6 Automated Income Ideas You Can Start Today

I’ve always been fascinated by automated income ideas. It started several years ago when I was buying and selling on the auction site ebay. Here’s an ebay strategy I used to make money on ebay. While I was searching for items to sell, I found an ebook which explained that very strategy. What struck me though was the ebook itself. I bought it and accessed it all online. What was great was that system for buying something. All automated!

Automated Income Ideas #1

So my first strategy for automated income ideas is selling an ebook online. You can do this quite easily by either making your own ebook on your computer and setting it up with a Paypal buy it now button, or you can promote someone else’s ebook on your website/blog.

I’d recommend a book on goal setting which is one of the best on the topic. It’s by a guy called Stuart Lichtman an MIT professor who discovered and created a system he called the cybernetic transposition super achievement process. It was tested with 85% effectiveness on around 250 people, and Stuart went on to perfect his system. You can get his book here or join his affilaite program to promote it. I highly recommend it.

Automated Income Ideas #2

automated income ideas

Another great discovery was a website called redbubble.com. Redbubble was shown to me by a friend who had made several designs and uploaded them onto the site. I decided I would do the same with a logo I had created. I uploaded the image within a few minutes after creating an account.

I’ve only sold a couple of hoodies and t-shirts with my logo on but the great thing about the site is there’s nothing more to do. If someone buys a product with your design on it, you don’t have to deal with it. Everything is delivered and manufactured by redbubble.com. You just get a commission based on the sale.

Automated Income Ideas #3

Blogging is a great way to make a passive income if you have a passion. You can earn a ‘trickle’ income from Adsense and it’s easy to set up. Simply sign up to the adsense program and place some code on your website. The real challenge with blogging is getting enough people to your website to make a good amount of money. Initially it can take a while to build up your traffic but if you already have a blog or an interest which you can blog about, it’s a great way to earn a passive income from what you’re already doing.

Grab my ebook on Niche Blogging For Profit which explains a simple method of getting traffic free from the search engines.

automated income ideas

Automated Income Ideas #4 –  Affiliate Marketing

Anyone can join an affilaite marketing program and earn money from the sale of other people’s products. Affiliate marketing is a great model if you want to make income ‘trickles’ on autopilot. There are several ways to automate affilaite marketing sales, and yes I’m afraid to say this does take some time to learn and implement. However, depending on your existing skills and interests you can combine affilaite marketing with something you are doing or have an interest in already.

Creating content (like this blog) is one way to generate sales. Access this video series to learn more about affiliate marketing.

Automated Income Ideas #5 – Promote Amazon Products

Amazon is an amazing resource. You can use Amazon’s affiliate program to promote anything on the site with your own unique affiliate code. By sending targeted traffic through your affilaite links you can make money from your sales. This can be done by building a review site or specialising your site around certain products which are available on Amazon’s website.

Access website building tools and products here.

Automated Income Ideas #6 – Amazon’s Self Publishing Resource

Writing a book is a great way to generate automated income. If it’s successful you can earn endless royalties for years to come. However, not everyone has the patience or aptitude to write a top selling novel.

However, if you have a skill, interest or particular niche topic which you know about, you can write a short ebook or ‘how to’ guide and self publish on Amazon. This is pretty simple to do once you have an ebook or something to upload. The process is a little tricky to get the hang of but once you have done one you can upload many more. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece either.

If you’re an affilaite you can offer to give the books away free, too to help promote your affilaite business. You can also place links in the front of your books so people can browse the free version and follow your links. Here’s a couple of my ebooks on Amazon. It’s not like they are best sellers or anything buy whenever I make a sale it’s automated income. Plus I also link back to affilaite products too, so can build my email list from those links.

Automated Income Ideas #6 – List Building

automated income ideas

List building goes hand in hand with affilaite marketing but it deserves a seperate mention here. List building is the process of building a list of targeted subscribers to offer your affiliate products to. The highest earning affiliate marketers all have a list of subscribers to promote their affilaite products to. By collecting an ever growing list of subscribers and regularly offering useful content and products, you can build a scalable online business with this method alone.

Access a ready made sales funnel and digital education system here.



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