Affiliate Turnkey Websites

Are you looking for affiliate turnkey websites? A pre-made website which turns a monthly profit? You can buy websites which profit from drop shipping or affiliate marketing on Some ecommerce sites will sell for $50,000 and more. Be careful when looking to buy and do your research before bidding. Sites like these may make a profit but what are the overheads and what needs doing to keep up with the site?

affiliate turnkey websites

Affiliate Turnkey Websites - Your Own Website From Scratch

An alternative to affiliate turnkey websites is to go it alone. Learn the basics and build a site yourself from scratch. I started out like this and it took a long, long time to realize it wasn’t working. Saving money on an internet business often means not earning any either. It’s false economy, like buying a cheap car to ‘save’. The garage bills soon outweigh your ‘savings’.

Affiliate Turnkey Websites – A Profitable Online Business

A website is only part of a profitable online business. Some affiliates don’t even have websites. They simply send traffic to a ‘capture’ page and sell high ticket affiliate products through their emails with a pre-populated email marketing funnel. You can do this too. Access a business system with:

  • Pre-made turnkey website and
  • Pre-populated email funnel with
  • High ticket affiliate products and
  • Built in sales team

affiliate turnkey websites

You will also get access to cutting edge tools and resources and access to an online community. Access here.

Affiliate Turnkey Websites – Traffic: The Secret Ingredient

The ‘secret’ ingredient of a successful website is of course traffic. Sites with lots of traffic don’t always have lots of profit either. It has to be the right kind of traffic: buyer traffic. To get traffic to your site is either expensive or time consuming. You can turn on a paid for advert which brings people to your website. This is the fast method and can happen instantly. A super targeted form of instant traffic.

affiliate turnkey websites

Alternatively you can take the long route of blogging and creating content for your site. By writing articles and creating videos and sharing them on YouTube and social media, you can find people coming to your website. This takes time and is not as certain as paid for advertising. Nor is it scalable.

Affiliate Turnkey Websites – A Scalable Online Business

A scalable online business is different to a physical business. A physical business has more limitations. Most physical businesses don’t have a global reach. Online businesses do. Anyone can now buy pretty much anything from an online store. E-bay, the global auction website has changed the way people shop.

People can buy items online in a few seconds and have it delivered to their home. Not only that but they can do this for a fraction of the high street price. Amazon is another example of online shopping. Businesses without an online branch to their shops are going under.

Affiliate Turnkey Websites – Automation

affiliate turnkey websites

An online business lets systems do the work of employees. Together with a global reach this makes affiliate marketing a powerful business model. You can reach a global audience and automate much of your selling process.

Affiliate Turnkey Websites – The Best Online Business Model

A global reach and automated systems make affiliate marketing one of the most powerful business models today. Automated emails, targeted advertising and a pre-made sales funnel all make it one of the most flexible and scalable business models. However, not everyone sticks it out at affiliate marketing. Some models work better than others. The best model also has built in lifetime sales commissions.

Selling an item from Amazon, for example will give you a small commission. However, the customer is now a customer of Amazon. They are no longer your customer. They will return straight to Amazon for future purchases. You get the short term win of a sale. Amazon wins another lifetime customer. But you don’t benefit from having made the relationship! As an affiliate you then need to find more customers.

Affiliate Turnkey Websites – The Lifetime Value Of A Customer

Smart business owners know the lifetime value of a customer. They don’t focus on the short term win but the long term view. Having a series of products which you can sell to you pre-existing customers over and over is the key to long term success on the internet. This means selling:

  • High Ticket Items – Brings you larger commissions and is more scalable. You would need to sell thousands of small value items to make a good living on the internet. This is the mistake many affiliates make. They choose items to sell with no lifetime value to customers.
  • Items With Monthly Income – Selling a ‘one off’ product will give you a single commission. Selling monthly memberships will give you a monthly income from each sale. Again, simply by choosing your affiliate products wisely you are already ahead of the many affiliates who mistakenly sell low value items for a one off commission. They don’t benefit from the lifetime value of a customer.
  • Items With A Range Of Up-Sell Products – Amazon is the king of the ‘up-sell’. every time a customer clicks to buy a product they list a number of other products which other buyers also bought with that item. Many customers will add something to their shopping cart at this point. Over millions of customers this strategy will make Amazon a tidy profit. Choose products which give commissions for up-sells for the lifetime of the customer, (not just for 30 days like Amazon do)!

affiliate turnkey websites

  • Items with a built in sales team – A built in sales team means you benefit from the sales made after you have referred the customer. Up-sells are credited to you for the lifetime of your customer.

Use this business model to generate a profitable income from the internet. Access here.

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