me.

If you do purchase a product from me, I’ll earn a commission based on the sale. This is how affiliates earn commissions and make money from their websites.

what is an affiliate marketing website

Do All Affiliate Marketing Websites Earn Money?

Other website owners steadily build content over a period of weeks, months and years. Over time, more and more people will visit their website, sign up to their offers and purchase products.

Not all affiliates are successful and it takes time to learn affiliate marketing. There are also may strategies available for affiliates:

  • Blogging – writing content on website
  • Creating videos and uploading to YouTube
  • Building a social media following on any Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Article marketing – writing articles on article sharing websites
  • Paid marketing – using various platforms affiliates can promote products directly without a website.
affiliate marketing secrets

When you start learning affiliate marketing, your site won’t get any traffic immediately until you start marketing. Some affiliates pay immediately for traffic (visitors) to their websites if they don’t have time to build content on their sites. This is a quick way to get started.

How Do Affiliate Marketing Websites Get Visitors?

Affiliate marketing sites get visitors from a number of different strategies. Mostly though, affiliates use their websites to build up a source of free traffic through sharing their content. Over time, if their content is good, it should get picked up by Google and ranked organically for certain keywords in your content. If you blog regularly and are successful, you can get thousands of free visitors to your website.

Blogging on a website for free traffic takes time and effort. It can take several months of regular blogging on a consistent basis before you’ll start to see consistent sales from an affiliate website. You can also share your content and link back to it to bring more visitors to it and get more authority from Google.

As you can see on my site, there’s a few social share buttons too! (Please share this article 😉

This helps bloggers get more people to see their content if people share and like it. It’s also a signal to Google that your site’s content is being read and shared.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing?

Making money from affiliate marketing does take time. Depending on the route you take it can take months or years. If you’re a blogger, it can take much longer than if you use paid marketing, for example. With paid marketing, you can buy instant traffic. If you choose the right products, you can get your business moving quite quickly – within a year. If you choose to market using free strategies, it can take much longer.

See how long does it take to make money with affiliate marketing.

Get Your Own Affiliate Marketing Website

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