Autopilot Money System

An autopilot money system is much more of a reality today than previously in history. Automated systems and digital technology can allow anyone to sell other people’s products and services on the internet. It doesn’t mean the ‘persuasive’ kind of selling either because you’re not doing the ‘hard sell’ online. You can sell on autopilot.

Autopilot Money System – Selling Digital Products Online

autopilot money system

Selling products through websites can happen completely on autopilot. Visitors click on a link which takes them through to a sales page. They then click to buy a product. You have probably bought something yourself on the internet. Most people have used e-bay or Amazon to purchase a product online. An autopilot money system benefits most from selling digital products online.

The reason is that the products themselves can be accessed digitally. There are no delivery costs or storage costs and there are no overheads for employees. Because of this product creators can pay their sales people sometimes half the product’s value for each sale. So selling digital products is convenient and lucrative. See most lucrative startups.

Autopilot Money System – Advertising Online

Advertising has come on in leaps and bounds on the internet. Global reach, once the domain of large international corporations, is now available to anyone with a laptop and internet connection. Direct response marketing lets you target a specific audience and test and measure each step of the advertising process. Platforms like Facebook and Adwords (Google’s advertising platform) allow you to laser target people suitable for your products and services.


Adwords allows you to target people by what they are searching for. You only pay when someone clicks on your advert. You can also set a daily budget and test your campaign until you have a profitable model. Once this is achieved you can scale upwards, reaching more people with a profitable advert.



Facebook is watching you. Literally. They know your every move. The targeting now available through this platform for advertisers is quite scary. But it’s good new for advertisers. You can target people down to their interests, age range, geographical location and a bunch of other demographics. Not only that but you can also track them through their I.P address and ‘stalk’ them after they have been on your website. You can obtain a lot of information about your likely customers and then create a ‘lookalike’ audience – people who match your ‘target’ market’s interests and likely habits.

This is all great for advertisers who can create an autopilot money system of sorts by targeting directly and speaking directly to those people who are most likely to want and buy their products.

Autopilot Money System – Clever Advertising

Before all this happened you would need to spend millions on advertising to build your ‘brand’. Now you can pay to advertise to only those people who are most likely to benefit from your product and who are very likely to buy. You can ‘tweek’, test and measure you advertising to serve your specific demographic better and better over time. And you can set your budget to whatever you want. A campaign which proves profitable again and again can then be scaled to reach millions of people with a few clicks. This is the power of the internet to create a largely autopilot money system.

Autopilot Money System – Products

Of course you still need products to sell. You still need to offer something of value and to bring benefit to people. As mentioned earlier the ideal products to sell online are digital products. This is because they give a larger commission and the process can be automated. The sale of digital products can also be scaled very easily. Hundreds of people can buy digital products at once through a single website. The best products to sell online also offer:

As a digital marketer or ‘affiliate’ of these digital products your job is to find customers and eventually scale upwards. It helps immensely if you have a range of products and services to ‘up-sell’ which you earn commissions from. It also helps if the sales of these high ticket items are closed by a built in sales team. This further automates the process.

Autopilot Money System – Email Marketing

autopilot money system

Email marketing is to thank for much of an online autopilot money system. With ‘auto-responders’ (email marketing software), online marketers can reach thousands of subscribers just with a single email. They can also automate the process of communicating with their subscribers and delivering products and services.

Make Money On Autopilot

An autopilot money system is a reality now for many online marketers. Their systems take subscribers through the process of signing up to an email and delivering content. Products can be sold which offer value to the subscribers. Advertising brings the customers to a website where this process starts. The whole system can be completely automated and ‘hands off’:

  1. Advertising brings visitors to your website where they become subscribers
  2. Subscribers receive content and value through an autoresponder.
  3. Products are delivered when a customer makes a purchase
  4. Up-sells‘ are handled automatically and commissions are made on monthly memberships, sales and up-sells.
  5. People are continually added to your email marketing campaign which runs continually and automatically.

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