Best product to sell online

What is the best product to sell online? If you already have a website and traffic to your site then the best product to sell is something which is of use to your visitors. It would be hopeless trying to sell a train ticket on a dog grooming website, for example! You need to be congruent with your target audience and your own particular niche. To find products in your niche simply Google ‘”your product/niche’ affiliate program” to see if there are any products you can promote in your niche.

Selling products through Clickbank is how many people start and they choose the products by their popularity – or ‘gravity’. A gravity score of over 20 shows the product is selling and over 200 means the market may already be flooded with that particular product – but it means it sells.

Finding a product which has already proven itself to sell is much better than starting from scratch and trying to come up with your own product/s. Having a product is one thing, but selling it is another. Much of the job of selling products online is in building trust and building traffic to the site where you are attempting to sell those products. Even the best product in the world will not sell if no-one sees it or knows about it. Advertising and promotion is a huge part of selling a product online.


The best product to sell online is one which you are congruent with. Selling a product means either creating content about it or creating advertising to sell the product. If you intend to create content for your product it’s a good idea to know something about it. That way you can continue to build valuable content to bring in new visitors and potential customers.

High ticket products

Ultimately the best product to sell online is one in which you can actually sell and make a decent living from. Regardless of whether you are invested in the product or not. Selling lots of smaller value products takes time and a large amount of traffic to do so. Selling higher value items is a smarter way of doing business online because the same amount of work produces much bigger results. Products which already have a sales team in place and a proven track record can take much of the hard work out of the actual ‘selling’. Learn more here.

Ideally you could have your own product to sell online but it takes a lot of time and effort to create something which might not sell. Before creating a product of your own it is good advice to check out the market for it and the competition online. Affiliate marketing allows almost anyone to sell other people’s products and make large commissions from the sales. The only problem is that you are building their businesses and not yours. Building a list and creating value out of your own efforts to create a ‘business’ in it’s own right which can become an ‘asset’ is a much better way to do things online.

Learn how to create your own list, build your own business and benefit from high ticket commissions. Watch the video series to learn more. 

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