Best Paying Affiliate Programs

What are the best paying affiliate programs? The best affiliate model includes high ticket commissions and monthly memberships. New affiliates tend to rush in and not think about longevity. The excitement of selling something online, and making a commission, makes you want to get started straight away. You build a website or write some content and make your first sale. But then what? You need to make many more. Not only that but in order for your online business to replace your existing job, you need to scale up. Scaling up a small ticket item is much more difficult than scaling a good business model.

Best Paying Affiliate Programs – Best Model To Start

To scale up a small ticket item is more difficult because it costs money to advertise. If you spend $100 on an advertising campaign, you need to make at least this amount in return to have a chance. Then you can ‘tweek’ test and measure your advertising to make it more profitable. Once you have a good profit you can scale up.

If your products only sell for $20 and you make a 40% commission, that’s only $8 per sale. This makes your advertising campaign very difficult. However, if you have a business model which offers monthly memberships, high ticket products, and a range of up sells which you can earn commissions from, it’s a different story entirely.

best paying affiliate programs

Lifetime Value and ROI (Return on investment)

With the right affiliate business model you can earn continuous commissions for potentially years to come. Don’t use a model with single low ticket items. Choose:

Many new affiliates and small business owners have a go at online advertising only to find they spend money they don’t get back. This is normal. But the problem is giving up too early and not seeing the bigger picture. People look at cost and NOT ROI – (return on investment). With the right business model, you can sell to potential customers for years and decades to come. The return on investment with a business model like this is geared in your favor. Look at the lifetime value of a customer, rather than cost.

Best Paying Affiliate Programs and Advertising

The best paying affiliate programs make online advertising much more viable. A business model geared to make profit in many different ways gives the online advertiser scope for paying for their advertising. Selling items with monthly memberships, high ticket items and up-selling prospects means you can pay for advertising knowing you have a good ROI. Don’t think of cost but return on investment. Scaling an advertising campaign should only be done when you have already tested and measured a successful advertising campaign.

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