Automated Sales Funnel

An automated sales funnel is what online marketers use to sell digital products. Starting on a website (like this one), online marketers offer awesome products to their visitors (like this one). The website visitor enters into a sales funnel after entering their email details to obtain the freebie giveaway product.

The automated sales funnel then delivers a series of automated emails to the subscriber via an email auto-responder. The idea of the sales funnel is to promote various useful products which the subscriber might find of value.

Automated Sales Funnel

An automated sales funnel starts with online advertising. Advertising brings website visitor’s to a website or landing page. From there, the visitor’s email is collected and the funnel delivers a series of automated emails. These emails are designed to give the subscriber more information on the products within the sales funnel. All the elements of the sales funnel can be automated and therefore scaled up to a global audience. Digital products can be accessed from anywhere globally over the internet. Marketing can be scaled up and automated too.

You can access your own automated sales funnel here. See also the automated sales funnel creator.

Automated Sales Funnel – The Landing Page

automated sales funnel

The landing page is where online marketers send their prospective customers to offer them some kind of giveaway product. By collecting the visitor’s email, in exchange for this ‘giveaway’, the marketer can then deliver a series of emails to their subscribers. Before they can do this they must find the right kind of people to send to their website. Getting the wrong kind of people to their website will likely results in wasted time and/or advertising and nobody signing up to their offer.

Let’s say for example you were selling wellington boots. Your adverts need to reflect this to prospective customers. Sending random outdoor enthusiasts to your wellington boots website, is not a good match. Although some of your traffic might want ‘wellies’ most of them wont! Getting this part of the automated sales funnel right is key. You need to send very targeted traffic to your sales funnel.

See why target market is important.

Here’s a few tips to getting people to opt in to your offers:

  • Create a landing page which is immediately apparent to your visitors
  • The main focus on the page should be the opt-in section
  • Don’t give your visitors too many choices – opt-in or leave the site.
  • Your offer should be very compelling with your main benefits listed on the page – don’t talk about features.

Automated Sales Funnel – The Follow Up Emails

automated sales funnel

Each part of the automated sales funnel will require a lot of testing and measuring in order to get the most out of it. By learning how each part works, you’ll convert a lot more visitors into subscribers and subscribers into buyers.

The follow up emails are a large part of this process too. Your subscribers should be motivated by your products. You need to get the right kind of visitors to your website in the first place, too. Luckily for you, you can access an automated sales funnel which has already been tested and measured to get the most from your subscribers. Access a digital business system and automated sales funnel here. You will access:

  • A ready made website
  • Landing pages and follow up emails
  • A series of digital products you can promote over the internet.

Automated Sales Funnel – The Products

The products in an automated sales funnel are just as important too. You can access a ready made sales funnel which already has these benefits:

  • High ticket products which you can earn 40% commissions on
  • Up-sells – Earn commissions on sales closed later by the company after your initial sale
  • Monthly commissions – on subscription and membership products
  • Multi-tier product commissions – Earn commissions from sales of your team

Automated Sales Funnel – Marketing

Marketing an automated sales funnel is one of the most important aspects of a successful online business. Without marketing your business isn’t a business. Your marketing is the ‘heartbeat’ of your online business. Without a good marketing campaign, the best sales funnel in the world will go nowhere! Marketing can be done with paid advertising or content creation. Paid advertising such as direct response advertising is the fastest method to get traffic into your sales funnel and make sales. Content generation will take much longer to gain any traction.

Paid advertising can also be scaled up much more quickly and easily however, with content marketing it can take much longer to generate results with it. Plus you can’t scale content in quite the same way as you can with paid advertising. With a good sales funnel which has a product ‘suite’, it’s worth using paid advertising if you can. You can achieve results far more quickly if you spend your time learning how to use paid strategies which can quickly be scaled.

Access a product suite and an automated sales funnel through this video series.

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