Opportunity Seeking In Entrepreneurship

Are you opportunity seeking in entrepreneurship? People with an entrepreneurial flair see opportunities in situations where others don’t and find success where others can’t. Entrepreneurs work though their limitations and don’t put up barriers to success, which enables entrepreneurs like Richard Branson to achieve so much – it’s not because they aren’t afraid, but that they don’t allow that fear to control them:

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” Richard Branson.

opportunity seeking in entrepreneurship

Opportunity Seeking – Online Business

As the online marketplace grows as more people now purchase goods and services from the internet, opportunities for entrepreneurs also grow online. Many people who previously didn’t consider themselves entrepreneurs, are now owning and running their own online businesses. I was lucky enough to meet Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek and learn exactly how they built a successful online business which could be operated from anywhere in the world.

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Online Entrepreneurship – My Story

It took me a while to find my feet and before I found affiliate marketing I tried various methods to make money using my home computer. The first one was through e-bay where I found bargains from charity shops and car boot sales and sold them on the auction site. I later found misspelled ebay auctions and used a local bargain finder tactic to find local items which were listed at rock bottom prices. I would buy items at low prices and sell them on with better listings, titles, pictures and keywords to find more people to bid on my listings. It was all very time consuming and there was no way I could leverage my time and create more income from what I was doing. My spare room was filled with stuff which didn’t sell and I seemed no better off.

opportunity seeking in entrepreneurship

Affiliate Marketing

This led me to think that there must be a better way of working. I didn’t want to trade my time for money any more. I wanted a way to generate multiple sales through a single listing. Although you can also do this on ebay it required buying in bulk up front and holding a lot of stock. I didn’t have the cash and I was tired of filling my small flat with junk! I bought several courses on making money online and on e-bay but I was most intrigued by affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allowed you to sell things online which you didn’t own. You didn’t need to speak to any customers. You didn’t need to hold any stock. I tried several courses on this before eventually finding Stuart and Jay Six Figure Mentors community.

Leveraging Your Time

I was fed up of trading my time for money and always having not enough! The concept of leveraging my time by selling multiple times through the same website was immensely appealing. I first experienced the magic of this concept working by selling a course I had bought through a single Adwords listing. You can learn how to do every step of this exact process with Stuart and Jay’s modules. Not only do you leverage your time by setting up a largely automated process and selling automatically downloadable products and services, but you also promote membership products which give you a regular income.

opportunity seeking in entrepreneurship

Opportunity Seeking in Entrepreneurship – High Ticket Commissions

By selling high ticket products you are making a lager commission on each sale – up to $8000 if you join as a partner in the program. You also make commissions on the next level – similar to multi level marketing. So if you sell a course to someone who also then successfully sells a membership, you earn a commission from their sale. This is a similar concept to network marketing where you are rewarded for building a team and therefore the sales of your team. High ticket products and memberships are a great way to make affiliate marketing more rewarding and financially feasible. Selling only the occasional product makes it a much harder possibility to make a real income with as an affiliate.

If you are genuinely opportunity seeking in entrepreneurship you need to watch the full video course which will explain why now is the best time to become a digital entrepreneur and how you can get started straight away building a successful online business from scratch. Learn more and start here.

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