Lucrative Website Ideas

There are many lucrative website ideas to consider which can become a full time income. You can also make a fortune from a website with the right skills, knowledge and with perseverance.

There’s many reasons why you would want to build a lucrative website. For starters, a website which brings in money every month can free you from your job, allow you to work from your laptop and mean a flexible income for potentially years to come. Who wouldn’t want one? But not everyone has the patience and tenacity to create a lucrative website from scratch. If you’re one of those who do, there’s some good news for you..

Lucrative Website Ideas – Affiliate Marketing

Website’s used to be the domain of the programmer only 10 years ago. Now you can have website built in just minutes and even pre-populated with your own affiliate links. This leads us to the first and probably the most accessible lucrative website idea: affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great business model when done right. Affiliate marketers simply promote existing products and services around the internet. You can learn how to do this with online training platforms like this one.

lucrative website ideas

Affiliates can sell almost anything on the internet which has an affiliate program. By choosing your products wisely, you can make more out of your affiliate business than most:

  • Choose high ticket products – Giving you larger commissions for each sale
  • Choose a program with built in sales team – Doing the selling so you don’t have to
  • Benefit from continuous membership commissions – By choosing products which have memberships you can earn a regular income from a single sale.
  • Choose a program with a community
  • Choose a program with up-selling products which you benefit from

Some affiliate programs only pay you once. You refer a customer to them and they keep the customer for a lifetime. By choosing products which pay you for any further sales in the future, you can build a more sustainable business from affiliate marketing. Learn more here.

Lucrative Website Ideas – A Review Site

Review websites are great because they talk about products and link through to them. This is a good model for new affiliate marketers. Simply write a review about a product you have recently bought from the internet. You can link through to it and make commissions on the future sales through your website.

See also my article most successful affiliate websites for a good review website example. Review sites help customers find the right products just before they buy. They work well as affiliate sites because the people who look for them are in the last stage of their buying cycle. They just want to see a review before they make a final decision and buy. If they buy through your link you make a commission.

Lucrative Website Ideas – A Niche Website

Niche websites are sites built around a certain topic of which you can supply a huge amount of information on your site. Ideally choose a topic which you know something about and in which you are an expert. If you can’t think of anything you can build a site around something which interests you and you would like to write about. See also profitable niche website ideas.

Beware throwing up sites simply to profit. I tried building many sites around various niches and lost interest about 30 or so articles in! Choose something you have a passion for and writing will be much much easier. Get my new ebook Niche Blogging For Profit which will show you how to choose the best keywords for your topic and article titles.

lucrative website ideas

Lucrative Website Ideas – A “how to” Site

Creating a “how to” site is a great way to build authority and promote affiliate, or your own, products. This is a how to affiliate marketing site but you can build a how to site around any topic. Again choose something you are interested in so you can continue to blog around the topic for years to come. There are many “how to” sites out there covering nearly every topic. It’s well worth looking at the keyword planner first before you choose your topic. See also my article on finding long tail keywords.

“How to” sites build authoritative content around related products and services. You don’t need your own products since you can choose existing affiliate products in your area. Simply Google “your niche affiliate program” to find related products which you can use on your website. Digital products tend to pay the best since they don’t have any postage or storage costs involved.

Lucrative Website Ideas – Get Started

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