Affiliate Marketing Secrets PDF

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Affiliate Marketing Secrets PDF

These were the ‘affiliate marketing secrets’ which I wish I had known several years ago when I began searching for a means to earn online. I literally tried everything to earn an income online.

I tried creating my own ebooks and buying and selling on ebay. I even did a couple of years of currency trading. I used Google Adsense to earn from my blogs and eventually I decided affiliate marketing was for me. Affiliate marekting was where I had my biggest success, albeit a small one at the time. But it was the route I began to research and it led me to write this article “affiliate marketing secrets PDF”

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Download this article affiliate marketing secrets PDF here. So are there any ‘secrets’ to affiliate marketing. Well, they’re not that ‘secret’ really. After all, I’m about the share some of them here. What makes them ‘Secret’ is that when people venture into affiliate marketing, as I did, they are unprepared. They don’t know the best model to use, how to get traffic to their website, how to use paid advertising, and so on. It takes time to learn these things and knowledge alone isn’t enough. You then must apply that knowledge and learn from your mistakes.

How Many Affiliate Marketers Do You Know?

Seriously how many affiliate marketers do you know? Probably none? I knew no one either. I learned everything from strangers I found on the interenet. Some of whom were offering outdated models which only benefited them. I learned the hard way. There’s not many affiliate marketers (at least successful ones) on most people’s radar. This makes affiliate marketing sound slightly scary to most people. Most people react negatively to the unknown. As with any business venture it is met with a lot of scepticism. This can be a barrier to online success.

(You can access affiliate marketing secrets PDF file here).

Affiliate Marketing Secrets – Traffic

There’s two main methods of getting traffic and both should be directed towards getting people onto your mailing list. Why a mailing list? Because it gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience, build a relationship and it gives you multiple opportunities to sell. A website only gives the visitor a small window of opportunity to buy a product. Once they are gone they are likely to be gone forever. An email list gives you multiple chances to sell. A person on your email list can buy from you even several years after they have subscribed to your email list.

Anyway back to traffic. You can use paid traffic which is instant or organic traffic which takes time and effort. Building content takes time. It also takes time for Google to rank that content, if it does at all. Google can also change its mind and take you off its searches at any time. Paid traffic therefore is better for instant traffic. Organic or search engine traffic takes time and can be unpredictable. Traffic should also be targeted. This is definitely an affiliate marketing ‘secret’ which many would-be affiliates miss out on. All traffic is not the same.

Why Must Traffic Be Qualified?

All traffic is definitely not the same. Even paid traffic should be well qualified traffic. Targeted traffic is website traffic which is much more likely to convert into sales. Targeted customers are more likely to want and need your products and services. Well targeted traffic therefore, even in smaller volume, is far better than just any old traffic. In the case of writing content, you must make content for the audience who can benefit from what you are selling. Writing about arbitrary stuff which has nothing to do with your online products, won’t get you any sales.

Getting ‘Free’ Search Engine Traffic

affiliate marketing secrets pdf

You can also target long tail keyword keywords to get ‘free’ traffic via the organic searches. I say ‘free’ in quotes because it takes time, it is not a definite science and Google can (and does) change the rules at any time. If you create good quality content which is far better than the other stuff out there, you still aren’t guaranteed to rank above other longer standing websites which have a bigger market, more back links and more authority. However, if you do manage to rank for related keywords which are a good match for your online products, you can get a source of free traffic which can potentially last forever! See my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit to learn more on this.

Paid Traffic

affiliate marketing secrets pdf

Paid traffic is definitely the route you need to take should you be in a hurry with building an internet business. Paid traffic is like turning on a ‘tap’ and getting instant traffic to your website. Once you have a profitable ‘stream’ of traffic from one location, you can set up many more. If your products are all automated affiliate products (i.e can be downloaded) it is just a matter of sending qualified traffic to the products. The owners of the products even create landing pages and emails for you to help sell. All you need to do as an affiliate is set up multiple streams of well qualified traffic. Once you have found a profitable one you can scale it up, paying more per day for more adverts to show. See my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing for more on paid advertising.

Products – The ‘Key’ To This Affiliate Marketing Secrets PDF Guide

I say the ‘key’ because without the right products you will be limiting your earning potential. Of course your advertising and content creation can do a lot of the selling for you if you do it right. However, by choosing the right products in the first place, before you do anything else, you can give yourself a much better chance of success. I have left the best to last and if you managed to stay with me you have earned it! For years I struggled to understand why an internet business seemed so difficult. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. Luckily I persevered through the hardship and came out stronger.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. However, we make it difficult for ourselves by not getting the right education. Top affiliates know what they should do. Once you know what direction to take you can move forwards with conviction and certainty. Not knowing, or being uncertain puts you at a disadvantage. You hesitate, doubt and linger. You switch between ‘systems’ and jump from one idea to another. You waste time in the learning and don’t spend enough time in the doing.

The Right Business Model

The main key secret to building a successful online business is in choosing the right business model. Choose an affiliate program which offers you all the materials, training and know-how, but which also offers the right products. The right products include:

  • High Ticket products – High ticket products allow you to make more out of each sale. Small priced items only pay you a small commission. For the same or a similar amount of work you should sell higher value items.
  • Membership products – Memberships offer the affiliate the ability to earn again and again from a single sale. Many affiliate products don’t do this. Focus all your efforts on selling this kind of product and you will be continuously rewarded.
  • Up-Sells – Many affiliate products sell again to existing customers but don’t pass on the rewards to the original affiliate who referred the customer in the first place. Choose products which pass on the rewards and pay you for later sales closed by the company.
  • Built In Sales Team – Choose an affiliate program which closes higher value sales on your behalf. You then can benefit from the skills of in house sales people without personally closing any sales yourself.

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