Learn affiliate marketing basics

To learn affiliate marketing basics let’s start with what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is simply a means to make money by selling other people’s products online. We can sell them in a variety of ways but mostly we will do this by generating traffic or visitors somehow to a website or landing page and then we send them to a sales page where the vendor (owner of the product) makes the sale.

How to generate traffic

We can generate traffic to our websites, articles and blogs by creating content and posting it online. We are found by either Google’s organic search engine, our own paid for advertising or a variety of other methods including social media advertising, personal promotion or list building. There are a variety of ways to achieve a constant flow of traffic through your content and to the affiliate products themselves. This is a huge topic and each one of them is a book in itself.

learn affiliate marketing basics

Article marketing

Article marketing is one of the main staples of affiliate marketing and has been successfully implemented by thousands of affiliates. By successfully targeting long tail keywords, articles can find people through Google’s organic search engine when they type a term into the search bar. (See finding long tail keywords). If the term is targeted specifically at those people who are looking for something related to the product you are promoting, you are more likely to find buyers for your products by specifically targeting your ideal visitors. Defining your specific niche in the market is the best way to find your ideal customers – see target marketing articles.


Blogging is another staple of an affiliate marketers diet. Regular blogging works the same as article marketing. By writing regular and useful content you collect a specific niche market of followers. By then promoting affiliate products to this audience you can earn commissions from the sale of these items.

Affiliate products

Finding an affiliate product in your niche is easy. Just do a Google search for ‘your product/service affiliate programs’. There are thousands of affiliate programs which allow you to promote online products and services. You don’t need to speak to customers or personally do any selling, cold calling or customer service. Once you join a program you can access banners and affiliate links which you then place on your website or blog and include in your copy. Here is an affiliate product which I promote on this site.

Traffic – the lifeblood of your online business

Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. Without it you don’t have a business. Learning the basics of joining an affiliate program, placing links in your copy and blogging away are useless unless you can gain a flow of traffic through your site. As mentioned this can be done for free through blogging and article marketing. You can also use social media to great effect and you can use paid for advertising.

Choosing your products

Choose your affiliate products wisely because unless you want to spend a fortune on advertising, you will need to create content which promotes and explains whatever it is that you are offering. Creating content on a regular basis is a good low cost way of starting your own affiliate business. Choose something which you have a passion for and can regularly blog about for a long period of time. In certain areas the market is very competitive and in others it is less so. Picking a product in a area which is not so competitive will allow you to find customers more easily.

To learn more about affiliate marketing and how to build your own affiliate marketing business follow this link for a free video series. 


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