Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs

What are the best high ticket affiliate programs? High ticket affiliate programs are programs with larger than average priced digital products within them. This has a number of advantages off the bat. Digital products can be sold over the internet, without any need for postage and storage costs. This means affiliate program owners can offer larger commissions to affiliates. It also means you can have a completely location free business.

High ticket affiliate programs offer products which range from $500 all the way up to $20,000 – $30,000+. To be able to qualify for top commissions on these products, you’ll need to purchase the product yourself. Top products typically give you not only the higher levels of commission, but also offer better and more personal trainings with the top internet marketers directly.

Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs

But don’t worry if this sounds like too much of a price to pay. The best high ticket affiliate programs also offer a multi-tier system which means you can still access higher valued digital products, without having to commit to the very top level. The Elite level, for example of The SFM program offers the ability to sell a high ticket product for a lower level of financial commitment. See Six Figure Mentors Elite.

The further you go up the product range, the larger the cost and the larger the commissions – depending on your placement in the business structure. To get the top level of commissions, you need to position yourself as a founder member. See Entrepreneurs Looking For Partners for pricing and commission structure.

How Does It All Work?

best high ticket affiliate programs

So what if you know nothing about working an online business? How do the best high ticket affiliate programs help? The best high ticket affiliate programs offer an all in one resource which should be the last thing you’ll need to purchase on the internet. A good business system should offer:

  • All in one training, software and products
  • An online community you can go to for assistance
  • Support from community and online ticket system
  • Multi-tier sales – earn from your team of referrals
  • A plug and play business system which is simple to set up
  • Modular step by step breakdown of how to set up your business
  • Ongoing training and support to build your business

One of the best things about this business system is the online community which offers support and help 24 hours a day.

Problems With Internet Businesses

When I first started looking to start an online business I tried many systems and strategies. One of the main problems is lack of direction, even if you have the best high ticket affiliate programs at your disposal. Imagine you haven’t even got your driving licence and someone gives you a Ferrari! This is the same as having one of the best high ticket affiliate programs, yet not knowing how to make it work for you!

There’s so many avenues of activity in the online world, that it’s easy to go off route and spend your time being a ‘busy fool’. Activity is not the same as productivity with an online business. A community of help and support is vital for success in an online business endeavour. Our online community includes multiple Facebook groups which you can join and access personal Q and A training. This allows you to watch ‘over the shoulder’ of successful entrepreneurs and take the same action steps they are taking to achieve a successful result. Here’s a picture of me with one of the co-founders of the SFM business community I belong to.

Stuart and Jay actually turn up for their students, something which never happened in all the previous programs I had struggled with.

Here’s a picture of the founders:

how to become a successful affiliate marketer

Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs – Sales Funnel

The best high ticket affiliate programs should also have a ready made sales funnel. Access to the SFM business system gives you access to such a sales funnel – if you join as a member. See Six Figure Mentors Cost. Access to higher valued commissions means upgrading to at least Elite membership level. This gives you the ability to earn high ticket affiliate commissions. Without doing so will limit your ability to earn. However, you can still learn from the business training and education and online community. You can also still earn commissions but they will be much lower. See Six Figure Mentors Compensation Plan.

What Next?

So let’s say you’ve set up your sales funnel and you have positioned yourself within the business system to allow you to earn high ticket affiliate commissions. What’s next? Having a sales funnel means you have set up a business system which can allow you to earn commissions from online sales. This is a great achievement but you’re not quite ready to quit your job! Don’t get ahead of yourself! Before you can earn any commissions, you’ll need to send targeted website traffic into your sales funnel.

A sales funnel starts with a website or landing page. You’ll be able to access these too within the online business platform and customise them to suit. As people land on your landing page (or website), they can opt in to your sales funnel by entering their email on to the page to access information. Once they do this, they have entered into the sales funnel.

Understanding Your Funnel

Your ready made sales funnel will come with a standard follow up series of emails which you can customise with your own personalised message, if you choose. As your visitors go through your sales funnel, they can purchase products. The best high ticket affiliate programs will give you a range of products to sell through your sales funnel. The SFM has a range of products which start with an ‘entry level’ price and offer more value with each increment in pricing. Your sales funnel offers:

  • Up-sells – every product within the range can earn you a commission – even months or years after your initial sale (depending on your positioning)
  • Built in sales team – A sales (and support) team is built in to your funnel offering advice and help and closing sales on your behalf. You don’t have to personally sell anything, simply refer people into your sales funnel!
  • Multi-tier sales program – If you invest at the higher levels of the program, you’ll be able to benefit from multi-tier sales – earn commissions from sales made by your team/referrals. This can have a massive impact on your business as you continue to earn from other people’s sales and efforts.
  • Subscription commissions – Subscriptions make a huge difference to an online business. Sell a single subscription and you’ll earn a residual commission continually. This is much better than selling a single item for only a single ‘one time’ commission.
  • High Ticket commissions – Of course high ticket products make a massive difference in an online business. You can scale up more quickly and offset paid advertising strategies far faster than with smaller valued products. High ticket affiliate programs also allow certain paid strategies which would be out of reach with lower value products.

Knowing your sales funnel will give you confidence in your marketing. Without this belief, you can easily sabotage yourself in the process of building your business.

Marketing Your Funnel

If you’re not already a successful online marketer, you’ll need some training in this area. Fortunately you’ll be able to access a great deal of training and resources which will help you to successfully market your sales funnel.

You can do this in a number of ways with paid or free strategies. If you choose to go down the free marketing route, you’ll need to create content for your website either in the form of video marketing or blogging. Many marketers also run webinars and offer video trainings which can be uploaded to YouTube to gain an audience. If you choose the free route it will take much longer to gain traction in your business. Expect to maintain a habit of content creation for a long enough time to start seeing some results.

Here’s a book I created which explains some strategies for ranking your articles on Google. It has helped me get some of my content found:

best high ticket affiliate programs

Paid Marketing can work much faster. You still need to expect to spend money in the learning process. But this is never wasted if you learn from everything you do. Some of your adverts simply won’t work. Put this down to experience though and learn from it. If you track every one of your adverts, you’ll soon be in a position to determine which adverts work and which don’t. Then you can cut back on the poor performing adverts and scale up on the better ones.

Checkout my ebook on paid strategies here:

best high ticket affiliate programs

Why The SFM?

Disclaimer: Earnings can never be guaranteed and your results will depend on how well you can follow instructions and develop yourself as a business owner. (I am an affiliate of the SFM and will earn a commission if you purchase a product through my affiliate links in this article).

The SFM is definitely one of the best high ticket affiliate programs available for anyone to start. It offers an all-in-one business system and training resource for anyone who wants to create a lifestyle of more choice and freedom.

The sales funnel offers a range of high ticket products which can enable anyone to benefit from the ability to earn a scalable income from using leverage and digital technology. It is a means to stop trading time for money, and use the internet to sell digital products for a commission. It does take work though and you will need to continue your personal development in order to succeed.

The Best Training Resources

There’s certainly a lot of training available on the internet and much of it can be accessed for free. However, finding the right training and resources is something different. There’s a lot of free stuff out there but it can take you an age to filter through it and find the best resources.

best high ticket affiliate programs

Microsoft Lynda (Under the LInkedIn umbrella of companies) recently partnered with SFM as a way to offer their own 6,500 training courses as part of the SFM curriculum.

DigitalMarketer (The world’s longest standing and most highly respected B2B and B2C marketing training company) also partnered with SFM and now offer their own training as part of the SFM curriculum.

The SFM community is one of the best resources in their business system. By joining the SFM business, you can access many of the various groups whose sole purpose is to help students build their businesses online. There are regular Q and A webinars, online seminars and global events to join and learn from. Access here.

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