Autopilot Business System

What is an autopilot business system and how does it work? An autopilot business system works on the internet, delivering products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can reach a global audience, automate sales and help people find things they want and need, all at the same time. The best bit is that it can run automatically, without you actually being there. But what does it take to build such a business, and can anyone do it?

Autopilot Business System

The good news is that anyone can learn how to build an ‘autopilot business system’. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what technical experience or skills you have. However, this is not something which happens overnight. This isn’t your ‘push and click’ instant riches website! This is a way to build a legitimate online business from scratch.

How Does This Work?

An autopilot business system uses online systems, tools and strategies to sell other people’s products over the internet. The business model is known as affiliate marketing. Anyone can become an affiliate marketer and start promoting other people’s products over the internet.

Amazon, for example has the largest affiliate marketing program on the internet. Anyone can join Amazon’s affiliate program, grab their own personalised affiliate link, and start sharing and promoting it on the internet. As people find your affiliate link and are directed to the various products online, you can earn commissions based on what they buy through your link.

You don’t need to personally sell anything, or even speak to anyone. Your affiliate links take people through to products they might find useful. If they decide to buy, you get credit for the sales you make through your link.

Autopilot Business System – Some Tools Of Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers don’t need to have all the answers. They can use other people’s products and tools to automate their online business. These are tools like:

Affiliate Products – Autopilot Business System

Affiliate products can be almost anything you can purchase on the internet. So long as a product has an affiliate program, you can sell that product and earn a commission for the sale. Affiliate products offer a different commission structure depending on what the product it. With digital products in particular, you can earn 40% commissions.

This is far more than the typical physical products you can choose to promote. That’s because digital products don’t have as many costs involved. They can be delivered over the internet instantaneously. Manufacturing costs are low too, and once a digital product is made, there’s very little costs involved in manufacture. Physical products need to be stored and delivered and this takes some of the profit away for affiliates.

By choosing digital products which also have:

  • Subscriptions,
  • High Ticket commissions,
  • Multi-tier sales,
  • Up-sells,
  • A built in sales team,

you can earn much more per customer than by selling separate single products over and over. This kind of sales structure also lends itself well to an autopilot business system for a couple of other reasons.

Marketing Your Online Business System

Marketing an online business can be done in a few different ways. The main ways though are by using paid advertising strategies and content generation (much like this article). By having a sales system which is set up like the one mentioned above, you can more easily use paid advertising.

This is because by using a sales funnel with a range of products, you can more easily recoup your advertising costs with your product range. For low value items, or physical products which offer lower commissions, this is much harder to do.

It’s also much easier to scale up your business, once you have learned effective marketing strategies with a low budget. If you use content generation (a free strategy), it can’t be scaled up as easily to reach larger numbers of customers.

Checkout my ebooks below for more on both these strategies.

autopilot business systemautopilot business system

Autopilot Earning Software – Autopilot Business System

An autopilot business system takes advantage of autopilot earning software. These are affiliate products which you can sell through a ready made sales funnel. “Autopilot earning software” is basically software like a product suite which can be delivered automatically through an email marketing funnel. Website visitors land on a website and are offered an opt-in offer. If they ‘op-in’ to your sales funnel, they are delivered a range of automated emails which offer them information and a variety of products which they can purchase.

Autopilot earning software is basically software which allows you to automate the sale of products over the internet. this includes:

  • Online marketing software – Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, Adwords etc.
  • Digital products
  • Auto-responders – email automation
  • A sales funnel containing digital/physical product links (affiliate products)

Autopilot earning software isn’t something which should be considered a business in itself. With any business model, you need to offer value in order to make money. See autopilot money making system. Ideally, you should offer more value to your customers than the financial cost for the sale. By focusing on giving value with an online business, your customers are more likely to return and make repeat purchases from you.

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