10 Best Reasons To Start An Internet Business Today

There are hundreds of opportunities which are available for those who are looking and can see them but why is an internet business better than a normal business or even a job? I’m glad you asked that question so here are my top 10 best reasons to start your very own internet business today!

1. With an ordinary bricks and mortar business you need a huge start up investment. If it’s a franchise company you will need to purchase the franchise rights and then you are simply acting as a Manager for the franchise with long hours and a lot of employees to manage. With an internet business you are your own boss, you have very low start-up costs and you have the internet to find customers through – a world wide audience.

2. With a normal business or even a job there are specific hours which you need to cover. With an internet business you can work any time you choose since you will be working from your own laptop. This means you can choose hours to suit you, start around an existing job and tailor your internet business around your social and family life.

3. With an ordinary business or job you have a place of work. You go to your place of work usually every day of the working week and have to ask for permission to take time away for a holiday. With an internet business you can take your laptop anywhere in the world. You have a completely portable desk and providing you have an internet connection and a laptop you can work on your business.  You can take time out whenever you choose.

4. You can ‘leverage’ the business model to create multiple sales through a single portal. What this means is that you can create multiple sources of website traffic directing visitors through a ‘sales funnel’. Once set up, your sales funnel with gather email addresses and offer value to your subscribers. There is no limit to the amount of visitors you can send through your funnel. With a normal business there is a strict limit to the amount of people you can serve at any given time. With an internet business you can set up systems which can deliver products and gather details simultaneously and to as many people as possible.

5. There has never been a better time to start your own internet based business. Whatever your business is, you can benefit from learning about how the internet can multiply your advertising reach, generate sales from products which relate to your business, or even create your own membership site. More people than ever before are now using the internet to purchase products to be delivered to their homes for a fraction of the cost of that in a ‘physical’ store.

6. Instant ‘information’ products can be downloaded instantly upon purchase. This means once a system is set up to deliver these products, they are delivered automatically without anyone having to oversee the purchase. This automated sales procedure allows the owner a completely flexible lifestyle.

7. Most business owners can benefit from building on their understanding of online advertising to generate a greater market reach and build and communicate with their customers more regularly. The internet allows this to happen on a largely automated basis once the systems are setup. You can keep in touch with your customers, offer more value and deliver new products and services all completely on autopilot.

8. An internet business, when used well, can give you an incredible amount of time and financial freedom. Our default setting is often a 9-5 work week but this arbitrary setting is based on an old belief system which has been installed in the minds of workers for the benefit of their bosses. For our lives to change we must change our perspective in accordance with the change in technology with which we are faced. Not to say an internet business is easy, it isn’t, but we must look into our selves and our beliefs in order to change fully and embrace the possibility of new technology and what it allows.

9. You can help others completely change their lives. The gratitude I have felt towards Jay and Stuart for showing me this business is huge and to be able to offer help to anyone struggling financially is a huge deal. Not only can you help yourself and improve your own financial situation but you can help others to do the same.

10. You can choose how to design your life. Much of our lives are determined by thoughts and beliefs we have either chosen to hang on to or simply neglected to change. They are often unconscious choices which stand in the way of our future happiness and success. To change some aspects of your life you first will need to change some old beliefs which hold you where you are. The success of your internet business is therefore tied intricately with your self image and self perception. Do you deserve success?! Of course you do!

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