Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

What are the best affiliate programs for bloggers? The answer to that question really depends on what you blog about. Your best products and services will be determined by the intent of your visitors.

For example if you have a blog about travel, and you place a bunch of adverts for affiliate marketing training, you may very well be wasting all that traffic. A travel site does very well with affiliate banners for hotels, car hire, taxi booking and travel guides.

Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

A business related site might do well advertising forex training or investment opportunities. The traffic to your site will definitely not convert into sales if you get this wrong. So a good question to ask yourself is what are you going to blog about? What are you passionate about? Knowing a subject well qualifies you to blog at length about it with passion and enthusiasm. This will over time increase your traffic and sales. But only if you choose the right products to fit your site. Keep in mind that if your site is very small and you have only a little website traffic to it, your chances of making sales are still pretty small, even when you choose the right products.

Choosing The Right Products

If you already have a topic which you blog about then you can head over to and sign up for an account. Go to the Marketplace and search for products in your niche. There are thousands of digital products there which you can advertise on your website. Do your research and buy the product yourself. You won’t be a good advocate of the product unless you truly value and know it. Don’t just slap any old product on your site and expect it to sell. Choose wisely and use something you would genuinely buy yourself.

best affiliate programs for bloggers

Choosing Products From ClickBank

Choose products which are in your niche. You should also choose products which are already selling and you tell this by looking at the gravity of a product. Choose products with at least 20 gravity. There’s a lot of products which aren’t selling so keep away from the ones which haven’t proven themselves already. Take the time to look at the products and find something which suits your website.

clickbank gravity

Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers – The Right Model

It’s also worth noting that choosing the right business model will determine a lot of your future success. For example pick products which offer memberships and back-end sales. Selling membership products for companies who offer monthly commissions is a far better model than selling single items. You can earn lifetime commissions from one single sale on membership products.

Back End Products

Joining an affiliate program which offers back-end products can be massively more lucrative in the long term. Instead of only making a single commission, on a single product, you can earn continually and in the future for the back-end sales closed by the affiliate company. Your initial referral means you can earn later on if the customer purchases again. Join a company which offers a program with back end sales to maximize the potential of your blogging.

High Ticket

best affiliate programs for bloggers

Use affiliate products which also offer high ticket sales so you can earn larger commissions per sale. A small value item which sells for $100 can earn you $40. However, sell a high ticket item for $2000 and you can earn $800. Selling the higher priced item may seem harder, but it won’t be 20 times as hard. High ticket items also mean you can offset paid advertising costs more easily and scale up more quickly.

Ideally choose a program which offers all of these benefits:

  • High ticket sales
  • Monthly memberships
  • Back-end sales closed by built in sales team

Keep in mind the best affiliate programs for bloggers, is one which closely matches your target audience and interest. Get to know your target audience and provide the best possible product which is a good fit for them. See why target market is important. Ideally your products will offer all these benefits and be a good match for your audience and the subject matter of your blog.

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