Autopilot Your Business

How can you autopilot your business? Is your business able to be autopilot-ed? Not all business models can be completely automated. However, there’s certain parts of all businesses which can be. That’s the marketing side. Take for example a ‘bricks and mortar’ business. You can’t completely automate a ‘bricks and mortar’ business because you need staff to serve customers. You need someone to actually run your business and keep it running.

Autopilot Your Business – A Completely Automated Business

autopilot your business

There are businesses which can run completely on autopilot though, see autopilot business system. These kinds of businesses run on the internet and deliver digital products through a sales funnel. A fully automated online business like this can use automated online marketing strategies and automated delivery strategies to run on autopilot 24/7. Access an online training platform and business system to learn how you can do this too.

However, that’s not so helpful if your business model isn’t able to do this. There are however aspects of any business which can benefit from a certain level of automation.

Autopilot Your Business – Online Marketing

Online marketing strategies have allowed many businesses to scale up and reach a growing number of new customers. Once you get to grips with online marketing strategies, you can automate this process too. Online marketing strategies are worth using if you’re not using them already in your business. They can make a huge difference to your business growth. There’s even free marketing strategies which local businesses should definitely use like Google Places For Business. This is a free tool which allows local business owners to list their business and get free traffic to their website and/or business.

You can also use paid strategies on platforms like:

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • YouTube etc.

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Do These Strategies Let You Autopilot Your Business?

Depending on your specific business model, you may not be able to completely automate your business. However, you can automate your advertising. It just takes a little getting used to first. By testing and measuring a couple of adverts alongside each other, you can determine which one is the best performing advert. Keep doing this and then focus on only the best adverts which bring in the most amount of customers for the least cost. You can even specify a low daily budget of just a few dollars/pounds. By tracking all of your sales you can soon learn which adverts are working.

When you can see a good return on investment, you will know your advert is working. Most business owners will try a direct response marketing campaign, see no results and then quit. That’s a mistake! When you get to the point where you can see a profit being generated, no matter how small, you can scale up your marketing, knowing it will create profit.

Even if your business model isn’t completely able to be automated, you can run online adverts knowing that they are bringing in very targeted customers. If for every $1 you spend, you know you are receiving $2 in profit, you know you can scale up just by increasing your daily spend.

autopilot your business

Autopilot Your Business Marketing Campaign

Take a look at the image above. This picture shows a ‘Parthenon’ style structure which can represent your business. Each ‘pillar’ is a different advertising method all of which can be automated and scaled. Building a pillar takes a little time and dedication. You can start out with a paid online marketing strategy such as ‘Bing’ or Google Adwords. Both these platforms allow business owners to target specific keywords which are already being searched for on the internet which relate to your business.

Once you have a successful marketing strategy working, and you can track the results, simply increase your budget to build more profit. Then, move on to the next ‘column’ in your parthenon and build another strategy. It’s important to track your ‘streams’ of traffic so that you know where each of your sales is coming from. As you ‘master’ one strategy, you can move on to another. Over time and with testing and measuring, you can get to the point where you have automated your online advertising strategy. That’s how to autopilot your business, the advertising part of it anyway.

Email Auto-responders

autopilot your business

If you haven’t already got one, you should get an email auto responder. An auto-responder lets you build a customer base through your website via email marketing. This is another powerful way to grow your business and to ‘autopilot’ your business marketing campaign. As you learn the various marketing strategies mentioned above, you can learn to send targeted traffic and potential customers to your website.

By offering a subscription offer, such as a useful ‘giveaway’ freebie for your website visitors, you can build a list of subscribers who you can send your offers, discounts and information to. Doing this keeps you in mind for your potential customers and allows you to build a relationship with them over the long term. Once you start building a list of subscribers you can keep them up to date with your latest changes, deals and discounts. As your subscriber’s list grows, your sales and profits should grow too, if you use your list to build confidence in your products and offer value.

See also autopilot money making system for a completely automated business system.

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