Automated Affiliate Marketing

Automated affiliate marketing is the automation of the sale of products online. The automated sale of digital products over the internet is a fairly new concept for some. But still, it has been around for while. Affiliate marketing is the model of selling other people’s products over the internet. Automated affiliate marketing is the process of building a business around, and automating the sale of the products you decide to promote online.

Automated Affiliate Marketing – Let’s Get Started!

Affiliate marketing is all automated really. All of affiliate marketing can be set up to work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. One of the major benefits of affiliate marketing is the ability to automate. Anyone can join an affiliate program and start to promote products and services on the internet. Start with a major affiliate marketing platform like Amazon, head to it’s affiliate program and grab an affiliate link to something you’d like to promote. Once you’ve got it, start sharing it on your social media profile, blogging around it and sharing it as much as you can.

automated affiliate marketing

Will this make money? Probably not! You’ve got to put it in the right places. You need to create a buzz and put yourself between customer and product. You can’t just throw your affiliate link up and expect people to come running. Plus there’s plenty of places which don’t allow this. Google, for example, won’t like your website if it doesn’t offer any value. Unless someone happens by your affiliate link and is looking for exactly the product you are promoting, you’ll be unlikely to make any sales. So how do your automate an online business if this is the case?

Automated Affiliate Marketing – The Right Products

automated affiliate marketing

Even if you happen to make a sale accidentally. Someone who, by chance, passes your affiliate link and likes what you’re offering. They click on your link and purchase the item. The chance of it happening again are pretty slim. I wrote an article review and managed to make one of my very first online sales. Sadly it was the only one I made from the article. To make automated affiliate marketing work, you need the right marketing strategies and the right products.

If you’re going to do affiliate marketing, you may as well make the most of your efforts. By choosing the right products you can make a lot more of your time and trouble. Of course it also depends on your marketing strategies too. But that aside, here’s my recommendation for a product ‘suite’. A product range can offer you, the affiliate, not only the ability to sell products over and over on autopilot, but to continue earning an income from previous sales. You can do this if you choose products which have:

  • Subscriptions – Like software products and memberships for example.
  • Up-sells – Product ranges offer higher value items to existing customers. If you referred the customer initially, you’ll make commissions for the lifetime of that customer. Any later purchase they make will be attributed to your referral.
  • High ticket items also allow you to use more marketing strategies than low ticker items. Small value items won’t even let you break even on some advertising platforms.
  • Multi-Tier Sales  – Allow you to earn commissions from the sales of your team.

Automated Affiliate Marketing – The Right Marketing

automated affiliate marketing

Of course it’s possible to create automated affiliate marketing with a number of marketing strategies. This article, for example, may bring in a number of visitors to this website. Once done, it can work forever. As long as Google ranks it, or it gets enough shares, it will have done its job. But if you want your automated affiliate marketing business to be automated and scalable, you’ll need to focus on paid advertising strategies. Many paid advertising platforms are too expensive to use unless you are using the strategies mentioned above.

Why Paid Advertising?

Paid advertising is immediate. You can ‘turn on’ paid advertising like turning on a tap. Content marketing on the other hand takes much longer. Although you can still automate affiliate sales with content, it isn’t scalable and it takes time and effort to create content. If you want automated affiliate marketing, use paid advertising and high ticket programs which offer subscriptions, up-sells and multi-tier sales. 

Scaling up a profitable advertising campaign can’t be done with content. Content is created and focused around certain keywords. It might do well, or it might sink. With paid strategies you can test and measure adverts. Cut the ones which don’t work and scale the ones which do. It’s fast and scalable. Content isn’t. Checkout my ebook below for more on paid advertising strategies.

Automated Affiliate Marketing – Digital Products vs. Physical Products

So what does it take to build an income stream which is automated and which can grow exponentially? One of the major benefits of affiliate marketing is its ability to automate online sales. Any automated system is designed to run without any interference or human presence. Unlike a traditional business, which requires continual workforce presence, an online business uses systems, tools and strategies which are already geared for scale.

This is particularly true of digital products which can be sold anywhere where there is an internet connection. Physical products have more barriers for their ability to scale. Postage, manufacturing and storage costs all add up for physical products. As a result they pay out less to affiliates than digital products do. Digital products pay out up to 40% commissions to their affiliates. Compare this to 10% at most for many physical products (see chart below).

automated affiliate marketing

Get Started Online – Join An Online Community

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