Affiliate Marketing Strategies PDF

Download this article on affiliate marketing strategies pdf here. Two main affiliate marketing strategies are content generation and paid advertising. Both offer something to suit particular circumstances. Those people who are working long hours and look for a way out can use paid advertising to build their business up around their working hours. This is great because they can set up adverts which will run while they are at work.

If you are struggling financially, and want to start an online affiliate business, content generation might be the way forwards. Building content to sell online products can take much longer than by using paid advertising. However, it’s much cheaper too. Some people simply like blogging, others want to cut straight to the chase and make as much money as possible. Your own particular circumstances will in part determine which path you choose.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies PDF

But of course it’s not as simple as that either. You still need to find the right products to promote. If you are creating content, you also need people to see it, and more importantly, like it. Digital products are a personal favourite simple because they carry much higher commissions than physical products -  40%+ commissions make digital products much more viable for an affiliate business. But it also depends on your volume of traffic and that is determined by your strategy, and how well you implement it. So, for now we will look at strategies for traffic and come back to types of products a little later on.

Traffic Generation Strategies For Affiliate Marketing

There are many affiliate marketing strategies for obtaining and building traffic to send to affiliate offers. As already mentioned, you can use paid traffic and content generation. Let’s take a look at blogging which is one of the simplest and cheapest forms of traffic generation available.

Blogging – Free Blogging Sites

affiliate marketing strategies pdf

Starting a blog is pretty simple. You can even blog on a free blogging platform like or As you share your posts around the social media platforms you can get more views and even build a following. However, I would recommend starting your own website. Google likes self hosted websites much more than free blogging sites. When did you last see any of the free blog site published articles in the free ‘organic’ search results?

Probably not for a long time. That’s because Google doesn’t rank them. Unless you are actively posting on your own website, with your own hosting, Google will always look on you as a sub-standard blogger. Perhaps this is because anyone can write a blog on a free platform like I’m not saying don’t even bother, I made my first affiliate sale from using after writing a review. Just don’t rely on them for your business. It’s far better to get your own hosting and write on your own website.

Traffic Generation From your Blog

So where does the traffic come from for your blog? If you use Hubpages, as an example, your blog will generate some interest from the Hubpages community. However, just don’t rely on the search engines. You can also share your blog throughout social media. There’s a useful app called which syndicates your articles throughout you social media profiles. It can save you a heap of time when you’re trying to share a recent post. There’s also a useful plugin for WordPress called SNAP auto poster. (Social Networks Auto Poster S.N.A.P). This posts your articles automatically across all your social media platforms once you’ve set it up. Social media can help get your content visible and shared which in turn can affect your rankings on Google too, if you get any.

What To Write About

Ideally you should choose a topic you love. Writing about something for the sake of a sale is much more difficult, and it comes across in your writing too. But somehow you will need to match your chosen products up with your content. Otherwise, your audience won’t be a good match for what you’re selling. I write about a number of topics and use a little tactic I share in my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit.

This is a simple strategy to rank articles on Google and get a nice stream of regular traffic. It’s basically targeting ‘low hanging fruit’ – long tail keywords which have little competition but a regular amount of monthly searches. It does work, but it can be hit and miss. Another method is to connect with other bloggers like you around the internet. Comment on other people’s blogs in your area of expertise.

Blog commenting is another way to connect with people, boost your rankings and show Google that you are connected with other people on the net. You can get traffic from your comments too, so write comments on blogs whose traffic is appropriate to your products.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies PDF – Your Products

Download this entire article Affiliate Marketing Strategies PDF here. Some affiliates make a full time living from their blogging and others struggle. Blogging is considered a slow method of building up an online presence. Depending on your blogging style, your topic and how often you blog, you can do well though. Your niche or topic will play a large part in how well you do with the organic search engines. Choosing affiliate niches like dating, health and money making is very competitive. If you have a topic which is not so competitive, blogging can work well. If you have high paying affiliate products, paid advertising can be a much faster way of growing your online business. Especially if you have a range of products which include:

  • High ticket items – allowing you to earn more per sale
  • Monthly residual ‘membership’ products
  • Up-sells – products sold later to your existing customers (closed by a built in sales team)

This kind of product suite can have a massive impact on your business. Rather than selling lower priced items, you can sell high ticket items and monthly membership products. This makes your business more sustainable, even when you don’t sell continuously. Monthly memberships make a massive difference to a business because you earn continuously for each customer you make.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies – Paid Advertising

affiliate marketing strategies pdf

Paid advertising is the fastest way to build an internet business. In conjunction with the use of digital products which benefit from high ticket sales, up-sells and subscription products, this is one of the best methods to use if you’re starting out online. Paid advertising can be particularly effective because you can target a specific audience which relates very closely to your products.

With Google Adwords, you can use search queries to ‘trigger’ your adverts when someone is looking for yours or a similar product. Facebook is a great platform too for paid online advertising. With Facebook you can target very specifically, an audience selected by various criteria. For example, you can target people by their location, age, sex, interests and a number of other demographics. Used in conjunction with each other, this is extremely powerful. If you have a well defined target audience for your products, you can find people who are very likely to want to buy from you.

In my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing I explain how to use paid advertising and more importantly the mindsets which need to go with it.

Spending Mindsets And Paid Online Advertising

Mindsets are important with paid advertising because your ideas and thoughts around money, and particularly spending can have a detrimental effect on your business. For example, if you’re constantly worried about spending money on advertising, you’ll be unlikely to want to spend more. The goal of an online marketing campaign should be to spend more over time.

This is because your sales will be directly related to the amount you spend. Initially though you should be careful. Don’t throw money at an advertising campaign. Test it first and keep testing. When you find a campaign which works, you will be able to increase your budget and increase your sales almost instantly. Over time and with constant testing and measuring, you should aim to increase your budget.

High paid affiliates spend thousands every day on their marketing campaigns. However they first started small and found marketing campaigns which worked well for a given audience. Then they increased their budget slowly. If you make $10 for every $5 you spend, it makes sense to spend more.

List Building

affiliate marketing strategies pdf

List building is one of the best affiliate marketing strategies. When someone lands on a website, they only have  few minutes to make a buying decision. If you can get them onto your email list, you extend this period to potentially an indefinite amount of time. You can still contact them years after they showed an interest in your product/website. As your list of subscribers grows, your potential for making sales from your list grows too. By providing value and keeping in touch with your subscribers, you build trust. When people trust you they are more likely to value your recommendations.

Top affiliate marketers have build a list of subscribers which numbers into the tens of thousands. Sending out a single email to list of active and interested subscribers can have a massive pay day attached to it! If you also have a product suite with a range of products included, you can earn much more from your list. Of course list building takes time and you either need to create content or use paid advertising to build your list. Download free ebook List Building For Profit Here. 

You can also download this entire article Affiliate Marketing Strategies PDF here.

Review Sites

Creating a review website is probably one of the best affiliate marketing strategies. This is because you are finding customers who are in the last stage of their buying cycle. Whatever strategy you use to sell online, it is wise to think about the content you create and what kind of people are looking for it. People are looking for reviews when they are already considering buying something. They just need a little information and encouragement before they make a purchasing decision. Making websites which try to persuade people to buy is much more difficult.

So create content which matches the intent of a motivated customer, rather than someone who is undecided. Review sites do this well. Also look at Martin Lewis’s website It’s a site offering money saving tips and financial advice. But it’s also an affiliate website. Again, it’s a good model because it offers solutions to saving money and then directs customers to products and services which they can save money on.

Your Potential For Success

Download this guide “Affiliate Marketing Strategies PDF” here. Your potential for success with an online business is a matter of finding a successful strategy which suits you and working at it continually over time. Depending on your strategy, how you approach it and how well you implement it can in part determine your success with an an online affiliate business. Your business model will also play a huge part as will your understanding of your online business and strategy. Invest in your education and never stop learning if you want to succeed. The top affiliates never assume to having ‘arrived’ because they are constantly working on themselves and their business.

Access an online training and education platform which has a community of ‘go-to’ people who can help you pursue a profitable internet based affiliate business. Start here with a FREE 7 day video series.

Download this full article Affiliate Marketing Strategies pdf here.

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