Internet Marketing Mentors

internet marketing mentors
Jay and Stuart founders of the Six Figure Mentors

Are you looking for Internet Marketing Mentors? Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek set up an internet marketing mentorship program which offers its members a community of ‘go to’ people to ask for help and advice. As mentors themselves Jay and Stuart run live retreats around the world teaching entrepreneurs how to build successful online enterprises. Access their FREE VIDEO SERIES HERE.

In 2015 I attended one of their workshops in London having joined their community shortly before. It was reassuring to meet people who had been members of their community SFM for over 10 years and of course meet Jay and Stuart themselves.

My Story

I started looking to the internet as an income source several years earlier and had made a few online sales but was frustrated with affiliate marketing and was starting to doubt whether it was a viable solution for me any more. After starting with my new internet marketing mentors, Stuart and Jay, I decided to put aside what I thought I knew and start again with the ‘beginners mind’.

My First Two High Ticket Sales

internet marketing mentors
Me and Jay Kubassek in London on Momentum Day

I had sold small value items on the internet before through blogging and advertising and had basically tried every thing I could. The SFM taught me that by selling high ticket products it would mean a larger commission on each sale. It sounds obvious now but I had never heard of high ticket until I found The SFM. Selling memberships which sold for $1000 meant I made two $500 commissions shortly after joining the community and working diligently through the training modules.

Going It Alone

An online business can be a lonely road and the community which the Six Figure Mentors provided allowed me to find support when I needed it. I hadn’t even met anyone previously who knew about what I was trying to achieve. I had tried a number of online courses previously but none of them offered the community which the SFM provided nor were as dedicated to creating success for its members.

Who Is The SFM For?

The SFM is a mentorship program which offers its members a proven method for generating income online. This is however a genuine business opportunity and not a ‘get rich quick scheme’. It doesn’t just happen overnight and with no effort. If you are genuinely dedicated to building a lasting online business which can ultimately replace your existing income, the SFM could be for you. It does require consistent effort and application of knowledge learned through the step by step modules. Ideally you would also have a monthly budget for advertising. If not it will take much longer to make it work for you.

Who Is The SFM not for?

This isn’t a magic pill which makes money overnight with no effort. The people who succeed work hard at learning the material and then implement that learning on a consistent basis over a long period of time. It won’t replace your income overnight and you need to take regular and consistent action. If you expect something for nothing, have an entitlement attitude or are not prepared to put the work in, this is probably not for you.

Internet Marketing Mentors

Internet marketing mentors Stuart and Jay are only two people and their community is growing by the day. As such their time is limited. However they still connect with new members via webinars which I found very reassuring and I met them both personally on a training day. There is a wealth of information in their online platform in video form not to mention regular webinars and workshops available to sign up to. The community you can plug in to is also invaluable and I found a heap of information was readily shared by other members if ever I needed to ask. There is also SFM/DEA (digital experts academy) team on standby to answer any queries and you will be assigned an SFM consultant.

Access The SFM Community Here 

You can apply to join the SFM through purchasing the App which will allow you to see first hand what is on offer behind the scenes of the online platform. With a 30 day money back guarantee (no questions) you can try it out risk free. Click here to purchase the app for $29.95.


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