Self Employed Careers

One of the most recent self employed careers is working online as an internet marketer. Anyone can learn to do internet marketing and you don’t need any special qualifications. An online job gives you a fully ‘portable’ career and it appeals to both travelers and those who wish to work from home. As self employed careers […]

How To Get Laser Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Laser targeted traffic means that traffic is very specific to the products and services you offer. There’s no point in sending random people to your website. Most visitors don’t buy. So why waste time and effort in just sending browsers to your website? Most won’t buy anyway so you should spend you time on focusing […]

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

There’s a whole lot of people asking “what is affiliate marketing”, and for good reason. Affiliate marketing is based around a performance based referral marketing. If you go to a nice restaurant and recommend it to a friend, they might visit the restaurant. However, there is no referral fee. With affiliate marketing you get paid […]

Recurring Affiliate Programs

Recurring affiliate programs are one of the the best methods of earning a dependable income from affiliate marketing. Without them you only have single commission items. Recurring affiliate programs let you make a single sale and then benefit from continued commissions for the lifetime of your customer. For each sale you make, you can potentially make […]

E Commerce Startup Ideas

Here are a few e commerce startup ideas which you should definitely use. Commercial transactions conducted on the internet (e commerce), offer a great flexible business opportunity. Having an e commerce business means you can work it from anywhere and be your own boss. You can also build it around existing employment and other commitments. […]