Are you tired of recruiting friends and family to your business?

Several years ago I was involved with a network marketing business which followed this model of recruiting friends and family into the business. Unfortunately, this business model didn’t work for me. There were too many conflicts within me to gain any ground. I met a few people who were successful with this model but after a while I knew it wasn’t for me.

Creating a ‘warm list’ is one of the methods talked about early on in most network marketing businesses – writing out a list of friends, relatives and business associates and then targeting them for potential networking as either buyers of products or ‘networkers’ themselves. I knew the ‘idea’ of this was sound in principle, but it just wasn’t me. I couldn’t ‘hard sell’ friends and family, even though I could see the bigger picture of this sales model.

Since then I have discovered the power of the internet to narrow down and target a specific audience and promote useful products which people actually really want. By using tools and systems on the internet to target an audience which you have specifically defined according to their interests and attitudes, you can have a far better time of it than by ‘recruiting’ one-on-one.

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Stuart Ross has developed a system much like a network marketing business but which is effectively a ‘turn-key’ online business. This offers a similar reward system of the ‘royalty’ payment which is offered by network marketing, but it doesn’t involve any cold calling, hard selling or even dealing with customers face to face. All the selling is done through the back office and with already trained personnel. What this means is that you can gain access to a cutting edge software product which can be scaled upwards and sold internationally.

This is perfect for anyone who wants to build their own business but doesn’t want to have to talk people into buying things they don’t want! This was my problem with trying to sell the network marketing opportunity. The means I had used to do it quickly resulted in becoming discouraged myself and losing my enthusiasm.

If chasing people, cold calling and networking is having a similar effect on you then maybe it is time to look at this as a means to find a new opportunity. Stuart Ross has developed a video series which explains in detail how thousands of people are freeing themselves from their boss, working for themselves from their laptops and becoming completely financially independent.

Take a look at Stuart’s video here and follow the video series by entering in your name and email. 

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