Autopilot Business Online

How do you build an autopilot business online? An ‘autopilot’ business is possible because of business models like affiliate marketing and drop shipping. You can sell other people’s products from a website or advert. The key to an online autopilot business is sending customers to other people’s products. This lets you concentrate on promoting your website and you don’t have to deal with customers or even touch any products.

Since the promotion of your website can be done with automated online tools, the whole process of selling online can be automated and run from anywhere.

Autopilot Business Online

autopilot business online

Anyone can start an online business by selling affiliate products from a website. However, not everyone is successful when they come to attempt this. The main reason is a lack of understanding of how to build an autopilot business online. I started looking for an online business sevral years ago and struggled for a long time. I built websites, landing pages and sales pages. I created content and ran advertising campaigns. However, the main reason I failed was simply a lack of knowledge.

That’s why gettng the right knowledge from the start is the most important part of building an autopilot business online. Otherwise you can waste a lot of time and money paddling in the wrong direction.

Autopilot Business Online – Tools

The main tools to build an autopilot business online are:

  • Website
  • Affiliate products
  • Email autoresponder
  • Advertising platforms

You can access all of these tools and the training to walk you through the process step by step here.

autopilot business online

Autopilot Business Online – Marketing

Marketing is probably the most imporatant part of building an autopilot business online. Of course you need to set up your website, affiliate products and a sales funnel. Once everything is set up, even with the best products in the world to sell, unless your marketing is right no-one will see them, (or buy them).

This is something it has taken me years to understand. In the early days I thought I could just set up a website and let it run. I thought that I would automatically be getting visitors to my website and start making money. I’m sure many other people have thought the same way.

However, just having a website doesn’t guarantee you any visitors. You have to earn them. You can do this by paying for advertising or by creating content. Content can get you found by Google and you can get free visits. Or you can share your content on social media to get more visability.

Autopilot Business Online – Paying For Advertising

autopilot business online

Paid advertising is the fastest way to build an autopilot business online. You don’t really even need a website if you go down this route. You can simply send customers directly to products. You earn commissions based on your sales. However, depending on your adverts, targeted audience and products, you may or may not sell anything.

Testing of your adverts, products and audience is the main job of online marketers. If they find a profitable niche and get it right, they can simply scale up their budget and sell thousands more products. If they get it wrong they can spend thousands just on running adverts which don’t work!

Paid advertising allows you to scale an online business much faster than with content creation. Consider this article for a moment. It has taken me time to write this article and it may only get a few visits. With paid advertising you can create a single advert and then put it in front of thousands of people to sell products.

Initially of course you should only test your adverts with a small budget. Once your advertising campaign is profitable, you can increase your budget. This is how many online marketers create an autopilot business online. They simply sell other people’s products through paid advertising. After a lot of testing and measuring of various advertising campaigns, they scale up.

Business Models To Use

autopilot business online

For a while I was obsessed with creating my own products to sell online. I wrote a few ebooks and threw up a website. No sales. I started writing articles and putting up affiliate products. No sales. It wasn’t until I got the right education, that things really changed. Even with some small inital sales of affilaite products which I made, there was no lasting value.

Only when I found the right business model did I realise my mistakes. What I learned was that the best online business model paid you again and again for one sale. This is possible for membership products. Instead of selling single items online, I focused instead on selling memberships. Memberships let you earn over and over from each individual customer. Even in a slow month, memberships keep the income coming in.

The more income streams you can make from exisiting cusotmers the better your business will be. In regular type businesses the stability comes from regular customers. It doesn’t come from new customers all the time. When I started an online business I was focused on finding new customers continually. I didn’t realise the importance of the lifetime value of a customer.

The Lifetime Value Of A Customer

autopilot business online

Shops offer guarantees and returns for a simple reason. Repeat custom is worth more than a single sale. Without trust they won’t sell as much over the long term. Happy customers make repeat purchases. This should be true of an internet business too.

By choosing products which offer continual value for customers you can earn commissions from existing customer for later purchases. Up-sells can be used to promote better products to your existing customers. Memberships can be sold to generate income streams rather than single commissions. Choose affilaite products which offer:

  • Memberships – Giving you an income source rather than just a single commission
  • Up-sells – Choose products which allow you to benefit from more valueable products offered to existing customers
  • High Ticket Products – Let you earn larger commissions per sale making paid advertisng more viable and scaling up to high income brackets more possible
  • Built in sales team – Choose products which offer to close sales on your behalf. ‘Back-end’ sales can give you more income streams down the line.
  • Multi-tier sales – You can also partner with companies to benefit from multi-tier sales. This means you can earn from the sales of your team much like in network marketing.

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