Best affiliate programs for blogs

What are the best affiliate programs for blogs? Your best affiliate program is one which relates to your blog if you already have one. You need to target affiliate programs which would suit your readers and offer them something which they would benefit from. The best way to find this is to do a Google search for your particular interest or niche in the market with affiliate programs like this: “my niche affiliate programs”. There are thousands of affiliate programs which may or may not suit your individual blog. You must tailor your affiliate program to your blog, or tailor your blog to the best affiliate program.

What are the best affiliate programs? 

An affiliate program lets you sell someone else’s goods or services online. If you are doing this you need to choose carefully. Obviously you want to make a profit so you need to choose something which is already selling, not something which has yet to be proved sales worthy. It also needs to be related to your target market in some way. If your blog relates to Egyptian cotton, your affiliate program must be congruent, that is, it would be no good selling skin products from your Egyptian cotton website! You would look for “Egyptian cotton affiliate program” if it exists or something along those lines.

best affiliate programs for blogs

The best affiliate programs will have proved themselves and be easy to sell to your target audience. You also need to believe in the product/service if you are to successfully promote and sell them. High ticket affiliate products, are some of the best value items to sell because you don’t need to sell as many in order to make a profit. Rather than making multiple sales of a product at $40 each you can make the same amount with a larger value product just by selling one or two.

Choose products which offer membership. Membership products give the affiliate residual income. This again makes an online business more realistic and sustainable. By selling membership products, rather than one-off purchases, you are building a monthly income out of each sale.

Choose products with good upselling techniques built in. The up-sell is a useful sales technique which automatically offers your customers another product with a higher value than the one they have just purchased. It has been proven to increase sales and income.

Choose products which you can blog about easily. Having a great product on your blog is one thing, but creating new content in order to build a steady stream of visitors to your blog is another. Without a steady stream of visitors it is doubtful you will continue selling your affiliate products by blogging alone. If you intend on building your business through blogging it is wise to choose a topic on which you can blog easily. Choose something which you have a passion for or which you know a lot about. That way blogging will come easily to you and you can continue doing it over the long term.

It is also useful to choose affiliate programs which have a good amount of marketing already built in. This means you can simply use their marketing materials and sales funnels without having to create it yourself.

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