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Are you looking for an affiliate marketing coach? My internet business really changed when I started taking it seriously as a business rather than a hobby. I got an affiliate marketing coach and followed this proven strategy to turn my internet business around. Here’s a few reasons why my internet business wasn’t working and why you can benefit from some affiliate marketing mentoring to help make a success of your internet business.

Affiliate Marketing Coach- My Old Strategy

I really had no strategy but went from one ‘system’ to another trying each one out for a good 6 -12 months before moving on to another system. Each time I got distracted by another ‘easier’ system which promised quicker and easier results than the one before! I would start all over again with this new strategy until I became distracted, bored or fed up of seeing no results for my hard work.

I tried various methods of making money online including:

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • List building
  • Organic search engine optimised content
  • Paid for Advertising

Affiliate Marketing Coach- My Results

My results were as sporadic as my efforts and although I did have the odd success, overall it was very hit and miss. I sold a few affiliate products and made some regular clicks on my Google adsense program. However it was nothing compared to what I have achieved since getting myself an online business mentor.

Since joining this program I have made more in the short time I been with them than in all the years struggling as an affiliate previously. You can do this too if you:

  • Apply yourself to the program and your continuing development
  • Became aware of anything which will hold you back – mindsets, limiting beliefs etc.
  •  Concentrate on money producing activities and hold yourself accountable
  • Stick to a well defined path and keep going

Affiliate Marketing Coach – Mindset

affiliate marketing coach

Mindset is probably the hardest thing to teach. If you don’t have a good work ethic and expect to work hard for success, there is very little a coach can do for you. However the modules on mindset really have made me aware of my conflicting attitudes and ideas around the possibility on building a successful internet business. If you are really serious about making your online business work for  you this get this book on how to get lots of money for anything fast.

Affiliate Marketing Coach – Accountability

Who are you accountable to? If the answer is no-one then this might be worth looking into. Being your own boss is a great thing but it can also be a bad thing for business. Some people simply need to be accountable because they are no good at holding themselves accountable. By joining a community you can hold yourself accountable for action steps, group meetings and training days. Joining a community will also help you when you are doubting yourself and what you can achieve.

Affiliate Marketing Coach – The Right Business Model

affiliate marketing coach

High Ticket Products

Stuart and Jay are my affiliate marketing coaches. Their ‘model’ is one of the main reasons which has made it possible for me to make a business from affiliate marketing. With normal affiliate products you can earn $50 from a $100 product. With a high ticket item, which I learned to sell, you can make much higher commissions for each sale. Selling items priced $1000 and above means you can benefit from affiliate commissions of $500+ for an individual sale.

Membership sales

By selling membership products and not just ‘one off’ digital items, you can make monthly affiliate commissions with each sale. This business model is much more practical for affiliates. It means your business can get the much needed financial boost to go on and increase your advertising budget to boost sales.

Up-sell team

By having a range of up-sell products, and a team in place to do the selling, this affiliate model gives you the potential to earn much more for any given sale in the long run. Higher value products which offer more value to the subscriber are built into the system and you can earn up to $8000 on a $20,000 product at higher levels of membership. See six figure mentors compensation plan for more information.

Affiliate Marketing Coach – The Right Path

There is so much information on the internet about affiliate marketing it can be very easy to become overwhelmed. Information overwhelm results in inactivity and indecision. Getting the right information and taking consistent action steps towards achieving results is the best way to build an internet business. See 10 mistakes newbie online business owners make. Here are just a few:

  • Information overwhelm – Trying to learn from many conflicting sources
  • Being a ‘busy fool’ – Wasting time on unimportant activities instead of focusing on money producing activities
  • Jumping from one ‘tactic’ to another – Constantly moving and changing focus doesn’t allow you to move forwards
  • Getting stuck in education mode – constant learning doesn’t make you money.

Affiliate Marketing Coach - Focus On Activity Not Results

By continually looking for your results ahead of time puts ‘the cart before the horse’. You need to focus on activity rather than results. Put forward the effort first before looking for results. Don’t expect to get instant gratification. By looking for results all the time you can lose your momentum and get despondent. This doesn’t lead to more activity but to disappointment and inactivity; which leads to poor results. Get fired up about your activity and the results will come later.

Affiliate Marketing Coach – Reward Yourself For Small Successes

Notice small successes in your internet business. An email opt-in is a huge success if you have never had one. A sale is a huge success if you have never had one. Building a website is success. Writing an article, is a success. Give yourself a pat on the back for every one of these successes and don’t focus on the end results too early. Keep reminding yourself of your smaller successes and they will build into larger successes. Don’t negate yourself for not having ‘made it’ yet!

affiliate marketing coach

Affiliate Marketing Coach – Summary

You can take  horse to water but you can’ make it drink. Getting a mentor or coach will help only if you make consistent effort and take your internet business seriously.

  • Find a strategy which works for you and stick to it – don’t jump around
  • Get an affiliate marketing coach and follow a well trodden path
  • Join a community and make your self accountable
  • Use a business strategy which works
  • Focus on activity not results
  • Reward yourself for small successes

Get an Affiliate Marketing Coach

Access a community of like minded online entrepreneurs, your own affiliate marketing coach and a digital business system with all the tools and training needed to make a success of your own online business:

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