30 Days Of Blogging – How Hard Can It Be?

Currently this is day 25 of a 30 day blogging challenge -organised by a community of which I am part of run by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. Get the free video course for more details here.

When the challenge came up previously I knew I wasn’t in the right place to commit to it so I declined but knew I would take it up on the next opportunity. So far it has already taught me a lot about myself. It’s not easy! Some days I really, really don’t want to to do it. It feels like homework for school! I want to rebel and throw in the towel, but I’m here because I have already done that so many times in the past and I have to commit to something! So this is what I have committed to. It is for my own good after all!

I looked back through some of my previous posts and already I can see myself re-hashing some old material. Even a post I submitted the other day has almost the same title to a previous one. I doubt anyone noticed though! I am fortunate enough to have more free time than most people doing the challenge I have to admit. So for that reason alone I have to keep it up.

I suppose it’s a bit like a marathon. Initially it’s quite exciting and uplifting and then it becomes a bit tedious. Then you hit a wall where the tedium really grates you and you become cynical and indifferent. Well that’s where I have been today.

I have worked for a company in which I wrote articles on a daily basis. It was for an airport parking company. I lasted 6 months. 6 months of writing about airports, airport news and airport parking. There were other things I did but I eventually became really fed up and left. The money was good and I had a steady income for a change which was great. But for some reason I just couldn’t accept that as my reality. There is a difference though when you can write about the things which matter to you. You can choose the topics which lift you up and in which you are interested in yourself.

And of course when you are working for yourself there is that added bonus of working whenever and wherever you choose. At the time I was working for this company, I was also attempting to build a passive income from the internet. I was making slow progress and so I took this job doing the SEO (search engine optimization) for the parking company. In my spare time I was working on 3 businesses which did end up conflicting with my ‘full time’ job. I had to make a decision eventually and I took the ‘risk’ and jumped ship. But really it wasn’t a risk because I knew if I had have stayed in the 9-5 I would have been unhappy – since I was already becoming so.

For me at the time the greater risk would have been to take the ‘sensible’ option of a regular income. For most people the income is the most important thing from the get-go – to continue the lifestyle they are becoming accustomed to. Eventually though they become dependent on the income and the lifestyle and therefore are dependent on their job. The risk of changing is too great and so they get ‘stuck’ doing a job which they at best ‘tolerate’.

Here’s a great video about what you would like to do if money didn’t matter. If you’re looking for another option to live your life with greater choice and freedom check out this video course.

2 Replies to “30 Days Of Blogging – How Hard Can It Be?”

  1. Great post Tim! I agree, you do not want to be stuck in a job that you hate just because of the money. Well done for making the brave decision to focus on SFM full time. I am making that transition myself! Cannot wait 🙂

  2. Great post Tim! Only a few have the courage to step out of their 9 to 5 knowing that there is something out there much greater for them rather than a mediocre and comfortable lifestyle. Fantastic and inspiring video as well, thanks for sharing!

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