Best affiliate programs 2015

The best affiliate programs 2015 are the ones which pay a high commission for every sale. High Ticket Commissions mean the same amount of work yields a greater reward, and over time earning more for each sale means it is quicker and easier to leverage your online sales by scaling your business up through paid advertising.

Of course the best program to promote is one which fits in with your own particular niche, if you have one. Failing that you should aim for the highest value products which you can possibly sell. The Six Figure Mentors sell products with a value of up to $20,000 and have a full sales team setup behind the scenes which you can benefit from just by joining their program. This is not a free program however and you can’t benefit from 40% commissions on a $20,000 products and a sales team for nothing. At this level you would need to buy in as a franchise. However you can still benefit from making high ticket commissions at a much lower level and still benefit from their built in sales funnel.


A good thing to consider when looking at affiliate programs is the monthly residual income. A one off sale is fine if you are making them all the time but what is far better is to sell products which offer a monthly membership fee. If you do that then you are making a much more viable long term income from your efforts because you will have a regular income from it rather than just the odd sale. Added to that 40% commissions from high value products and you are already in a much better place than if you were selling one off products making $40 on each one but no residuals.

If you are a fairly new affiliate or have struggled to make affiliate sales in the past, The SFM is again a winner for you because it gives you the vital training which you will need to succeed as an affiliate marketer. Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are the leaders in their field and have left nothing out from their online course. Much of what they teach is about mentality and overcoming your own limitations as far as your internet business is concerned. For many this the the most important area of growth which is neglected by many would-be internet affiliates.

Check out the Six Figure Mentors here, access the free video series and benefit from selling high ticket products for 40% commission. 



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