Best Self Owned Businesses

What are the best self owned businesses and in particular which business opportunities can you start with little of no experience from the comfort of your own home? Here are my top 10 self employed business ideas which you can run part time or full time from your own home:

  1. Dog Walking – Dog walking requires only a few hours a day and anyone can start a business like this. Like any self employed business it takes time to get up and running but if you love dogs and would like to look after them you can also tie this service in with a pet sitting service. If you build a good client base you could turn it into a full time venture – looking after several dogs at once!
  2. Car Boot Sale Operator – Many people think of car boot sales as either a good way to relieve themselves of their junk or as a means to pick up some bargains to sell on e-bay. However one of the best opportunities lies in organizing car boot sales. Although this tends to be seasonal, depending on where you live, by hiring out a field or yard and charging punters for their table space and people to enter, you can easily make a tidy sum if you get it right.
  3. Drop shipping businesses – Drop shipping companies are on the rise and more people now turn to the internet to purchase items. You can get in on this trend by setting up adverts to sell products directly from a supplier. There is no holding of stock or a need to speak to customers as this is all done through a drop shipping self owned businesses
  4. E-bay business – Anyone can open an account with e-bay and start selling items from their house. This is how I got started with my own part time ebay business. Take a look at this ebay misspell auctions guide I created. You can find cheap items to sell at car boot sales, other auctions and charity shops. You can also bulk buy and sell multiple items through a single listing on ebay.
  5. Affiliate Marketing – Affiliates promote other products around the internet through adverts and blogs, much like this one. By sending website traffic to paid items, affiliates can earn commission of up to 50% of the items value. There is no personal face to face selling as it is all done over the internet. Also there is no stock to hold or products to deliver personally, much like drop shipping. Learn more here.
  6. Window Cleaning Service – Window cleaners can make a good income once they have a regular round of customers. If you like working outside and are good with people then it might be for you. You can also target businesses for your cleaning round. Target people close together who are nearby to save on your travel.
  7. Create your own information products – Information products are easy to purchase and download. Once you have it all set up you can send people to a sales page where they purchase your product. Once they have purchased they can instantly download the product or access the service. Since much is automated in this process you can then concentrate on sending more customers to your automated sales page. Learn how to market online and sell information products.
  8. Tutoring / Teaching – Do you have a skill or service you can offer with your existing skills? You might have knowledge which people will pay for and which you are underestimating. You can teach from your home many skills such as mathematics or geography or if you know how to play an instrument you could teach it.
  9. Become a blogger – Again if you have a particular interest you could start a blog on this topic. There are many bloggers who have made a full time income from their blogs. Although the internet can be competitive, there is still opportunity to build a part time or full time income from blogging if you do it in the right way.
  10. Become a TV Extra – TV Extras are hired on a self employed basis to fill in the background on TV shows and films. Search for “Extras Agencies” near you for more information. Although TV Extras don’t work all the time and work sporadically, you can still use this job to supplement your income and get to see behind the scenes of your favorite shows.

What are your best self owned businesses?

What are your best self owned businesses? Please comment below if you know of any others self employed opportunities which you can start with little or no experience. Learn how to sell products online and become an affiliate marketer here. 

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