Recycle your junk mail into free fuel for life!!!

I found this video which got me thinking about all the junk mail I bundle into my recycling box or waste paper bin, and which I could use again in my wood burner. Take a look:

After watching I had a look online and found this so thought I’d give it a try using the method in the video. This briquette maker is a brilliant version and can be used with the same method. Simply put your junk mail into a bucket and use the drill and cutting head to shave up the paper. Then pour into the briquette maker. Quicker than making your own with two buckets and it’s already shaped to fit in your log burner or fire.

If you have a log burner or fire try it out and you’ll have free fuel forever as well as saving all the wasted energy of recycling your junk mail, or landfill if you aren’t already recycling. My briquette maker had just arrived today in the post and I will update this post with more information as I go!!

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