Alternative Careers For Marketers

Are you looking for alternative careers for marketers? Stuart Ross was a burnt out mortgage adviser who decided a different career path was needed after working for years in a high pressure marketing career. Although the money was good he didn’t have any time and was constantly chasing clients for sales. He was burned out and needed something else. He looked to the internet as a means of escaping the 9 to 5 work train. Meet Stuart here.

Alternative Careers For Marketers

alternative careers for marketers

Stuart later co-founded an online business company together with Jay Kubassek. Together with their team they teach online marketers how they can sell online products without even owning them. You can reach customers internationally with targeted advertising. You don’t have to speak to anyone personally and you can sell multiple products through a single platform instantaneously.

By selling products with monthly memberships, up-sell, built in sales teams and high ticket products; affiliates can make ongoing commissions based on one initial sale.

Alternative Careers For Marketers – Why an Online Business?

The online business model is one of the most flexible business models available today. You can run an online business from a laptop from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Selling digital products means you don’t have to deal with customers directly or sell personally face to face. You can leverage tools, technology and systems to make the internet work your business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Trading time for money is a finite business model. Using the tools available today to anyone means you can leverage your time and income by reaching a global audience and marketing other people’s goods and services.

Alternative Careers For Marketers – Affiliate Marketing

The model is called affiliate marketing. Affiliates can promote digital and physical products around the internet and make a commission from any sales generated. Creating a sales system which costs £1 and makes £2 is the basic premise of a successful affiliate campaign. Once this has been done you can simply scale your advertising budget upwards. If you have a large enough audience this model can then reach millions of potential customers worldwide.

Affiliate Marketing High Ticket

High Ticket products mean bigger commissions for the affiliate. They also mean that scaling up to $10,000 or $20,000 a month is much more viable than for smaller value products. By selling products for $2000 instead of $200, affiliates can make single product commissions of $1000 instead of $100.

In addition by selling products such as masterminds and franchises, affiliates can sell high ticket products of up to and above $20,000. A single sale can make an affiliate $8000 if they are a partner member of the business in this case. Learn more about high ticket products here.

alternative careers for marketers

Alternative Careers For Marketers – Stuart Ross

In 2010 Stuart Ross created 3 businesses. These were aimed at helping people discover the potential of the internet and to give them an alternative to the current thinking towards how to live and work. The internet makes it possible to work from home or work and travel. It allows anyone to learn how to generate income completely independently from an employer or boss, and in a flexible way.

Learn how to use the same systems, tools and software which has allowed Stuart and many others create a life of complete flexibility. Watch this video to learn more.

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