How To Sell Affiliate Products Online

If you are wondering how to sell affiliate products online, here are a few solutions. Selling affiliate products can be a great way to earn income from your laptop, and given an internet connection this is a great way to operate a business without having to have a static location. An online business can be run from anywhere in the world!

Selling Affiliate Products Online

There are several ways to sell affiliate products online. The two main ways are paid advertising and content creation. First though you need to choose some affiliate product which you would like to promote and which you can happily create content for for the long term. You can choose affiliate products from sites like clickbank and jvzoo or sell affiliate membership to educational platforms like this one.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising offers a fast method to get visitors to either websites or landing pages. From there you can promote affiliate products. Paid advertising means using platforms like Adwords or Facebook advertising and paying for clicks to your content.

Free Advertising

Free advertising takes longer to generate traffic to either websites or landing pages. However it can offer a means to generate a long term strategy of free traffic potentially for years to come. Free advertising methods include things like article marketing, video marketing, link building and social media sharing.

Selling Affiliate Products

Once you have got visitors to your website you can sell affiliate products though banner advertising, email lists or by linking directly in the text to affiliate products. Email marketing is one of the best known ways to sell affiliate products.

how to sell affiliate products online

Selling Affiliate Products By List Building

One of the main things you will learn in this program is the power of list building in selling affiliate products. By building a list of subscribers to offer value and promote products to, you are taking control of your traffic. ‘Traffic’ which is to say website traffic is the flow of visitors to your website or landing page and the main hurdle in making affiliate sales for every newbie affiliate marketer.

How To Build An Email List

You can start your own email list by signing up to programs like Aweber or Mailchimp which offer to collect your email from your website and send out automated emails which you have previously created. Sign up to mine on the side of the page to see how this works. You can add your own opt-in form on your website simply by grabbing some code from these auto-responder platforms. You need to offer your visitors something of value – (I offer a video series on digital marketing), something which will encourage people to hand over their email address!

How To Choose An Affiliate Product To Sell

There are literally thousands of affiliate products to choose from online. If you have a specific interest or passion, you could choose products related to that. Remember that the free advertising methods you will be using to sell affiliate products will include creating blogs and videos. It’s much easier blogging about things you are passionate about than anything else. Have a Google search for “‘your passion’ affiliate products”. Some of the products should give you an idea of what you might blog about. If you are still not sure what kind of products to promote try this course.

To sell affiliate products online successfully you need to generate momentum and traffic. Targeted traffic is necessary to sell products because only a small percentage of your visitors will buy. If they are interested in your particular niche, they will be more likely to buy. See why is target market important.

As an affiliate your job is to find targeted traffic which best fits the demographic of people who are most likely to purchase. Your job is to ‘match your audience’ with the products and find interested ‘buyer’ traffic to put your products and services in front of.


Affiliate Products

Most affiliate products have ‘already created’ banner advertising, pre-formatted emails to send out to your list and a number of other useful videos and content which you can use to market their product. See done for you internet business. This means:

  • You don’t have to create a product – you can find one which is already selling.
  • You don’t have create emails for your list – use one which already has been tested.
  • You can grab their marketing materials and don’t need to create your own.
  • Some of them even train you in marketing online.

Once you have your products and ready made sales funnel, you can simply promote by any means at your disposal. This may mean ranking content on Google or YouTube, advertising on Facebook or Google Adwords or a combination of several marketing tactics.

how to sell affiliate products online

Some Basic Free Tactics

Keyword Research – See this article on finding long tail keywords to learn how to target your articles to rank on Google.

Creating YouTube videos. See How to use YouTube for marketing.

Some Basic Paid Tactics

Facebook – See how to use Facebook to promote your business.

Adwords – You can easily set up an advertising campaign with Google’s ‘Adwords’ program and pay for every click to your site/landing page. Adwords allows you to target specific keywords in your niche.

Learn more about how to sell affiliate products online through this education platform.

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