Automated Business For Sale

Looking for an automated business for sale? Online businesses let you work from anywhere and automate the entire process from a laptop. Busines models like affiliate marketing and drop shipping let you set up a website and promote it to earn commissions on the sales.

With both models another company is entirely responsible for delivery of products and customer service. You simply send people to your website and earn commissions on any sales. This can be done with both paid advertising and content creation. Both methods can bring in automated business. automated business for sale

Automated Business For Sale

Set up a website which has pre-built affiliate products and a built is sales team here. Once set up, simply send targeted traffic to your website. You can also learn how to promote your site with the online training included in this program.

So how much of an internet business is automated and how much do you actually need to do? Buying a ready made profitable business is entirely different to buying into a business in which you have stuff to do. Sites like shopify let you purchase a drop shipping website.

However, you still need to promote that site in order to generate sales. This takes time and money to learn and implement. Buying an exisitng business is going to cost you a lot more. Sites like let you buy profitable websites with very little to do but the most profitable once come with a large price tag too.

Automated Business for Sale – Which Model?

automated business for sale

The model you decide on depends on your individual circumstances. If you want to spend less and build the business up yourself you can still buy ready made affiliate websites which are mostly done for you. However, you will need to promote your website, even if it is mostly automatic.

This means learning what to do and how to do it. If you don’t want the hassle of building your own business you will need the cash to buy a pre-made and already profitable website or online business. Sites like these can range into the tens of thousands. You also need to ask yourself why someone would sell a profitable site in the first place. Is it worth as much as the seller is telling? Be careful when bidding on a site from and do your research before puttingin in a bid.

Affiliate Marketing Models

If you’re looking for an automated business for sale, affiliate marketing offers a means to create a ‘hands off’ online business. Anyone can create their own affiliate marketing business and choose their products according to their knowledge and interests. However, it can be worth spending more for the right affiliate model. Typically digital products pay more than physical products for affiliates.

Digital products can pay 40-50% commissions on sales made by affiliates. That’s great if you can make sales every week and earn a single commission on each one. But what if you’re not making sales all the time? You need a business model which ensures your earnings continue even in a quiet month.

You can do this if you choose products which offer memberships. This means every month you still earn commissions from the sales you already made. Plus if you choose products which reward you again and again for back end products, you also have further income streams to make your business more stable.

Automated Business For Sale – Promotion

So let’s say you have your website up and running. You get an email autoresponder running on your site and you have a fully functional sales funnel to send your email subscribers through. Plus you also have a built in email series pre-populated with your affiliate links. You can get all this by signing up with this program here. You have a range of products to sell through your emails and a business model which works for the long term. What next?

Next is marketing! Even the best sales model and website in the world won’t do well without a marketing engine driving it. This is something I neglected to understand in my earnly years of learning affiliate marketing. That’s why I wrote my guide to The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing.

automated business for sale

Marketing can take many forms. Online marketing allows you to automate and scale your business. With an automated business model like this one you can increase your global reach simply by mastering online marketing. This doesn’t happen overnight but anyone can learn. You can also create content on your website to attract the right buyer traffic through social media and the search engines. But let’s talk about paid traffic first since that is the quickest way to build and scale your online business.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is great for online entrepreneurs. It can be completely automated and scaled up. With a good business model, you can just concentrate on your paid marketing and allow the website, landing pages, email sales funnel and built in marketing team do all the selling. Your job is to become a ‘black belt’ at marketing. If you can do this you will have an automated online business which continues to pay you over and over again. Not only that but you can ‘turn up’ your advertising campaigns and add to them, increasing your profit as you do so.

‘Free’ Traffic

automatic business for saleI hesitate to use the word ‘free’ because creating free traffic can take a huge amount of time. Paid traffic is fast, free traffic is slow. However, saying that you can generate a lot of traffic for free if you put in the time and generate a lot of content for your website. Over time your traffic will grow and so will your sales – providing you write deliberately for your best target audience. I have created a short ebook which specifically tackles the topic of article marketing for generating free traffic over the long term. Access it here: Niche Blogging For Profit.


Start Your Own Online Business

Access a fully automated business for sale here. You get:

  • Fully functional website with your personised pre-loaded affiliate links (easy to install)
  • Pre-built email series and landing pages to use
  • Built in sales team closing sales on your behalf.
  • Training and education online plus access to an online community
  • Access to training and educational videos, seminars and regular webinars
  • Tools and strategies to build your online business
  • A range of High Ticket products to sell (depending on your  in the structure)

Learn more and access the video series to get started.

automated business for sale

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