Autopilot Internet Business

What is an autopilot internet business and what’s involved in building one? An autopilot internet business is a business which runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week using the internet to sell digital or physical products. By building a website and sending targeted visitors to it, you can earn income by selling other people’s products from that website.

Autopilot Internet Business –¬†Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the model used to automate a business on the internet. Affiliate marketing lets anyone sell other people’s products and earn a percentage of the sale. For digital products which require no postage or storage costs this can be up to 50% of the sale price of an item. The basic premise, therefore of an autopilot internet business is a ‘website’ which runs 24/7 selling other people’s products and services.

There are no sales orders to personally fulfil because this is done by the company who owns the products. Sales are taken and products delivered automatically over a secure website.

But what do you need to do in order to create an autopilot internet business?

Autopilot Internet Business – What You Need To Know

autopilot intenet business

So how easy is it to throw up a website and start earning from it? For starters you will need to not only send traffic (website visitors) to that website but you will also need to send targeted traffic to it. Anyone can throw up a website very quickly and easily. Getting the right people to find it is another matter entirely. By creating content you can build a presence online to increase your number of visitors. You can also use paid advertising to send people to your website.

Paid Traffic Versus Organic Traffic

Both these methods do bring in visitors to your website. Paid traffic is like turning on a ‘tap’ for visitors to your website. You can set an advertising campaign and start getting people to your products very quickly. Getting traffic through the organic search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) for free means creating content.

This can take some time to create and then it will also take time for it to rank, if it does at all. Getting ‘free’ traffic from Google or any search engine is a much slower process. However, once you have built enough content you can potentially have a nice ‘free’ source of traffic to your website for potentially years to come.

Autopilot Internet Business – Do You Need A Website

autopilot internet business

You can do affiliate marketing without a website of course. Simply send traffic directly to landing pages owned by the affiliate companies. However, a website is a useful addition to an autopilot internet business simply because it gives you another avenue to find customers.

Once you get someone to your website you should offer them some incentive to exchange their email address for information or a ‘freebie’ of some kind. You can then send them more information and promote your products by email.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to sell digital and physical products over the internet. There are several reasons why you should aim to collect email addresses:

  • An email address allows you to build relationships with your audience
  • Extend the time period available to sell products to your audience
  • Automate your email follow up series
  • You can sell to an unlimited number of people

The more people you can get onto your email list, the greater your chance of selling your products. By automating a series of emails and collecting emails through an automated landing page, you can effectively build an ‘autopilot internet business’.

Autopilot Internet Business – Products

autopilot internet business

Choosing the right products can make or break an internet business. Without the right products it can be much difficult starting an online business. Ideally you should choose digital products because they offer a greater income potential. You can earn up to 50% of the sale price on a digital product.

Physical products offer affiliates a lower commission rate because they have more costs involved in storage and posting. You should also choose products which offer the affiliate (you) an ongoing commission from sales generated. Membership products allow you to earn regular commissions for previous sales generated. Choose also products which offer:

  • High Ticket Sales – giving you a larger commission for each sale
  • Built in sales team – Closing sales on your behalf
  • Up-sells which you earn from – Other later sales closed by the company pay you a commission.

Autopilot Internet Business – Training

As you can see there is a lot involved with an autopilot internet business. However, this is an opportunity which does allow a great deal of flexibility and freedom. Most business models require you to be at a certain location for the larger part of your working life. An internet based business lets you work from anywhere, choose your own hours and build it up around existing employment. Anyone can now learn this model too with online training which is available to access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Access this video series to learn more about how to build you own autopilot internet business from scratch.


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