Clickbank affiliate marketing tutorial

Below I have shared a recent Clickbank affiliate marketing tutorial. Scroll down to get to the video. Clickbank is where many affiliate marketers begin with their own online businesses. It is a marketplace for digital products and allows anyone to promote and sell other people’s products to earn up to 75% commissions on the sale. […]

Why I came to be working as a digital marketer

Peter O'Toole

I left school shortly after my A-levels and went straight into dead-end jobsville! I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do so worked for warehouses, supermarkets and had several driving jobs into my 20’s when I was signing on unemployed in between jobs. I knew there was a time limit to this lifestyle […]

What is a high ticket sale and why should I care?

Whether you are new to the internet industry or have been working in an ‘online’ capacity for some time, you may have heard about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the fastest way to earn from an internet business without having to have your own products or services. You are effectively selling someone else’s product for […]

How I wasted so much time trying to build an internet business

When I began to learn about making money from the internet I was pretty overwhelmed with information. I found several “get rich quick” courses which promised the world and ultimately proved to be fruitless in most cases. One of the problems with internet courses is that by the time they are produced and sold the […]

Why list building is so important for an online business

opportunity seeking in business

There are many ways to make money with an online business and I have tried many of them – some with success and some not! One of the courses I took was based on making money from Google’s adsense program and this is a rather long term strategy. It basically requires you to rank an […]

10 Mistakes Newbie Online Business Owners Make

When I started out online I spent far too much time and effort doing things which didn’t produce any results. Over the years I have leaned through my own mistakes to concentrate on the activities which produce the greatest results. So here I have complied a list of the top 10 things to avoid when […]

Why now is the best time to start an online business

As Eckhart Tolle says there is no time like the present but this is even more true of an internet business. Before the internet came along and allowed the average person to gain access and connect to a large portion of  the population, it was only big businesses which had the potential, financial resources and […]