Affiliate Marketing PDF Guide

If you’re looking for an affiliate marketing pdf guide, look no further! In this short article I will be covering the main tactics of affiliate marketing and explaining how it works. You can download this full article here.

Affiliate Marketing PDF Guide

Let’s start with a little about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically referral marketing. By referring people to products and services on the internet, you can earn commissions based on the sales you generate. If you recommended a nice restaurant, a friend might go there. Affiliate marketing is the same thing only you can earn commissions based on your recommendations. By sending website traffic to products and services through your affiliate link, your referrals are tracked and you get credit for the sale.

You don’t need to deal with people or products directly, which makes affiliate marketing quite a good prospect for anyone, even if they don’t like the idea of selling. Products are already available over the internet. The affiliate simply joins an affiliate program, gets their ‘affiliate link’ and shares it online.

Affiliates get paid for effectively being the ‘middle man’ in a online sales transaction. They don’t need to speak to customers, acquire or hold any stock or send anything out. Their main job is to find customers and send them to relevant products.

(download this affiliate marketing pdf guide here).

How Does This Work?

affiliate marketing pdf guide

Affiliaite links are placed on the internet to help direct people to the right products. By placing your affiliate links on relevant content, you are more likely to find appropriate buyers for your chosen products. For example, I offer a training and education course for people wanting to learn affiliate marketing. You can access a free video series to learn more here. If you should go on and make a purchase, I will receive a commission based on the sale. There are literally thousands of products online which you can choose from to promote. Once you have chosen an appropriate product, you need to promote it somehow online and get people to find your links. You can do this in a number of different ways.

Methods Of Getting Traffic

By choosing something which you know about, you can create a blog and promote products which relate to your particular topic of interest. As your blog (web log) gains attention, your visitors may go on to purchase one or more of your recommended products.

You can also use paid traffic to send people directly to products and services. This is a much faster way of building an online business. However, you need to know what you are doing as you can spend a lot of money and make no sales if you get it wring. However, if you get it right and can double your advertising spend, you can scale up just by increasing your budget. This is a good position to be in as you can increase sales simply by increasing your advertising budget.

Other ways of generating traffic include video creation, creating podcasts, running webinars, seminars and using social media to generate interest in your chosen products. You can also build an email list which can have a massive impact on your sales. Having a large date base of subscribers, and keeping up with your subscribers can build more trust and help you sell products over the internet. As your email list grows, you have more opportunities to sell products through a single email.

affiliate marketing pdf guide

Types Of Products To Sell

(You can download this affiliate marketing pdf guide in full here.)

The types of products you choose can have a massive impact on how well your affiliate business does. You can choose almost any product you like as an affiliate marketing. Most online products have an affiliate program you can join. Amazon is one of the largest affiliate programs available and lets anyone join and promote their website. However, physical products tend to pay less to affiliates then digital products. Because of this many affiliate marketers tend to focus on selling digital products.

Digital Products

Digital products can pay out up to and even over 40% commission on sales. This is due to their low costs. Digital products are free to download over the internet and free to store, unlike physical products which cost money for storage and handling. This saving can then be passed on to the affiliate marketer.

Membership Products

Membership products can also make a massive difference to the bottom line of your online business. Memberships let you earn commissions on an ongoing basis for sales you have already made. This could be things like website hosting and other digital software. Subscriptions can let you earn regular commissions for selling memberships which allow access to online training and education products.


Affiliate marketing pdf guide

A ‘suite’ of products can also allow affiliate marketers to earn more from their efforts. Think about the company Apple. They offer a range of products which vary in price. Because of this they can sell to a number of different people. Apple don’t have an affiliate program, but if they did it would be a good one. Especially if they offered to pay commissions on every later purchase after the intial referral. This is what a product suite does. You sell an initial item and you can then earn commissions on any product your customer later buys from the same company. Up-selling is a great way to earn from affiliate marketing simply because an existing customer is much more likely to buy than someone who has yet to make a purchase.

Affiliate Marketing – Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing does work as a business model. However, like any business, your personal success will depend on how well you understand the business model and how well you implement the various strategies. See why affiliate marketing does not work too for more on the personal development side of affiliate marketing, and what you should expect.

You can access this affiliate marketing pdf guide by downloading here.

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affiliate marketing for beginners

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