10 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Here are 10 ways to increase traffic to your website. When I built my first website several years ago I was very excited! I was excited about learning the new skills I needed and also about building something which could make money from the internet! Once I had my first product up there on the internet, I would have a constant flow of income, and it would be an instant cash machine – or so I thought! I was about to be very disappointed…

It wasn’t until I had built at least 20 or so of these ‘cash machines’ – online income portals which would make me rich beyond my wildest dreams – that it began to dawn on me: No-one was visiting my websites. I knew this because I had put a counter on them. I thought that it would take some time for Google to pick up my amazing creative pieces of work so I was patient and persevered.

10 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

10 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

The course I had done taught me to build these sites in a certain way. The landing page was an opt-in to collect the visitors email address. By the time I realised they weren’t working I had spend many hours building content on them and attempting to rank them. They were all, in fact, low value pieces of crap! I accept this now and was carried away with excitement at my new found hobby! Google knew this and so didn’t allow them to be even on the search engine.

However I had learned something valuable during this process and even though I now had skills to build sites, create landing pages, follow up email capture with a string of annoying emails trying to sell various digital products, AND that whatever hair brained scheme I was following didn’t work….

The key was traffic…..

Traffic is the the golden goose of internet marketing and without it, everything else is useless. No visitors = no customers. No customers = no sales.

Content Marketing

10 ways to increase traffic to your website

1. Content Marketing: Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing. Although Google is the king of the search engine ‘Gods’, I do still get traffic from these other sources too. Google, however is the bench mark and where most of the internet traffic is found. If Google likes your content, it will put it on its search engine. If it is better than your competitors, it will rank higher.

The key is getting your articles and video content to rank highly enough to be seen by people searching for your particular content. You can do this by providing the best content possible. Writing longer articles with better content than your competitors is a start. If you are only writing 400 word articles and your competitors are writing 1000 word articles, guess who will rank higher? (all other things being equal).

Link Building

2. Link Building: Of course, all other things are not equal and there are various other methods to build your site’s authority and get your articles and content ranking higher. The size of your site is of course a factor. Ranking a new site against an authority site like Wikipedia.org is an impossibility. Wiki has thousands of links coming in to it and also a tonne of high quality articles.

Building links to your site takes time but shows that it has a following and your link profile is a good measure of how you site has developed. Spamming directories with your links does not show a natural link profile of a legitimate website. Google wants natural links built over time. Guest posting and article marketing are two ways to build links to your website.

10 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

3. Deep Linking: Another linking method is what is known as deep linking. Deep linking is something which helps Google understand what your content is about. Incoming links to any page on your site should show a diversity of keywords. Too much of the same keyword shows Google that they are probably manufactured links. An example of deep linking: does article marketing work?

This links back to one of my previous articles and also targets that chain of keywords. This in turn should help Google rank this article for that keyword. Whether it ranks well or not will depend largely on the competition, but also on the site’s authority with Google, the length and quality of the article, and how many incoming links go to that article or the site which it is on.

Video Marketing

4. Video Marketing: As opposed to article marketing, video marketing is much less competitive and a great way to send visitors to your website. Trying to rank a video can be much easier than trying to rank an article. This of course depends on which keywords you are targeting in your content and title but also on the other videos or articles in your individual niche.

YouTube also often ranks highly on Google as they are now the same company but also, a lot of people are heading straight to YouTube now to search for their queries directly, rather than typing in a Google query. Here’s a video I made on using YouTube to market your website by targeting specific keywords:

Social Media

5. Social Media: Social media is a great way to advertise your website and content. By sharing your posts or videos on social media you can dramatically increase your website traffic. There’s a great website called Buffer.com which can help with this. By adding all your social media profiles to your platform, you can simply share your articles with a single click, rather than by having to post to each and every social media platform separately. Here’s a quick video I have made which also uses a site called Snip.ly to generate subscribers to your list….

6. Build A List – Building a list of subscribers and then sending them links to your new articles and content is a great way to invest in your online business, build more traffic to your website and offers, and become more independent of Google for your source of visitors. Building a list is the best way to increase your business reach and build relationships with your subscribers. Learn how to build your own list and access a ready made-for-you sales funnel here. 

10 Ways To Generate Website Traffic

7. Regularly add content. By regularly adding content to your site you not only build more authority with Google by showing you are a ‘proper’ business, but you also are building your site authority. Some of your content will make it to the search engine and some of it won’t. Ideally you would do a Google search for similar content which is at the top of Google and provide a better piece of content. Share that content as much as possible and don’t just rely on Google to find it for you. The more links you have to that content, the better sign it is for Google to rank it highly. Link to your previous articles in newer ones and use the deep linking I talked about earlier in this article.

Paid Marketing

8. Advertise. This sounds obvious but it’s amazing how much it is overlooked. Of course advertising is expensive and there are ways to build traffic cheaply and for free. However, there is nothing faster or more effective than to pay for traffic – providing you do it the right way. You can use Google Adwords, Facebook, YouTube and many other advertising platforms which are available. Start off with a small budget which you can manage and increase over time according to your feedback. Use paid advertising carefully. Some internet businesses say only to start paid advertising when you are turning a profit, however, it can take a long time before results start to show with using only free methods.

9. Free Advertising. There are plenty of free advertising methods on the internet. I have already mentioned YouTube as a great way to market your website for free. You can also use Ebay and Free ads to market your internet business. Here’s a quick video I have made showing you a couple of other methods. Although I have used this to link back to a landing page, you can also use it to link to your website and generate more traffic. This method isn’t as scalable as paid traffic but it is a method you can rinse and repeat to build on trickles of traffic.

Free Website Traffic Methods

10. Reaching out to other bloggers in your niche – There are several ways you can do this. One is to offer to write guest posts. Writing a guest post usually is ‘paid’ with a link back to your own content – your website. This is useful if you are writing a post for a popular blog which gets a tonne of traffic. You can also reach out by commenting on other’s blog posts.

A link is allowed for entering a discussion in many cases on blogs and forums -often only if you have put a worthy comment! You can also find bloggers and website owners who have linked to other quality content in your niche, write a better piece of content and then contact them asking for a link. The way you approach this can determine the outcome but if you have something worthwhile to offer and you content is good, you may well find people will gladly link to your content.

I hope you have enjoyed these 10 ways to increase traffic to your website. Please share this article if you have enjoyed it and link to it if you have your own blog or website.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this article 10 ways to increase traffic to your website. Please leave a comment if you have anything to add. 

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