Best Website Builder For Online Store

What is the best website builder for online store creation? There’s a few considerations you should take into account before rushing out and getting an online store. What business model is behind the store? How will you market your online store? Building a website which delivers affiliate products is the first step. However, it’s what you do after that which will determine whether your online store will be profitable.

Best Website Builder For Online Store

Take a look at this video by clicking the image below. This video shows just how easily you can have an online business ‘store’ up and running very quickly.

best website builder for online store

You can sign up for the entire video series free here. As you can see in the video, getting a website up and running isn’t that difficult. However, it’s wise to know how your online store operates, and how you’re going to go about marketing it. Without marketing, your store won’t make any sales, no matter how shiny and new it looks, and no matter how good it is!

Best Website Builder For Online Store Building- Marketing Your Website

Whatever online store you choose to use, it will be your marketing which determines how well it does. Whether you are attempting to rank your content on Google, or you’re using paid advertising, you’ll need to get people to your website in order to make any sales.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is the fastest method of traffic generation. You can set up your online store and send people to it immediately with paid advertising. However, your business model is an important piece of the jigsaw, if you’re going to make it profitable

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way to generate traffic to your website, without having to pay for it. However, it does take much longer to generate traffic this way. You need to create the content and then it may take several months to see whether it is going to work or not.

Best Website Builder For Online Store Building – Business Models

Not all online stores are equal. You should think about this very carefully before you build an online store. The best website builder for online store building also takes this into account. Many online stores are pre-made and link to physical products around the internet.

Digital Vs. Physical Products

However, physical products don’t offer the same kinds of commissions as digital products. Digital products tend to offer 40% commissions on sales. Compare that to the commissions offered in the chart below, which shows commissions for general sales made on (Correct at time of writing. Check Amazon affiliates policies for most recent figures).

So you can see that digital products, (which offer 40% commission), are obviously much better in terms of commissions than physical products, in this case. There’s a few other considerations too, when building an online store.

Not all digital products are equal either. Some offer much more, in terms of ongoing commissions, than others. A good product range, (or digital product suite), can allow you to make much more in commissions over the long term due to a few considerations:

  • Subscription products – If you’re wanting to use paid advertising, subscription products help build an ongoing source of income from previous sales
  • High Ticket – High Ticket items allow you to earn larger commissions from each individual sale and offset your advertising budget more easily. It’s also easier to scale up into the larger income brackets with a high ticket product range.
  • Up-Selling – Up-selling is the process of selling products to existing customers. Most affiliate products don’t offer up-sells. If you sell an item, you only make one commission. With up-sells you get to ‘keep’ the customer. Anything your customer purchases later on is attributed to your initial sale, and you make commissions later on with products which offer this.
  • Multi-tier sales – Multi-tier sales allow you to earn commissions from sales made by your referrals. This gives you more leverage on sales made later on by your team, if you build one. (This strategy also depends on your placement within a business system).

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